Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Top 6 Favorite Hair Products

My hair is naturally very dry, curly &  frizzy, ,I straighten it and curl it quite a lot so I spend a lot of time and effort pampering my hair to try and keep it strong and healthy. I thought I'd share my 6 favorite hair products that work really well for my hair and keep it looking lovely and shiny.


006-58005-52Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Hair Therapy Repair Rescue Sealed Ends- I was super impressed with how quick this stuff worked. I have overly processed hair, so I am always experimenting with different types of products to product my hair. I have never had a split-end repair cream work so fast... and stay working! The sign were immediate. Throughout the day may ends remained smooth, straight, and looking healthy. Even the rain didn't make it frizz! 

Organix Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum-Lately I have been experiencing a LOT of breakage in the shower so when I saw this product it seemed like it might be worth a shot. Plus it smells fantastic. However I quickly learned I have to be very careful how much I use because just a little too much and my hair becomes terribly greasy. I have long hair about half way down my back and I use between a nickel and quarter size amount on WET hair right after I get out of the shower. I also really love this product because it protect against heat , keeps the frizz away and gives a great shine to any hair type .

Redken Extreme Anti Snap- I use this everyday after showering. It extends the time between haircuts, reduces breakage and frizz, and makes my hair silky smooth without weighing it down or making it cakey. LOVE this stuff!

Alterna Hemp Organic Leave In Conditioner- This is without a doubt the best leave-in conditioner! It doesnt weight your hair down, it leaves it shinny and really helps when combing out your hair. It also has a very nice light scent to it! i would definatly recommended it to everybody

Schwarzkopf got2b 2 Sexy Voluptuous Volume Hairspray-
This product is great for the roots plus gives lift in rest of hair too!
I mainly use it for my thin roots to help push the thin hair up and it looks great in a poly tail- it really does give great volume, plus its still easy to brush and maintain a smooth look all over! Definitely a great product if your looking for a bit more volume and ooph, and the smell is amazing.

Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play Harder Firm Volumizing Hair Spray - I used this spray for over a few years because it is the ONLY spray I've found that actually keeps my wavy hair in place after styling. I've tried many other products, but none compare. I can feel it, but considering how stubborn my hair is, I cannot imagine not having to feel something from a spray. I style, spray, and spray again with a shine spray, and I get so many compliments on my healthy, shining hair. My style is short, and without spray, my 2 cowlicks cause my wavy hair to go every which way, including up and down. This spray allows its otherwise beautiful qualities to show. I can't imagine living without it - well, at least living and looking good!

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What Are Your Favorite Hair Products?

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Spider Man Tutorial

Step By Step Instructions How I Achieved This Look!

  • Apply a primer to the entire face
  • Take a white pencil and draw out the shape around your eye, then fill in
  • Next take a gel liner and go around the shape you created .
  • With the same gel liner as above fill in the eyelid area making a wing and bring to the lower lash line
  • Fill in the brow , with a darker then normal brow powder or pencil 
  • Now take a piece of tape and make a line going up the forehead on the side and on the cheek, fill in with red face paint and do the same on the other side of the face
  • Now with a line pen , make the web making line across and up and down ( This doesnt not have to be perfect , spiderwebs come in make different patterns and shapes)
  • Now add blue face paint to the remaining part of your face that doesnt have anything on it .
  • Add mascara an eyeliner to the eyes , and BAMM your SPIDER MAN :)
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Saturday, October 27, 2012

October Favorites

Hi Glam's 
I can't believe how quickly this month has gone by. We are approaching the holiday season and I am so excited; I mean...isn't it the best time of the year?!?! Any who, here are the beauty products I have been using and loving all month long with their description and information

Let Begin :) Lets start with nail product first !


  • Onyx Professional 100 % Acetone Nail Polish Remover-  This is by far my holy grail and polish remover, and yes I have tried many but nothing work as good as this product does, I recent was try the sponge nail polish remover , and Oh My , worst thing i ever thought about trying , anyways back to the point , this nail polish remover removes everything in 1 swipe with a cotton round, it like a miracle in a bottle.

  • Onyx Professionals 3-2-1 Quick Nail Dryer- I really didnt think much of the product ever when I saw it in the store ever, I always looked pasted it ,but I thought you know what Im gonna give it a shocked , and it WOW'ed me . This is an awesome nail spray if you need to put a quick cot of polish and run out the door , it that easy with this spray, the only thing I have to say bad about this product is the scent , it has a very strong baby powder floral scent .

  • Nutra Nail Strengthener-  I have very crazy nails , seem like I have one day that doesnt wanna be like the others, my one finger seem to have a weak nails , and always seem to break :( but since ive started using a a nail strengthener  all was been well with my nails , they have been extra strength and growing like crazy , this is a great product if you suffer from weak nails that need a little TLC .
  • Hard Candy Just Nails In Matte-ly In Love-  This is like love in a bottle , I paint my nails on average every other day , and so getting sick of having shining nails, so I wanted to try matte nails , could find any matte top coat in any store I went to until I googgled it and found this one , I love it , it give you matte nails in a minute , best thing is , it not a think , tacky topcoat , it went on so smooth and amazing .

  • Nivea Extended Moisture Daily Lotion- I hate dry skin , I have is year round , it not funny , it itches and just yucky to look at and feel , I was looking for a good loition that would lock is all the moisture and give be great smooth skin , this is the magic product , this is amazing lotion , it hydrate your skin ASAP , and you will feel relief right away , it is greasy or anything , but by fair so goo for dry skin .

  • Prada Candy Perfume- I could write a box about this scent and I could smell it all day it so amazing ,  this is a beautiful smelling scent , it sweet but it does have a soft musky scent perfect for fall/winter, and he scent will last all day on you , alittle goes a long way , so be sure not to spray much .
  • Wet N Wild 8 Pan Coloricon Palettes-One word to explaning this palettes is AMAZING , these palettes are one of the most inexpentsive palattes and they work like a charm , these are so velvety, smooth ,pigmented , anything you are looking for in an eyeshadow these have it . FOR A FULL REVIEW CLICK THE LINK BELOW OPEN HERE  
  •   Revlon Colorstay Mineral Lipglaze- I really love any Revlon lip product, so when I found these I was beyond excited , these are a beautiful lip gloss and the color pigmentation is amazing , these are not sticky are all and they last forever !!
  • Revlon Lip Butters-Like I said above, I love Revlon lippies and these have won my heart , they are so creamy and give you the most beauty flawless finish , they are so light but creamy and moisturizing at the same time .

  • Wet N Wild Brow Kit - I never used to like find in brows ever, I always thought it look bad , over done, fake everything , but then again I guess it all depends on the color and how you apply it , so since Ive been using this like a crazy mad woman and it has made a huge different in my brows, they so so much fuller and more put together then ever.
  • Olay Wet Cleansing Clothes- Best Cleansing clothes ive ever tried, this is so refreshing and so smoothing and just smells so great and cleans so well and takes every ounces of dirt of your face.
  •  Hard Candy Blush Crush Baked Blush(Bombshell 128)-If you havent tried these out , your missing out  these are awesome , they are so pigmented, i used mine for a bronzer/glowy blush since I have very pale skin , I love the color pay off this gives on the cheek and the staying power is awesome .
  •  Starlook Iprimer-This is a primer I got from a monthly beauty box , and this primer is my only primer I will use, it is a creamy clear base primer, has  a sticky kinda like a vasaline base so it goes on clear and hold all your eyeshadows in place , they wont budge at all they will last from day to night.

  • Sephora Face Contouring Brush-This brush is my life , it is the prefect brush for contouring , it so soft and dense and give u a flawless finish , I pickt his brush  up just because it was on sale at Sephora  for 7 dollars normally 30 dollars, didnt think it would be anything great , but now that ive used it so much I dont no what other brush Id use if I lost this brush .
Hope You Enjoyed My Monthly Favorites !What Are Your Monthly Favorites Id Love To Here?

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wet N Wild Juicy Lip Tubes Review & Swatches

As must know Wet n Wild has done it again, and came out with some pretty unique products again. 2011 seemed to be all about tinted lip balms. There were sheer ones, like the Maybelline Baby Lips, and super-pigmented ones, like the Revlon Lip Butters. I love lip balms, there a most have I think because dry , cracked lips are not attractive at all  and of course they combine the  two most important things that a lip product can have - color and hydration. So of course, these wet N wild Juicy Lip Balms seemed like they'd be perfect for me . I was so excited that they have came out with a limited Edition Holiday Collection , which of course I got my hand on and also have the 4 permanent  ones as well.


What Are They : (taken from Wet n Wild Press Release)
Good enough to eat! These delectably juicy lip balms keep lips moisturized all day, while protecting that pout from harmful UVB rays with SPF 15. The four mouthwatering flavors are enriched with avocado oil, vitamin E and natural marine extract for continuous moisture.
 Cherry ( Pigmented Red)
Raspberry(Pigmented Deep Plum)
Watermelon( Green , Sheer Pigmentation)
Strawberry(Light Pink , Clear Pigmentation 
Limited Edition Spiced Vanilla( Clear , Sheer Pigmentation)
Limited Edition Gingerbread( Clear, Sheer Pigmentation)
Limited Edition Candy Apple( Pigmented Green/Red)
Limited Edition Candy Cane(Pigmented Red)


 * These All Taste Like There Labeled Scents*
  • Price ( $2.99
  • SPF 15
  • Smooth Silky Texture
  • Alot Of Product For You Money (0.25oz)
  • Pigmented
  • Packaging
  • Staying Power 
Overview -These balms leave a very light, translucent tint and very little shine, but they do glide on easily without feeling waxy or heavy.  They don't have much staying power about 2 hours before you will need to reapply , but they all have amazing scents so good you will want to eat them, I consider them to be hydrating, but it’s not that kind of intense hydration that extremely chapped and dry lips might need. Aside from the benefits of the SPF, these also contain Vitamin E and avocado oil that does leave my lips feeling pretty soft. These balm ma not be for everyone since they dont have a balmy texture more of a slide on gloss feel and ofcourse the scents,
Rating 4.9 Out Of 5
Retail Price $2.99
Retailers( Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Rite Aid)
What Are Your Favorite Lip Balms ?

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New Wet N Wild 8 Pan Palette Where's The Party At ? Review & Swatches

Wet n Wild has launched a new ColorIcon Eight Pan Eyeshadow Palette Collection for Holiday 2012 entitled Where’s the Party? The collection features three limited edition eight pan ColorIcon Eyeshadow Palettes for $4.99 Each.

Take a look!



 Wet N Wild 8 Pan Palette 

The left side of the palette is a complete stunner. Every single shade is soft and pigmented…super rich in color, shimmery and gorgeous. These are the perfect reflection of the holiday season. This is what Wet n Wild quality is all about right here, and if I need to create a smokey eye, I will definitely reach for these four shades, there no need to run out and buy though over price Urban Decay Naked Palette, or the Urban Decay Smoked Palette , you have it all right here for half the price with the same if not better quality .

The right side of the palette is brighter, and still beautiful, but decidedly less pigmented. The blue is extremely pigmented, but the duo-chrome bright pink and the bright purple were pigmented, but a bit hard to swatch and work with, you must use a base with these, these are very buildable in color , but they are more of a hard texture rather then a smooth velvet texture, but still prefect for the holiday season , which is slowly creeping up on us !

Shimmery white with fine silver sparkle. Sheer without primer. Smooth consistency; not too soft or crumbly.

Metallic silver. Very good pigmentation without primer. Smooth consistency; not too soft or crumbly.

Matte charcoal with fine silver sparkle.  Drier consistency; decent pigmentation without primer but a bit patchy.

Matte black with fine silver sparkle. Drier consistency and a bit crumbly. Very good pigmentation without primer.
No Primer

Satin mauve with (barely perceptible) gold shimmer. Smooth consistency with fair pigmentation without primer.

Shimmery fuchsia with violet flash. Soft and crumbly texture; very good pigmentation without primer.

Satin purple with fine silver sparkle. Smooth consistency with good pigmentation without primer.

Matte peacock blue with fine silver sparkle. Soft and crumbly texture; very good pigmentation without primer.
No Primer
Wet N Wild 8 Pan Palette
Sparkle 'Til Morning



 On the left side of the palette , you have 3 nuetral shadoes with one teal shadow , which is beautiful , all these shadow are good , this side I think is a little less pigmented then the other side but it still works well with a white base and a primer , the shadows are all very soft , smooth and velvety , no of them are gritty or chalky, although the first shadow can be a little harder in texture then the rest and can be a little crumbly  when dipping your brush into that shade, but over all they are a show stopper.

On the right side on the palette, you have all neutral eyecolors, a wide range of brown for that prefect sexy smokey brown bronzed eye , this is an complete masterpiece of very well put together neutrals. All these shadows are very very pigmented , so silky smooth and blend amazing , just one dip into the shadow and that all I need for the swatches, there that pigmented , talk about getting a great eye look , well with this palette your getting not only a great eye look but an awesome palette , and not only that but you dont need to was extra dollars on getting thoughts highend palettes when you get this which I think is better.

Light Beige -Pale yellow shimmer sheer without primer, kinda crumbly , harder texture.

Darker Bronze Beige- Pale golden brown, very soft , velvet texture , very pigmented with and without primer .

Copper Bronze-Copper very soft velvet texture , extremely pigmented .

 Teal Blue-Teal blue Very soft, velvet texture , High pigmentation without primer .


Cream Brown-  Light Pink ,very soft velvet texture, very pigmented on it own , no primer 

Dark Gold- Super soft, very pigmented, not chalky or gritty .

Rich Brown-Cream Soft, Pigmented , swatches nicely , velvet texture

Chocolate Brown W/Gold Glitter- Highly pigmented without prime, soft , velvet finish , no gritty felling 

No Primer

 Wet N Wild 8 Pan Palette

 Drink A Glass Of Shine
*This is a repromote of the I Heart Matte palette, part of last year's holiday collection.*




 On the left side of the palette, you have four matte colored shades, white, green , blue & purple ,these are not the most pigmented shades, these do indeed need alittle TLC when using theses, the white is the most pigmented shade on the right side of the palette , the other 3 are little harder in texture and less pigmented , now on another note , most people are probably wondering why they came out with another "I <3 Matte" palette , when there is a different between the two in this palette about these are not all matte, the purple does have shimmer in it and the black on the right side does also have a very sheen shimmer also , so therefore that maybe this palette got its name .

On the right side of this palette  you have 4 dark earth tone shade , these shadows on this side are over the top pigmented ,there are beyond soft ,and velvety , since they are very soft your gonna have so fall out, so remember to tap the brush , BUT wow these are in my opinion more pigmented then the "I <3 Matte" palette , these are so rich in color you will be shocked. 
White-Matte white

  Green-Pastel matte green; medium pigmentation

Blue-Matte baby blue, stains a little

  Purple- not pigmented at all; poor quality. 

No Primer

Beige-Fantastic pale matte beige shade - similar to WnW Brulee.

Darker matte beige / peach - there is a similar shade in the discontinued Greed 6-pan.

Dark Brown: Very smooth and pigmented matte medium brown.

 Black - medium pigmentation, not matte - has a sheen both in the pan and applied.

No Primer
 Overall Thoughts- Im rarely never disappointed in Wet nWild products , they amaze my everytime , all of these eyeshadows were really pigmented. The swatches you see are without primer and applied with one swipe. They also last very well on my eyes without smearing or fading. I really enjoy the combination of sheen and shimmers. I personally don't like large glitters and this palette does not contain it. For $4.99 a palette, this is a big steal! Though none of the colors are outstandingly unique, I feel this palette will be greatly used for many occasions. Overall these are so worth it for 8 shades for 5 dollars that a bang for your buck .

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 What Are Your Favorite Wet N Wild Products ? Do You Own These New Palettes Yet ? What Do You Think Of Them ?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Extreme Haul !!

As many of you know, I have recently been bitten by the nail polish bug. I cannot seem to get enough nail polish, and I have way to many but I alway tell myself I need more - YIKES!!  Bad Idea anyways , when I know there new collection coming out I need them , so of course I go and hunt down the collection like a crazy lady until I find them , and since all the new Holiday collections are coming out I have been on the hunt alot looking for LE collections !!
Let Start This Haul!!
 Wet N Wild Little Luxuries  9 Mini  Coloricon Nail Polish Set
Retail Price $4.99 
  • Pearl White
  • Chrome Ash Blue
  •  Bronze Shimmer
  • Chrome Pink
  • Pink Glitter
  • Deep Cranberry Red
  • Black Glitter 
  • Deep Charcoal Grey
  • Deep Brown Brick Red


 Snow Man Nail Polishes
Retail Price$3.99
  • Pink Jelly Based Glitter
  • Blue/Purple Circle Glitter
  • Barbie Pink Glitter
  • Lilac Pastel Purple
  • Pastel Baby Pink   


Nabi Magnetic Nail Polish
Retail Price $4.99
  •  47-300( Copper W/Shimmer
  • 47-300( Chrome Rose Pink W/Shimmer)
  • 47-300(Chrome Charcoal)
  • 26 Tawny(Deep Wine)
  • 47-300( Gold )
  • 47-300 ( Pastel Pink Plum
* This have a very strong smell when applying)   


Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Polishes
Retail Price $8.99(Cclearance $1.89)
  •   550 All Fired Up(Hot Red)
  • 670 Midnight In NY(Black with Colored Shimmer)
  • 620 Wine Not( Deep Red Wine)
  •  409 Good To Grape( Pastel Light Purple)
  • 640 Plum Lock(Deep Plum Purple)
  • 540 Frutti Petutie( Creme Red Pink)
  • 440 Calypso Blue(Bright Blue With Gold Shimmer)
  • 520 Shrimply Devine(Creme Baby Pink)
  • 560 Kook A Mango(Coral )

Wet N Wild Megalast Nail Polishes
Retail Price$1.99
  •  33907 Toxic Apple(Frost/Shimmer Deep Plum Purple)
  • 33905 Deadly Dose(Shimmer Gold)
  • 33908 Venomous Vixen(Chrome Grey)
 Nicole By Opi Nail Polishes
Retail Price-$0.99
  • Taupe
  • Wine
  • Barbie Pink
  • Wine Glitter
  • Sliver Glitter 

Chanel Nail Polish
Retail Price $22.00
  • 08 Pirate( Deep Brick Red) 

KISS Nail Artist Paint & Stencil Kits
Retail Price $4.99


Wet N Wild 8 Pan Palettes
Retail Price $4.99 
  • 33918 Drinking A Glass Of Shine( AKA I <3 Matte)
  • 33919 Shimmer The Night Away
  • 33917 Sparkle Til Morning


Elf Tweezers/Brushes/Nail Files
Retail Price( $1.00-$3.oo)(Clearance $0.85)

Revlon Colorstay Mineral Glosses
Retail Price $8.99(Clearance $0.99 )
  • 538 Perennial Pink 
  • 532 Endless Lilac
  •  542 Continuous Coral
Wet N Wild Juicy Lip Balms( Hoilday)
Retail Price-$ 3.99
  • 33985 GingerBread
  • 33984 CandyCane
  • 33986Candy Apple
  • 33987 Spiced Vanilla

Enjoy !! That all for this months haul :) 

What Did You Haul This Month ?

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