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gLOVE Treat Paraffin Wax Treatment Review

Paraffin wax softens and deeply moisturizes your hands and strengthens your nails. Paraffin wax helps to ease the symptoms of arthritis, carpal tunnel, eczema and improves circulation. Paraffin wax treatments are very beneficial for the feet as well. Paraffin wax helps promote healing of dry cracked skin on both the hands and the feet.

What gLOVE Treat Has To Say ...
If you are of having tired, dry and aging hands and feet are a thing of the past with gLOVE Treat. gLOVE Treat is a patent pending, revolutionary paraffin wax treatment for hands and feet that delivers instant results with long-term, anti-aging benefits. A patent-pending formula and application process, gLOVE Treat is unique, quick, and easy to do and use. Because it’s a hygienic single application, there’s no mess, no fuss.

gLOVE Treat Paraffin Wax Treatments are a no fuss , no mess treatment ,  they use all natural ingredients ( Coconut Oil , Lavender Oil , 52 Paraffin Waxes & 46 Paraffin Waxes) , gLOVE Treatment are also hygienic and safe for all skin types plus it is one sizes fit all product with a quick and easy application  . gLOVE Treat offers treatments for your hands and feet ( each application can be used up to 4 times)
What I Received...
gLOVE Treat Enhanced Paraffin Wax Foot Treatment
gLOVE Treat Enhanced Paraffin Wax Hand Treatment

What Is It ...
When paraffin wax baths are offered as a service at a spa or nail salon, the hands or feet are typically dipped into a tub of warm paraffin wax -- often two or three times -- to create a thick coating that will retain heat for several minutes. As the wax hardens, the paraffin's natural emollient softens skin and the heat opens pores. When the cooled wax is pulled away from the skin, it also removes dead skin cells, leaving skin smoother.Paraffin wax treatments are also beneficial to dry, cracked hands and feet. Paraffin is an excellent moisturizer because it forms a light waterproof coating over your skin that helps it retain the oils produced by your body, however what make gLOVE Treat so much different is there is an at home hassle free system with the same benefits that you would receive in a salon but at the access of your own home.

How It Works...
  • To get started, remove the gLOVE Treat gloves or boots from package and place into the microwave.
  • Select high heat and then heat for 90 to 120 seconds, depending on the strength of your microwave.
  • Carefully remove gLOVE Treat from microwave, carry to the area where you will give yourself a treatment.
  • Check the thermo-chromatic heart patch (safety indicator) on the glove or boot. This safety indicator is the shape of a heart.
  • The Heart will turn a dark color, which indicates that the product has the perfect temperature. When the heart is activated cut the top open of both gloves or boots and insert hands or feet slowly. If the heart is not activated you will need to let the gLOVE Treat cool until you receive the signal.
  • Once the hands and feet are embraced by the glove use the elastic fastener to close the openings at your wrist or ankle.
  • Leave glove treat on for 15 minutes. Product will cool to a firm but malleable shape that can easily be removed in one piece from hand or foot. Slide glove and paraffin wax off hands or feet and begin to massage essential oils into your skin.
  • There is enough oil so you may massage into arms and legs as well as your hands and feet, creating the ultimate luxury treatment use. The gloves or boots can be used up to 4 times.
  • When reheating the glove or boot, close opening with plastic clips provide and repeat the process above. For best results, treat yourself once a week.
     Paraffin wax is a white or colorless soft solid texture, much like candle wax  , which means that it melts at a temperature cool enough to safely immerse your skin. The texture inside the glove/boots are a hard wax until microwaved and melted down to a semi thin waxing liquid , once you apply the glove or boot the product drys on the the skin like paraffin wax should , after the 15-20 mins  , you will reveal a crumbing wax consistency which will also be oily on you skin once the glove/boot is removed, dont be alarm by it , all you need to do is rub your hand or feet until all the oils soak into your skin and you will be amazed by how smooth and soft your skin is .

    The scent is very settle and relaxing I think , it has a very soft coconut scent , kinda smell dreamy scent if you know what I mean :)

    The packaging of the items are packaged amazing ,  What you get is a white sleek box with the info you would need on the box( Instruction /Ingredients) , inside are the items , there 2glove or 2boots , each boot/glove has a unique heart indicated on them telling you if the to hot or not hot enough , the heart will turn RED if to hot for your skin and it will stay black if it the perfect temp , each package come with 2 clips to seal your package back up to keep for other applications , and also 2 rubber band you can use to secure the product on to your hands or feet, each Paraffin Wax application is also wrap in a seal gray bag to protect it from drying out . Paraffin Wax Treatment By gLOVE Treat retail for $40.00 for a 1 month treatment , however they do offer a Hands and Feet Bundle 1 Month Supply $80.oo.

    My Thoughts...
     I could not wait to use gLOVE Treat Paraffin Treatment it was like a miracle , whenever I give myself a mani or pedi, I feel like I have gone to a high end spa. But without the high price of a spa. Your hands and feet will feel like silk, when you are done. And the scent is so relaxing, yet invigorating.  I suffer from dry cuticles and dry heels ( but I normally dont let it get to the point where my skin it cracking /bleeding and just very sore in the winter/fall time and never thought I would find something that helped it , I pretty must thought I was doomed for life with dry skin , however since Ive started using gLOVE Treat ( ive used it 2 times ) I have saw some much different in my skin on my feet  and hands , my skin is smooth , super soft , no cracks or peeling skin and my skin has a nice glow or shine to it , my hands don't look tired anymore , as far as my feet , well let me just saw I think feet are gross so I keep my feet maintained to a "T" , I never really allow my feet to have dry skin or to look yucky , however when I tried gLOVE on my feet , it was amazing , I normally always get a little dry skin around my toes or heels from wearing shoe and just weather chances , but when I tried paraffin on my skin , it was gone after just using it one time and my feet were so soft I was shocked , I look forward to using these every week with I change up my mani/pedi or just need a little rest and relaxation time for myself  ..

    If you would like to purchase or check out there product , please check out there website & social platforms .

    **These products were sent to me by the Owner gLOVE Treat for review, I did not purchase these myself.  However, this is my own! 

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    Have You Tried gLOVE Treat Before ? How Often Do You Use Paraffin Wax Treatments ?

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    BeautyBarBaby Mineral Makeup Review /Swatches

    Mineral makeup is simply the most simple, natural product you can put on your skin. "Mineral makeup" takes its inspiration from minerals and inorganic pigments that exist in nature, which are finely milled and purified, then treated or coated with other pigments to create different colors and effects. Some mineral pigments are matte, some have a slight shimmer, and some are positively sparkling! Endless combinations of these beautifully colored minerals, such as mica, titanium dioxide, zinc and iron oxides, and ultramarine pigments, can be created to make every cosmetic from foundation to eyeshadow to shimmer powder for the body!

    What BeautyBarBaby Has To Say...
    100% Natural Mineral Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Blush, Face Powders, Lip Balm, Lipstick & More. All BeautyBarBaby's mineral makeup is created in small batches by hand by herself! BeautyBarBaby's minerals are all natural with NO parabens, sulfates, talc, preservatives, fragrances, dyes, or cheap fillers added.

    Onwer of BeautyBarBaby create all the colors, design & print all the labeling that go on the containers & package for her 100% all natural mineral makeup line .

    What I Received... 

     Bronzed Babe-[Shimmer]-Rich Bronze
    Bitten-[Matte/Shimmer] -Hot Red Pink With Small Red Shimmer 
    Omen-[Shimmer] -Medium Green with Gold Undertone With Sliver Shimmer
     Devils Breath-[Shimmer]- Shimmery Bright Red With Red Shimmer
    Barbados-[Shimmer]-Shimmery Teal Blue Green With Sliver Undertones
    Pillow Talk-[Shimmer]- Shimmery Peachy Coral 

    Dazzled-[Shimmer Duo Chrome]-Rich Green Shade With Hints Of Blue ,Green Sparkle Glitter, Turquoise & Gold Interference Undertones
      Night Crawler-[Matte]-Black Base Loaded With Blue Glitter & Turquoise Undertones
    Monkey Squirts-[Shimmer]-Sparkling Golden Yellow With Orange Undertones
    Candy Pink-[Shimmer]-Pastel Pink With Pink Shimmer
    Bug Juice-[Shimmer]-Medium Sparkly Green With Yellow & Gold Undertones

    Poisoned Apple-[Shimmer]-Dark Blackened Red With Black Undertones
    Karma-[Shimmer]- Shimmery Medium Purple With Violet & Pink Undertones
    Flip Flop-[Shimmer]-Shimmery Teal Green
    Blackened Ruby-[Shimmer]- Shimmery Dark Ruby Red Burgundy With Black Undertones
    Chaos-[Matte]-Burnt Orange/Red With Copper Glitter

    What It's Used For..
    For those unfamiliar with mineral eye shadows,they are finely milled loose makeup powders in a variety of colours, much like pigments, so these can be messing and may have a lot of fallout if you don't use correctly , however they can be used wet or dry on the eyes .I do recommend when using pigments or mineral makeup to either dampen your brush with water or a mixing medium , this will not only make your makeup adhere to the eyelid to it will also intensify the color and give it a more foiled affect, however you can use these as is for more settle look .

      The Benefits Of Mineral Cosmetics 
    (Eyeshadows, Foundation , Powders Etc)...
    • Natural Looking & Feeling
    • Stays All Day Long
    • Anti-Inflammatory
    • Oil- And Fragrance-Free
    • Non-Comedogenic
    • Natural Sunscreen
    • Mix And Customize 

     BeautyBarBaby mineral eyeshadow are beyond pigments, you wanna a mineral eyeshadow that can pack a punch of colors of your eyelids then this is what you are looking for , each color it highly pigmented whether is a matte or shimmer finish , all eyeshadow have the own very unique color and finish to them give your eye look a different dimension. The texture is a finely milled loose makeup powders in a variety of colours, much like pigments.

    Staying Power...
    BeautyBarBaby have incredible staying power , they do not fade or crease , however when using a primer or base they last the longest and give you a better application ( 9 + ) hours but if you just need a quick application for a few hours they would last just as long without a primer , but since I have oily lids a primer is a MUST for me ! 

    Price/Packaging ...  
    The packaging is like most mineral cosmetics line , a circle small jar with a black with BeautyBarBaby label ,name of the product you are using , also includes the ingredients in the eyeshadow  , BeautyBarBaby also include a sifter which mean least waste ! BeautyBabyBaby retails for $3.00  for 0.5g (Sample Size Jars) & (Full Size Jars) retails for $5.50 for 1g , currently BeautyBarBaby is having a 50% off all eyeshadow sale making all  0.5g ( Sample Sizes) $1.50 & the 1g ( Full Sizes) $2.75  , if that does getting you jumping outta your chair for a great deal check this out ,  use code GLAMGODDESS10PERCENT at check out and receive an extra 10 % off already discounted and sale items , also good on full priced items .

     My Thoughts... 
    I was so pleased to be able to try this makeup.  I'm always looking for more ways to remove the chemicals from products I use and replace them with more natural versions.This is a beyond amazing cosmetic line , there product give so much to a look, there pigmented , budget friendly, and 100% all natural.

    If you would like to purchase or check out there product , please check out there website & social platforms to get the scoop on new colors, sales, events, makeup tips & more:

    **These products were sent to me by the Onwer of BeautyBarBaby  for review, I did not purchase these myself.  However, this is my own! 

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    Have You Tried BeautyBarBaby Mineral Makeup Yet ? What Are Your Favorite Colors?

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    Purely Pro Cosmetics Sheer Glo In Movie Star Review/Swatches

    If you're not using a highlighter, you might as well put your skin in a nursing home. The easiest way to create a youthful, dewy complexion, this must-have highlighter will help turn back the clock
    What Purely Pro Cosmetics Has To Say....
    Purely Pro Cosmetics is a Michigan based professional classic and mineral cosmetics line. They provide cutting edge makeup to salons, spas and makeup artists.Purely Pro Cosmetics delivers long lasting quality that professionals demand and everyday women desire. Experience the difference with Purely Pro Cosmetics.

    Purely Pro Cosmetics is the choice of models and professional makeup artists worldwide. With a wide variety of shades, in both mineral and classic makeup formulas

    What I Received... 
    Purely Pro Cosmetics Sheer Glo In Movie Star  

    Movie Star is a pale pink shade

    What Is It ....
    Want to turn up the radiance factor all over your skin? Purely Pro Cosmetics Shimmer Lotion gives your face and body that extra kick of sheer luminosity with superb pigments that go on seamlessly to create a gorgeous glow. Mix a few drops into your favorite foundation for a dewy look or accentuate your shoulders to bring out your skin in that little black dress.
    A luminous, face and body lotion to enhance the skin's natural radiance.

    What It's Used For...
    Purely Pro Cosmetics Shimmer Lotion enhances your skin with a sheer glow. The smooth formula goes on seamlessly over the skin and is long-wearing. Vitamin E moisturizes and rejuvenates for smooth, younger-looking. Wear over a bare complexion for a natural look or add a few drops into your tinted moisturizer or foundation for a boost of luminosity. Perfect for all skin tones and types. Features a pump dispenser for easy and clean use.

    Purely Pro Sheer Glo is a fluid based shimmer lotion , with pale pink iridescent shimmer , this highlighting lotion blends right in the skin smoothly giving you that perfect pop of shimmery glow on the cheek bones , down the know and so on ,  I find that if you add a small amount of this to your foundation of tinted moisturizer and mix it together , apply to the skin and let set for a few seconds , you will have the perfect dewy makeup application ever . Sheer Glo is a very sheer product , I wouldn't say it pigmented since it is a highlighting product but it does pack a punch as far as the shimmery/highlighting effects , I prefer my highlighters light unless im looking for a sunkissed glowy look.

    Staying Power...
    Since I have oily skin , I never expect a product to last more then 8 hours on my skin , however I was very surprised with this shimmering lotions ,  by the end of the day (12+) hours I was still glowing like a light blub for this products it was like I had just applied it and it never transferred , faded or shift/move around on my skin since I'm normally an oily slick  , I believe Purely Pro Sheer Glo's can last at least 12-15 hours , I know stunning right , who would think that about a product.

    Price/Packaging ...  
    I love the packaging,  it is a glass bottle with a black plastic pump , something I enjoy when products are liquid , I think a pump is key , the product is very visible though the bottle so you can see the product before you even open the packaging , the glass bottle of product is secured in a sleek black box with the company name , product name and brand logo . Purely Pro Sheer Glo retails for $21.75 USD and come in 3 different shades (Glow Pink , Movie Star ( Shown Above) and Paradise.

    My Thoughts...
    I love the color and the dewy, glowy effect of this highlighter. It's a great color for my fair, warm complexion. A little goes a long way and it does impart a sheen without looking glittery like a disco ball Purely Pro Sheer Glo enhances complexion for a sexy golden glow, looks flattering on warmer/darker golden skintones ,price is a steal for the performance of product and you will received many compliments by using this product

    If you would like to purchase or check out there product , please check out there website

    **These products were sent to me by Purely Pro Cosmetics  for review, I did not purchase these myself.  However, this is my own! 

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    Have You Tried Purely Pro Cosmetics Sheer Glo Before ?  What Is Your Favorite Liquid Highlighter ?

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    Purely Pro Cosmetics Bronzer Review/Swatches

    We know sunbathing, tanning beds, and even spray tanning can cause some serious skin issues, but does that mean we're doomed to be pale and pasty forever? Not a chance. There's still one safe way to get that golden glow, and it's in your makeup bag: bronzer.The key to getting that perfect faux glow is not just having a great bronzer; it's knowing how to apply it as well

    What Purely Pro Cosmetics Has To Say....
    Purely Pro Cosmetics is a Michigan based professional classic and mineral cosmetics line. They provide cutting edge makeup to salons, spas and makeup artists.Purely Pro Cosmetics delivers long lasting quality that professionals demand and everyday women desire. Experience the difference with Purely Pro Cosmetics.

    Purely Pro Cosmetics is the choice of models and professional makeup artists worldwide. With a wide variety of shades, in both mineral and classic makeup formulas

    What I Received...
    Purely Pro Cosmetics Bronzer In Golden Goddess

    What Is It ....
     A gold brown bronzer ,alluring exotic shimmer with a vibrant, fresh and glowing look to your skin. Skin looks healthy and naturally radiant. 

    The texture is soft, creamy and finely milled so the product doesn’t feel heavy or cakey on my skin.  This texture also means this powder blends very easily so on application I don’t end up with any harsh lines or looking muddy and orange when Im trying to achieve a natural sunkissed look.The pigmentation is magnificent , it the right almost of color so you dont have to worry about apply to much product or even being heavy handed .Purely Pro Cosmetics professional quality products enhance the natural beauty of all skin types. Our smooth weightless formulas leave you feeling as though you're barely wearing makeup. Additionally, our products pay careful attention to the importance of maintaining and improving the skin’s surface and complexion.

    Staying Power...
    Next thing that's amazing about this powder is the staying power, I have a lot of trouble with makeup really staying  on my face just because I have oily skin but this lasts all day no problem which is really good , I didnt find it to separate  , become patchy or fade with my oily skin , I also used a setting spray for extra staying power and hold .

    Price/Packaging ...  
    Overall I enjoy the packaging ,the bronzer come in a black plastic flip compact ( it is kinda bulky I think) , however the compact has a clear plastic window , which you are able to see the product , so that mean it gonna be easy to find and you dont have to dig thru all your makeup to find the bronzer your looking for , the packaging does also list the name on the bottom and come with a brush , the bronzer is secured in a sleek black box .Purely Pro Cosmetics Bronzers retails for  $26.00 for 10g of product , also come in 3 different shades (Golden Goddess, Instant Sexy & Sunkissed) .

    My Thoughts...
    This is a great overall bronzer,  so I've always wanted the 'perfect' bronzer, but having searched for many years, I thought I would never find it. I always ended up disappointed....and very orange. I'm already a big fan Purely Pro Cosmetics. I love this bronzer because it matte , but it also gives a very natural sunkissed glow without looking like you just dipped your face into a cheeto bag , however I also love this product for contouring , since I have very very pale skin , most bronzers are way to dark for me and just make my face look muddy and dull , not this one , I highly recommend this for pale or even porcelain skin woman looking for a product to awaken your skin , this work and you wont be disappointed.

    If you would like to purchase or check out there product , please check out there website

    **These products were sent to me by Purely Pro Cosmetics  for review, I did not purchase these myself.  However, this is my own! 

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    Have You Tried Purely Pro Cosmetics Bronzer Before ? 

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    New NYC Superhero Chic Collection



    Younique Moodstruck Mineral Pigments Review/Swatches

    WATCH OUT Avon , Mary Kay , There a new makeup company blowing away the market ,Introducing  YOUNIQUE , If you  happen to be a avid MAC lover , once you try Younique makeup ,this may convert you after you try this brand out , Younique is your one stop shopping makeup site , they sell everything from blusher , mascara , primer, concealer you name it they have it all at your finger tips..

    Younique's mission is to uplift, empower, validate and ultimately help build the self-esteem of women around the world. Through high-quality products that encourage these core values - along with spiritual enlightenment - we're enabling opportunities for personal growth and financial reward to women everywhere. 

     What Younique Has To Say.....
    Younique Pigments are 100% natural, chemical-free, mineral-based pigment powders, free of talc, oils, preservatives, perfumes, synthetic dyes, and parabens with a aray or color also choosing between mattes & shimmers.

    What I Received.....
    19 Pigments

     Heavenly- Dark Sky Blue ( Finish-Matte)
    Crushed-Deep Emerald Green ( Finish-Matte) 
    Precocious-Deep Indigo Blue ( Finish- Matte) 
    Gorgeous-Dark Golden Yellow (Finish-Shimmer) 
    Sassy-Vibrant Purple Magenta ( Finish-Shimmer)

     Beautiful- Medium Deep Brown ( Finish- Matte)
    Glamorous-Rich Plumy Purple( Finish-Matte)
    Heartbroken-Deep Cranberry Burgundy ( Finish- Shimmer)
     Empowered-Light Pastel  Green ( Finish-Shimmer)
    Curious-Soft Taupe Champagne Nude ( Finish- Shimmer)

     Playful-Sparkly Light Icy Blue ( Finish-Shimmer)
     Devious-Midnight Black ( Finish-Shimmer)  
    Awestruck-Shimmer Royal Blue ( Finish- Shimmer) 
    Regal-Vibrant Purple ( Finish-Shimmer)
    Sexy-Sparkly Nude ( Finish-Shimmer)

    Provoked-Deep Reddish Brown ( Finish- Matte)
     Flirty- Shimmery Pastel Lilac Purple ( Finish- Shimmer)
    Famous-Seaweed Green ( Finish- Matte)
    Daring-Chocolate Brown( Finish-Shimmer) 

    The shimmer pigments are beautiful and stunning , as  for the matte colors, it's really hard find matte shadows that go on smoothly and opaque but doesn't look patch or chalky with a ton of fall out , but these didn't do any of that beside glide on so evenly and perfect . The texture is very smooth and silky ,a very fine milled product  with that being said the  pigmentation is spot on , and the colors are super pigmented whether being matte or shimmery each color stand up as a statement shadow.

    Apply wet for a more dramatic impact of color, or apply dry for a blending of colors or for a softer look.

    The staying power is phenomenal ,  a makeup artistes dream . used with a primer and will last all day 8-10 hours.

    Younique Pigments retail for $10.00 for 1.25 grams or if you dont wanna buy individuals Younique has set of 4 or 10 pigments sold as a set.

    My Thoughts
    I'm a huge fan of the pigments. I actually prefer them over shadow now. They are so versatile and give a more vibrant and stunning eye look, ,  Younique puts together great products at a great price perfect for the average person , I would highly recommend them to anyone and cant wait to try more from Younique. 

    If you would like to purchase Younique product , please contact Jennifer Hopkins ( Younique Rep) , or check out here direct Younique link. Click Here. Also please check out here Facebook page where she post looks ,latest new about Younique and much more Click Here
    **These products were sent to me by Jennifer Hopkins ( Rep Of Younique )  for review, I did not purchase these myself.  However, this is my own!

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    Have You Tried Younique Moonstruck Pigments ? What Are Your Favorite Pigments From Younique?

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    Trash Thursday( Empties)

    Hi Friends , Lately I have been getting a ton of message, comments and request to do a what in my trash / empties blog post , so I took it into consideration and came up with Trash Thursday , since I dont using product up that fast since im also blogging and trying new thing Im always rotating using skincare, body care , makeup etc , Ive decide I would do Trash Thursday every month , So this is what I have from the month on September .

    What In My Trash -

    Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Body Wash -
    Mmmm... Coconut.  Stamp your passport for a tropical escape with Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Body Wash!  Indulge in a rejuvenating shower experience that you are bound to love with the oh-so-fabulous scent of coconuts.  It will transport you to beaches, palm trees & sunshine delight without drying out your skin like regular soap, leaving you feeling refreshed.  Just like vacation. I really like this body wash , normally I wont buy Herbal Essence product but since it was new I thought id give it a try for a couple of buck ,this is a very lovely body wash if you are on a budge( $2.00) also it smell so refreshing , it is a very mild coconut scent but nothing over powering , also it lathers every nice since it is a thicker body wash , I will be repurchasing this item again , I might even branch out and try one of the other 2 scent in the Herbal Essence Body Wash line .
    Scope Dual Blast Month Wash ( Icy Mint Blast)-
    Scope Dual-Blast helps give you the confidence to enjoy your favorite foods without having to worry about bad breath. That’s because its unique technology blasts away up to 98% of bad breath germs* and strong food odor, I normally never buy Scope month wash , I always buy the Crest 3D white , but recently while at the drugstore they where out so I had to get a different one ,however I really enjoyed this product , I love the flavor , it really did fight against bad breath/yucky morning breath and it did keep the yucky breath alway and my month fresh , on the down side it burned my month slightly , nothing horribly bad but not something you would enjoy in the morning. I would repurchase this product again if I couldnt find my normal month wash , I find this to be the closest to the one I normally use.

    Degree Deodorant In Shower Clean ( Not Pictured)-
    Smell pleasant and enjoy dry underarms with Degree Shower Clean Antiperspirant. The Degree women's antiperspirant deodorant is invisible on your skin, non sticky and non-greasy, allowing you to wear your favorite clothes without fear of sweaty wet patches. It is a body responsive deodorant that works in sync with your body and kicks in whenever you require the utmost protection against underarm wetness and body odor. The light but long lasting fragrance of the Degree body responsive deodorant will keep you feeling fresh all day long.  I would repurchase this item again .
    Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Perfume-
    A stunning perfume, overwhelming and irresistible like the joy of living. Surprising and colored: the liveliness of Sicilian citron, the happiness of Granny Smith apple, the spontaneity of bluebells. Feminine and resolute: the intensity of jasmine, the freshness of bamboo, the charm of white rose. Deep and true: the character of cedarwood, the fullness of amber, the embrace of musk.

    Sicilian Citron, Bluebell, Granny Smith Apple, Jasmine Sambac, Bamboo, White Rose, Cedarwood, Amber, Musk.

     This is my must have scent for spring and summer , it is the most refreshing scent ever , I enjoy it very much and repurchase it all the time .

    Aii Beauty Waterproof Lash Grip Eyelash Adhesive-Lash Grip Eye Lash Adhesive is for use with Fashion Lashes, InvisiBands and LashLites. The unique formula dries quickly to be virtually invisible, is waterproof and holds strip lashes securely in place. This has to be one of the best eyelash  glue out there , it applies smoothly, dry clear , does pull or stick to your lashes , also give to all day wear on your falsies , I will always repurchase this item.
    NYX Super Skinny Eye Marker(Carbon Black)-NYX Super Skinny Eye Marker is ,A pen eyeliner with a slim felt tip,Designed to release the perfect amount of color for precise application, Long-lasting and smudge proof, Able to deliver a clean, professional line. Overall this was an OK product , I found it to be a very wet eyeliner and would run and took forever to set , I also thought the tip it way to long for my liking and can be hard to apply. I wouldn't repurchase this item .

    Maybelline Line Stiletto Eye Liner( Black)-
    FLEXIBLE FELT TIP glides on smoothly for precise control , there not joking  when they say it is a precision liquid liner , this has to one of the best drugstore liquid liner for expert and beginner MUA , it gives you the most beautiful liner and it is so black and perfect , it give you the best cat eye and eyeliner application . I would repurchase this product again .

    Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara( Black)-
    This magic mascara is like a set of sexy black false eyelashes...without the glue! With its famously big brush and volumizing formula, this matte-black mascara builds beautiful, bodacious lashes.
    I love this product as it did make my eyelashes fuller and longer. The only problem was I found it to be a bit clumpy.The formula definitely does not help to separate lashes but it does do a good job of making them thicker. I would repurchase this product again.
    Jordana Fabu Liner( Black)-This is a great eyeliner. The price is awesome too. It is pretty pigmented, and the one tube of this I have purchased has lasted me months and months without drying out so far. It does not smudge or fade on me, but it is not waterproof. I do love it for daily use since it is so easy to apply! I recommend!
    ELF Cream Eyeliner( Midnight)- I really liked the product when I first got it. It is a great drugstore liner. However, 2 months later, the product had completely dried out and was completely un-usable. There are much better products at around the same price point that will last much longer.

    Maybelline One BY One Mascara-
    Iuse mascara all the time, it's my favourite type of makeup. I've tried almost all drug store ones, maybelline my absolute favourite! I just purchased the One by One and it's my favourite! It gives you huge lashes, and separates them so they look amazing! No clumps! With almost every mascara i've purchased, the mascara rubs off onto my upper lid or under my eyebrows and it looks horrible! This one doesn't do that, and it's so easy to take off! People often ask me how i get lashes so long and perfect! I will continue to buy again!I would repurchase this product.

    Opi Nail Envy Nail Strengthener- You wouldn't face harsh elements without a coat, so why leave your nails unprotected? Fortify, protect, and harden thin, brittle natural nails with the Original Nail Envy. For results, apply two coats, followed by a one-coat application every other day. This product has done such great things to my nails , keep them healthy, long , strong and over growing . I would repurchase this item.

    What is In Your Beauty Trash ?

      **These pictures were taken by myself for reviews  & all items were bought with my own money unless stated! However, this is my own opinion and experiences with the products.** 
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