Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Laura Geller Lip Heal & Seal




A treatment that does double-duty as a lip conditioner and gloss. Lip Heal and Seal is delivered in a patented tube within a tube containing serious lip conditioners in the inner core tube, and a lightweight gloss formula in the outer tube. The inner tube gives serious lip treatment with shea, aloe, and jojoba butters to soothe and heal, with a touch of cooling menthol and color. The outer tube contains a lightweight gloss formula with an invisible polymer to add shine while protecting the treatment and keeping moisture from evaporating.

Who It's For
Ideal for those who want lip protection that looks oh, so good.

Key Ingredients

Shea butter and Jojoba Seed Oil lock in moisture for plump lips. Aloe soothes lips for a cool, non-irritated feeling.

How to Use
Squeeze tube from the bottom to see both formulas appear on the applicator top and gently apply.

Available Shade~
  • Clear Pink
  • Berry Pink
  • Amber Pink
  • Nude Pink

Thoughts-This lip gloss/lip treatment is packaged really cool. There is a colored lip gloss inner tube with the clear, sealing lip gloss on the outer tube. When you squeeze, theoretically both are supposed to mix together and coat your lips. I don't think it works as well as it should but I still like it. I got it in nude and usually I squeeze the color tube first to add just a little bit of color to my lips then I add the clear gloss. It is very shiny and I think it does a good job of sealing the moisture into my lips. I just wish the package actually worked the way they theorized it would.

Pricing-$20 For One Tube
Rated-4.8 Out Of 5