Sunday, January 26, 2014

New Wet N Wild Color Icon Glitter Singles Review/Swatches

Most of you  know I’m a big fan of Wet n Wild’s shadows. I recently picked up the new 2014 Wet N Wild Color Icon Glitter Singles think they were gonna give me a run for my money like most WnW products do , but read below to find out what I really thought about these.

What Wet n Wild Beauty Has To Say.....
 Intensify your look with one swipe of these all NEW glitter cream shadows. Infused with Aloe and Coconut Oil, these shimmering glitters with a clear base, glide on and never over-dry. Each glitter shade is long-wearing and crease resistant to keep you looking flawless for hours. Wear alone or mix and match to instantly transform your look from ordinary to fabulous! 

What I Purchased.....

7 Wet N Wild Color Icon Glitter Singles

  •  Bleached (351B)
  • Groupie (355B
  • Vices (356B)
  • Brass( 352B)
  • Distortion (357B)
  • Binge (354B)
  • Spiked (353B)
The texture is very gritty, like many chunky glittery product out on the market , however these are a very greasy/slippery feeling , the glitter is very large I feel and can be very bothersome , not something I would enjoy , the glitter is in the product thru out , it ISNT a glitter film over it . As far a pigmentation , that was another next down I feel  I get that they're just glitters, but when I see bright colors in the pan I expect them to swatch that way also , these did have a small amount of pigmentation but since they are so oily/greasy that all you mostly get when you swatch it , you can keep applying to get more color but I feel that silly since that are so slippery.

Staying Power...
   Unfortunately since these are so creamy/greasy they don't have very good staying power , even if you use a primer or glitter glue .They lasted less then an hour on my skin when I was swatching them , I swatch with and without a primer and they didnt have any difference , I also have oily skin so there wouldn't last any great amount of time on me anyways.

Price/Packaging ... 
Wet n Wild  Color Icon Glitter Singles retail for 0.99 cent at the drugstores. The packaging is the normal Wet n Wild single eyeshadow package , the small square container with a clear flip top lid.

My Thoughts...
First off I just wanna saw how disappointed  I am with  Wet N Wild , making a cream/glitter that technically aren’t even supposed to be in the eye area, according to the back of the palette,I'm a little confused where they expect people to use these. If I would have known that I would have never purchased these. I wish I could have loved them like I wanted to since I am a huge fan of Wet N Wild product , but these area big fail .
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Have You Tried The New 2014 Wet N Wild Color Icon Glitter Singles Yet ? What Do You Think About Them ?

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What I Got For Christmas HAUL ( Beauty Edition)

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas day, and if you don't celebrate Christmas, then I hope you just had a lovely day anyway! I know this post is super late but time has jumped away from me already for the year 2014 , but it has jumped away in a good way anyways check out what SANTA brought me this year :)

Revo Lip Sphere's ( Walgreen Version Of EOS Lip Sphere's)
  • Watermelon
  • Candy Cane 
  • Sugar Cookie
  • Berry Frost

Vaseline Lip Therapy 
  • Rosy Lips

Milani Color Statement Lipsticks
  •  Flamingo Pink (12) Coral Hot Pink [Cream Finish]
  • Nude  Creme (26) Pink Nude [Cream Finish]
  • Rose Hip (14) Hot Pink [Cream Finish]

Flower Beauty Kiss Stick High-Shine Lipstick
  • Rose Bud (LS17) Terra Cotta Mauve W/Pink Undertones

Chap Sticks ( Different Brands)
  • Fun Dip Flavored Lip Gloss (Razz Apple Magic Dip )
  • Hawaiian Punch Flavored Lip Balm ( Fruit Juicy Red )
  • Pepsi Flavored Lip Balm (Cherry Vanilla)
  • Mac & Cheese Lip Balm
  •  Pepperoni Pizza Lip Balm

Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel 
  • African Tea Rose (060) [Bright Pink W/ Subtle Pink/ Blue Shimmer ]
  • Moonlit Woods (140)[ Metallic Sliver-ish Light Purple ]

Flower Beauty Nail Lacquer
  • Cosmos-Politan (NP11) [Bright Fuchsia W/Blue Shimmer]
  • Good Bud-dy( NP8) [Cream Teal Blue ]

Sinful Color Nail Polish
  • Blue Steel (1400) Deep Metallic Blue W/Shimmer [Frost Finish]
  • Red Eye (1399)  Metallic Ruby Red W/Glitter [Micro-Glitter Finish]
  • Purple Heart (1402) Rich Royal Purple W/Glitter [Micro-Glitter Finish]

Maybelline Colorshow Brocades Nail Polish
  • Sliver Swank (770) Sliver W/Gold Micro Glitter & Hex Glitter
  • Embellished Blues (755) Blue W/Gold & Blue Hex Glitter
  • Ruby Refined (795) Red W/Hex Glitter

NYC Long Lasting Nail Enamel
  •  Red Velvet Ropes (141) Rich Red Orange
  • Pink Promenade Creme (109) Vibrant Hot Pink
  • Wine Bar (144) Deep Wine Red
 NYC Sparkle Eye Dust
  • Diamond Dust(888) Sliver Sparkle
  • Amethyst Dazzle (885) Lilac Purple

Wet N Wild Color Icon  ( Eyeshadow Medley)
  • Lights, Camera, Attractions (34209)
  • A Great Glistener (34208)
  • No Neutral Ground (34210 )

Revlon Colorstay Shadowlinks
  • Khaki ( Army Green)[Pearl Finish]
  • Gunmetal ( Sparkly Sliver) [Satin Finish]
  • Purple ( Lilac Purple) [Matte Finish]

Almay Shadow Softies
  • Honeydew (Lilac Mint Green)
  • Creme Burlee ( Nude Brown)

LA Colors Eye Design 30 Color Eyeshadow Palette 

Montagne Jennesse Facial Mask 
  • Red Earth Clay Spa Mask
  • Glacial Clay Spa Mask 

I hope you enjoyed my What I Got For Christmas HAUL ( Beauty Edition) and I hope you can add some of these awesome goodies into your collection , If there is anything you would love to see a full review on please leave it in the comments !

**These products were bought with my own money  for review, However, this is my own opinion and experiences with the products.**  
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