Sunday, March 23, 2014

Precision Nail Lacquer Glam Rock Collection Review/Swatches

From metallic jewel tones to dark, vampy hues, these are the season's must-have new polishes . Did you know your nail polish color speaks tons about your personality? With this collection you can have all the personality you want wrap into one little collection. Glam Rock will suit them perfectly! Check them out !
What Precision By Lamoon Beauty Has To Say ....     
Precision Nail Lacquer has been formulated with the highest quality ingredients, yet without the harmful by products such as Toluene, Formaldehyde, or DBP. Studies have shown that these chemicals may cause cancer and birth defects. So why would anyone want any of these ingredients in their beauty products? Going Green is the new rage now. So why sacrifice yourself for beauty? With their products, you can have it all. In response to Going Green, we have also created nail treatments to help nails get healthy and vibrant. They have even dropped our Acrylic Powder System and replaced it with Precision UV Gel & Powder System because it’s odorless, has less fumes, and gentler on nails. Nail spas, manicures, pedicures, and healthy nails are all the rage now. As our company progresses into the new age of beauty, we have created products just for that reason. 

 What I Received... 
The Glam Rock Collection  

Glam Rock Collection consists of 6 colors: Glam Metal (R01), U Rock & I Roll (R02), VIP - Very Important Polish (R03), The After After Party (R04), Rebel Red In You (R05) and Party Like A Rock Star (R06). Each nail polish are vegan / eco-friendly, cruelty-free and 3-Free: free of tuolene, formaldehyde and dbp. 

Party like a Rock Star in our 6 amazing vixen colors. The intense rich colors will have you feeling like a VIP all night and even into The After After Party circuit. And if you're feeling like a Rebel Red in You, punk it up with some Glam Metal or U Rock & I Roll. So go on and rock some love on!! 
Rebel Red in You
Rebel Red In You is black base nail polish w/ small red glitter throughout the polish . The formula of this polish was a bit tricky I thought but it was just something I had to get use to ,I felt it was a very liquidy polish and very sheer , once I had put one coat on I could still see my nail , but once you apply 2-3 coats it was opaque , it is just a polish that you need to have patience with , however I do suggest if you are not comfortable with polish like this to apply 1 coat and new dry completely and do again for the best application.

The After After Party 
The After After Party is a midnight blue w/small blue glitter throughout the polish. I love love this polish and color , if there is a blue nail polish in any nail polish collection I will mostly love it . The formula on this color was amazing , it went on smoothly and glided across the nail perfectly , it was very self leveling and just gave the perfect application , the color is very rich so it was pretty opaque just after one coat but I went for an extra coat just to give it that perfect blue look.

Glam Metal
Glam Metal is a gunmetal sliver with shimmer !I cant get over how beautiful it is , it almost so pretty I didnt want to use it I just wanted to display it , I know to must it not like a stand out super bold color but I adore it . The formula is pretty sheer alot like the one I mentioned above however  I applied 3 sheer coats to get the perfect shimmery gun metal color . I just wanna say I have paint my nail this color for the entire month , that how much I love it , everyone need a gunmetal color in there collection !

U Rock & I Roll  
U Rock & I Roll is a rich grey color with a beautiful creme finish .I just wanna say for some reason my lighting in making this color look a navy color on my swatches so please see the image below for the color it really should look like ! Overall I liked this color , it has a very edgy feel 

Party Like A Rock Star
Party Like A Rock Star is shiny yellow/gold with a frosty shimmer finish.This is a super unique color , it look yellow, shift to be a metallic gold, plus it can look super sparkling in the sun. It is very sheer so you will new too apply a few coats , but once you achieve the color you want it gonna look awesome !! I'm normally not a fan of yellow/gold polishes but I love this one , I think it because it has sparkles in it !

VIP- Very Important Polish
VIP- Very Important Polish is dark black polish with hints of purple shimmery nail polish with a shimmer finish.  I know I have said this a lot , but this is a favorite also .. I love this rich wine color , it is the perfect color  even for the warmer months , but personalty I would use it all year around . The color is super deep with small shimmer that really make the polish glisten, if you dont have a color like this in your collection you need , I bet you anything you will wear it like crazy !

 My Thoughts
Overall I really enjoyed the collection, can't say enough other then I want them in every color! I can get up to a week of wear with no chipping; I find it they dry on my nails quickly and the colours are great and very pigmented,So far, it's been day 5 and no chipping! It's beyond amazing. I definitely will buy more from this collections !

Have You Tried Precision By Lamoon Beauty  ? What Are Your Favorite Color In This Collection ?

**These products were sent to me by Precision By Lamoon Beauty  for review, I did not purchase these myself.  However, this is my own!  

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Rimmel Limited Edition Festival Colour Nail Polish Collection / Swatches

I have been in a nail polish shopping spree lately , I need to stop but I cant help to buy these awesome limited edition nail polish collections ! I recently received  this awesome collection for my birthday , someone out there know I love bright bold colors , but really I think they just wanted to add to my never ending nail polish collection that wont stop growing, anyways let jump into this collection and see what it all about !

 Midnight Skinny Dip
Midnight Skinny Dip is a super rich royal blue with metallic shimmer undertones . The formula is one of my favorites for the drugstore , it does dry in 60 sec , of course if you add thick coats or a ton of multiple coat drying time maybe different then what the bottle claims ! What I do know about this beautiful polish is you need at least 2-3 coats before this is opaque and is the perfect blue color ! This is for sure a color you need in your collection if you don't have anything like it yet ! 

  Purple Reign
 Purple Reign is a purple shade with purple iridescent shimmer undertones ! The formula was totally different with this color then the , I found this polish to be thicker then the other and seem to have bubble in it and didn't really level out on your nails , however the color is beautiful and is opaque after 2 even coats , but I do recommend to make sure each coat is dry before applying another coat because your polish will begin to look funky.

  Funtime Fuchsia
Funtime Fuchsia is a very bright neon fuchsia pink , of course I love hot pink or pink polishes in general , so I know I need to get this color ! If you are looking for the perfect pink for summer or spring it this shade ! This formula this perfect , most neon type shade dry matte , however this one doesn't it dry super glossy and this color apply so smoothly to the nail with a huge pop of color , the opacity is a 2 coat polish for the perfect color .

  Instyle Coral 
Instyle Coral is a very creamy pastel peachy coral , but it wasn't a favorite at all unfortunately ! The color is not flattering on my skin and made my hands look dead , however it is a beautiful color for the right person or if you enjoy pastels , for me I can pull off to many shades like this !The formula is just like the others , super glossy and opaque after 2 even coats!
 Green Eyed Monster
Green Eyed Monster is a very neon bright green , my favorite of them all and the whole reason why I wanted this collection , I dont know why but I love funky colors , they look best on me I feel ! Green Eyed Monster is a super cream so application is simple with 2 coats you will have these awesome funky nails
  • Nail Notes
- All these shades have 5-7 day longevity 
-All shade are gloss finish 
- All polishes DO dry in 60 sec with normally application
- Each polish retails for $1.99 at most drugstores

My Thoughts 
I love Rimmel Nail Polish ( 60 Sec ) ones , i find it to be one of the best formula in the drugstore another reason why I like this polishes isn't just because the formula but the brush is amazingly good , it semi bigger an give you the perfect application and fir your nail bed perfect , makes clean up easy also plus this polish doesn't streak . This polish is very promising it keeps up to its claims and lasts for a week (with minor touch ups)I highly recommend it plus is cheap so it not making a huge dent in your wallet .

Have You Picked Up The New Rimmel Limited Edition Festival Colour Nail Polish Collection  Yet ? What Are Your Favorite Color In This Collection ?

**These products were bought with my own money  for review, However, this is my own opinion and experiences with the products.**

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Wet n Wild 2014 Limited Edition Street Art Nail Polish Collection/Swathes

Hi Glamie's !! Recently I was browsing Walgreen hoping I would get a hold of some of the new Wet n Wild 2014 spring items , however I did find some of them , most of the products were either open and used or broken and not worth me buying ,but I did find something from Wet n Wild I haven't seen around and didn't even knew existed so I new I had to pick it up and share with you , come to find out it is the new Wet n Wild 2014 LE Street Art Collection that wanted to make an appearance on my blog this week , so let jump on in and get into the swatches !

Deception is a beautiful fuchsia pinky purple shade , which dries to be a very sheer jelly type finish . The formula is super runny and required 3-5 coats before it is opaque , however a white nail polish base maybe best for this color to achieve the right color and texture . Overall this is my least favorite shade in the collection due to the formula.

Too Hot For You
Too Hot for You is a sightly shimmery orange red but also has a pink undertone depending on the lighting , also dries to be a more opaque jelly finish .This formula for this shade is like most Wet n Wild Wild Shine polish  , perfect consistency , easy to apply and opaque with 2 even coats , cant get any easier.
Get Lucky
Get Lucky is a summery bold banana yellow shade , bright as ever .. you could stop traffic with this color ! Get lucky isnt a jelly like the above 2 color but is a very creamy formula with beautiful opacity , opaque with 2 bold coat of polish.
 Temptation is a rich salmon coral pink color , perfect for anyone this summer , and would look amazing on your tootsies ! This shade is a creme finish and has beyond fantastic opacity , cover in 1 coat but I think it look best with 2 beautiful coats for the perfect glossy show stopping nail . 
Here Comes Trouble
This is my favorite in the whole collection , normally I'm a sucker for blue shade and hot pink shade , so I  knew right off the bat I would love this color , I already have many nail art and Ideas to do with this color .Here Comes Trouble is a soft med blue almost a deeper pastel shade , this as the few I spoke about above this a very rich opaque polish and only requires 1-2 coats , this it the formula I wish all Wet n Wild polish would come as ! A girl can dream right.

Cursed is a bright neon burnt orange shade , just like deception this is a very runny sheer jelly formula , making for multiple application with can get slopping and messy , however this doesn't require 5 coat before it is opaque it does need about 3 at the least 4 at the most to get the right color . I wasnt a fan of this shade that much either due to the amount of polish you need to use to  get the perfect color.

My Thoughts
Overall I really enjoyed the collection , minus ( Cursed & Deception ) , but I think I can work with them , they just need a little extra love ! I really enjoyed the fun spring colors and different texture in this collection and cant wait to wear these this summer and show off my statement fingers with these showstopping colors .

Wanna purchase is collection check out your local Walgreen /CVS/Rite Aid near you !
Walgreen was running a sale on Wet n Wild Wild Shine polishes for ($0.69) Hurry this collection is limited edition , get it before it gone !

Have You Picked Up The New Wet n Wild 2014 Limited Edition Street Art Nail Polish Collection Yet ? What Are Your Favorite Color In This Collection ?

**These products were bought with my own money  for review, However, this is my own opinion and experiences with the products.**

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