Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Stitch Zombie Face Of The Day(Scary)

How too achieve this look , just keep on reading for step by step instructions !

  1. Take the lightest foundation & concealer and mix them together and apply all over the face, this doesnt need to be blended well , I use a mixed of Missha BB Cream & Hard Candy Glamaflauge concealer
  2. Take a fat powder brush and a loose powder and apply it over your entire hand, it ok if you  have a heavy hand , the more product the better for this look , I used Palladio Rice Powder
  3. Take a stippling brush and the darkest bronzer you can find and stipple all over the face for a dirty affect , I used Wet N Wild Bronzer in Princess
  4. Next with the same brush as step number 4 take a black matte shadow and apply it anywhere giving you a grungy look( around eyes, nose, jaw etc), I used Wet n Wild single shadow in panther
  5. Take a gel or liquid liner  and apply life like stitch to your face , I used Loreal Liquid Liner
  6. After step 6 is dried , take a sponge and smudge the stitches
  7. Next apply a blood red color liquad or powder  and where on the face making it look like a bloody mess, I used Hot Topic Red Liquid Liner, A lip gloss or lip stick work well also 
  8. Apply the same red & black liner to the lip , giving it a bloody lip with dirt affect 
  9. Apply black liner to the eye and add mascara
Now you Should Have Your Complete Stitch Zombie Look ! 



How To Get This Look , Keep On Reading!

  1. Apply prime,I used Smashbox Photo Finish
  2. Apply a white base or light foundation , I used white clown makeup set with baby powder
  3. Take a eyeliner pen or liquid liner which ever you like and other line the shape and fill in the entire area, I used Jordana Fabu Liner
  4. Apply a matte black shadow over the  black liner setting it, I used Wet n Wild Single in Panther
  5. Take a red cream liner or liquid liner and apply dots as an outline around the black wing, I used Hot Topic Liquid Liner
  6. Taking the same black liner you used above making a checker board lip , I used Jordana Fabu Liner,
  7. Taking a ruby red lipstick and apply to the lip where you didn't put the black liner, I used NYC ruby lip color
  8. Clean Up 
Enjoy !


Friday, June 15, 2012

Walking Dead/Zombie Inspired

Want to achieve this look , then keep on reading.

  1. Apply Primer, I used Sephora brand primer
  2. Apply the Lightest foundation or tinted moisturizer you own ,I used Estee Lauder In Bone
  3. Apply A white powder over your entire face , I used plain baby powder
  4. Take any brown shade and apply all around your eye to the brow, this doesn't need to look perfect, I used the bronze powder from the Elf Blush & Contour Palette
  5. Now take big fluffy brush & gray or purple shadow and apply to the lower lash line all the way to the crease and blend with the brown , I used the UD naked palette 
  6. With the same brush take a dark matte black shadow and apply everywhere around the eye, making it look messy , I used the UD naked palette
  7. Apply a thick line of winged liner, I used Loreal Liquid Liner
  8. Apply Mascara, I used Rimmel Glam Eyes
  9. Apply black lipstick or eyeliner to the lip , layer it with a red lipstick over it, I used Lime crime black lipstick & NYC Lipstick In Ruby 
  10. Contour the cheeks, I used Elf Contour palette.
  11. Add anything else if u like.


Comic Inspired ( Wolverine)

Step By Step Instruction To Achieve This Look~

  1. Prep & Prime The Eye, I used Urban Decay Primer Potion & Nyx Jumbo Pencil In Milk
  2. Take Any Black Brow Pencil Or Black Eyeliner And Fill In The Brow, I Used Hot Topic Liquid Black Liner
  3. Take Any Blue Eyeshadow And A Pointed Or Angled Brush And Out Line Wear The Blue Would Be Then Fill In , I Used Wet N Wild Blue Had Me At Hello( Teal Color)
  4. Next Using The Same Palette as Step Number 3, Take A Pointed Crease Brush , Filling In Wear Your Crease Is, Don't Worry If You get Any On Your Lid, I Used Wet N Wild Blue Had Me At Hello.
  5.  Taking A Flat Eyeshadow Blush & Yellow Pigment Or Shadow An Apply To The Lid, Blending With The Black , I Used Nyx Yellow
  6. Now Take A Red Liner( Liquid) , And Apply A Thick Line To The Bottom Lash Line, I Used Hot Topic Red
  7. Apply Liner To The Inner WaterLine& Tightline, I used Maybelline Define A Line
  8. Apply Mascara & Fake Lashes If You Like, I used FairyDrop Mascara
  9. Now Take A Dark Black Liquid Liner & Make Spike Above The Brow, I Used PF Eye Liner Pens
  10. Finally Clean Up And Fall Out Or Anything <3
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Enjoy !

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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Brazil Inspied Eye Look

Step By Step Instruction How I Achieved This Look

  1. Prime The Entire Eye With A White Base,I Used NYX Jumbo Pencil In Milk
  2. Next Apply A Bright Blue Cream Eye Shadow To The Lid, I Use Maybelline Color Tattoo ( Blue)
  3. Take A Eye Shader Brush And A Very Pigment Blue eye Shadow An Apply To The Lid Extending It Out With A Wing, I Used Wet N Wild Blue Had Me At Hello Palette
  4. Using  The Same Blue As Step Number 4 Make The Same With On The Bottom Lash Line Extending It To The Nose
  5. Take A Point Eye Brush And Draw The Green Wings Connecting To The Blue And Fill In With Any Green Eyeshadow , I Used Wet N Wild Comfort Zone Palette
  6. Apply Mascara, Or Fake Lashes, I Used Maybelline Define A Lash Mascara
  7. Apply  A Golden Base To The Eye Brow , I Used Maybelline Color Tattoo In ( Bad To the Bromze)
  8. Take A Angle Brush Wet And PAck On Yellow Shadow Until The Color Is Right For You, I Used Urban Decay Eldorado 
  9. Clean Up Any Fall Out

Id Love To Hear Your Thoughts And Love  All Your Comments :)