Monday, May 21, 2012

Hulk Inspired Look

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Prime the entire eye area, I used Urban Decay Primer Potion.
  2. Also apply a white base after step one, I used Nyx Jumbo Pencil in milk.
  3. Take a pointed brush and outline your eye making a sharp wing , filling it in from the lid to wear your brow bone begins with any green shadow, I used Wet n Wild Comfort Zone.
  4. Take the same brushes you used before, and green eye shadow and make a triangle to the lower lash line, I used the same palette as step 4
  5. Take a cream/liquid purple liner and apply it above the green and blending it along the wing, I used Milani liquid liner.
  6. With the same liner above, apply it to the liner corner of the eye & upper lashes line , blend out making a bump /skin type look .
  7. Apply Mascara, I used Maybelline Plush Mascara
  8. Take a angled brush and a liquad liner and apply to the brow , I used Barry M Metallic Liquid Liner in Mermaid Green
  9. Clean up any fall out :)

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Captain America Inspired Look

 Step By Step On How To Get This Look !!
  1.  Take any red makeup pencil , eyeliner or shadow and fill your eyebrow in , I used Hot Topic's red eyeliner & Nyx cherry red eyeshadow.
  2.  Prime the eye white base, I used Nyx Jumbo Pencil in milk.
  3. Take a flat shader brush &  any highly pigmented red eyeshadow and pack it on the lid, I used Nyx cherry red.
  4. Next using a fluffy brush and a bold white eyeshadow & apply from the red color to the brow bone, I used Wet n Wild Blue Had Me At Hello(Matte White Shade) .
  5. Now using a steady hand . point brush and a deep sparkle navy blue and outline where the blue shade goes  in  the crease to where your brow bone begins & the inner part of the eye, I used Wet n Wild Blue Had Me At Hello( right side 3 shade).
  6. Taking the same brush you used before & a steady hand , wing out the blue shadow to your brow  & one below the the other wing connecting to two , I used Wet n Wild Blue Had Me At Hello
  7.  Now that same white you used before, apply too the brow bone making it super white.
  8. Next use a good flat shader brush , glitter glue & a makeup safe red glitter,and apply and over the red lid.
  9. Using the same blue shadow as above and pointed brush, and apply to the lower lash line , I used Wet n Wild Blue Had Me At Hello
  10. Apply Mascara, I used Rimmel Scandalash ( false lashes if you want )
  11.  Apply star sticker to the brow
  12. Clean up any fall out .


Enjoy <3 
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Friday, May 4, 2012

Massive Nail Polish Haul

I have gone NUTS this month with nail polish, I'm a nail polish hoarder , I recently got all these goodies from a trip my mom and sister went on to the Carolina's, with that being said all these thing are from store I don't have where I live( Rite Aid, Kerr's Drugstore, Etc) pretty much everything I got is limited edition , or store exclusive, so let get this nail party started !!

** Picture Are Heavy **

Hedys Ma.Nish.Ma.Neon Matte Collection
~ A Matte Nail Polish Collection,The formula is smooth and opaque in one coat and dries pretty fast, really love the design  of the bottle and the flat brush.. This brand of polish is available at Rite Aid~


Nuclear Pink- Hot Pink No Shimmer /Matte Finish/ Flat Brush/2 Coats.

Blots of Blue-Bright Neon Teal Shimmer/Matte Finish /Flat Brush /2 Coats


High Voltage-Electric Orange/Matte Finish/Flat Brush/2 Coats

Rocket Green-Shimmer Neon Green/Matte Finish/Flat Brush/2 Coats


Electric Blue- Bright Blue Sliver Shimmer/Matte Finish/Flat Brush/ 2 Coats

My Thought, I am super impressed with this collection, love it since it a matte collection , fun bright colors, nice brush not to big or to small, easy to control and use, awesome price ($3.99) worth picking up if you love fun neon's and matte polish .

Jesse's Girl High Intensity Nail Polish 
Retail Price - $2.99



Beach Baby-Medium Neon Pink / Matte Finish / 2 Coats/Skinny Brush
Glee -Blue Green Glitter With Blue Base Sparkles In Yellow /Sparkle Finish/ 2 Coats/Skinny Brush

My Thoughts- Lovely polish they have , awesome colors and great formula, the only thing I don't like is the brush , it way to small , not good for large nail bed, the color selection is nice , they have everything from neon , cremes, sparkles anything , great brand for only 2.99
 Wet n Wild Limited Edition Craze Neon Crackle
~Neon Crackle Is a Matte Neon Crackle Polish  And It's a Rite Aid-Exclusive Collection~
Retail Price-2.99 

Note- I used a white base in my swatches .
Pretty Pink Punk- Hot Pink Crackle/Matte Finish /1 Coat Over Polish

Living In The Limelight-Lime Green Crackle/Matte Finish /1 Coat Over Polish
Inmate In Love - Bright Orange/Matte Finish /1 Coat Over Polish
Construction Zone-Bight Neon Yellow/Matte Finish /1 Coat Over Polish
Blue A Fuse-Deep Neon Blue/Matte Finish /1 Coat Over Polish
My Thoughts- I love these so much , I love the formula of the polish , I like any wet n wild polish , but these crackles are amazing the brush and application rock , so worth 2.99 , you cant beat that I wish they came out with more colors.

LA Girl Black Light Nail Polish Disco Brites 
 ~Bright, vivid nail polish,Get your groove on with the ultimate disco look! GLOWS in Black light! Infused with DIAMOND POWDER for strength and long lasting wear! Toluene, Formaldehyde & DBP Free. White Tea extract to help nourish nails!~
Retail Price $4.00



Vinyl Records- Turquoise/Aqua Colour./Creme/JellyFinish/2 Coats/Med Brush
Disco Diva- Peachy Magenta /Jelly Finish /2 Coats/ Med Brush
Dance Studio- Deep Purple Blue/ Creme/Jelly Finish/ 2 Coats/Med Brush  

My Thoughts- Awesome polish , it's also a black light polish so in theory it glows under UV lights is beyond awesome, I really really love love the formula of this polish and the colors, the colors come out so nice and smooth so flattering , the formula,it between a jelly and a creme, which I really like... such a great polish for only 4 dollars.

Color Club Professional Nail Lacquer
~This Are From The Take Wing Collection ~

 Daisy Does It- Sunny Yellow Glassfleck Polish/ Sparkle Finish/3 Coats/Med Brush

Metamorphosis-Sparkly Teal Glassfleck Polish/ Sparkle Finish/3 Coats/Med Brush

Wing Fling-Sparkling Pink Glassfleck Polish/ Sparkle Finish/3 Coats/Med Brush
My Thoughts- Over all a great fun polish , great polish for spring and summer, it is a glitter, so you will need about 3 coats of polish for the colors  to be really bold and beautiful , but I do suggest that use a white or nude polish under these because they will stain the nails, I wish i had gotten more of these ;).
Milani Nail Lacquer 
~Long wearing formula,Intensely vibrant color,TFF & DBP free
Retail Price 6.99

Garnet Gems-Black Base With Small Red Glitter/Jelly,Glitter Finish/ 4 Coats/ Med Brush

 Deep Thoughts-Subtle Violet-Magenta Shimmer/Shiny Finish/2 Coats/Med Brush
My Thoughts- Im honestly not a huge fan on Milani polish , there ok in my opinion , i dont like how you need so many coat of certain polish and I don't care for the brush , also the staying power isn't good im my opinion , only lasted about 2 or 3 days , i do enjoy the color section Milani has but for the price tag I wish there formula was better.

Absolute Magnetic Nail Enamal
~Each Bottle comes with a STRIPE design magnet,Professional Nail polish with professional Brushes~

Vert- Emerald Green/ Magnetic Finish/2 Coats/ Bigger Brush

Violet-Dusty Pink/Purple/Magnetic Finish/2 Coats/ Bigger Brush

Rose- Brick Brown Red/Magnetic Finish/2 Coats/ Bigger Brush

Bleu-  Metallic Gray Blue/Magnetic Finish/2 Coats/ Bigger Brush

My Thoughts - I have mixed thoughts about these polishes,honestly I had no idea how to use these, they didn't list anything on there bottle or anything, so I had to do so surfing the internet to find how this polish works, after doing that i still couldn't get the magnet part to take affect to the polish , not sure if im doing it wrong or I just have bad polish , beside that I really like the polish itself with out the magnetic affect, the polish is a very very creamy rich polish and apply nicely , I will def be get other polish from this brand and trying it out.

 Wet n Wild Limited Edition Chrome Collection
~ Rite Aid Exclusive $3.99, Foiled/Metallic Based Nail Collection

Precious Petals-Bright Pink Foiled With Sliver Glitter/Metallic Finish /3 Coats/Med Brush

Penny For Your Thoughts-Foiled Copper Brown/Metallic Finish /3 Coats/Med Brush

 Hog Quartz School- Intense Foiled Lavender/Metallic Finish /3 Coats/Med Brush

Stay Outta My Bismuth-Foiled Deep Blue/Metallic Finish /3 Coats/Med Brush

A Show At The Palladium-Deep Royal Blue Foiled Metallic/Metallic Finish /3 Coats/Med Brush

I Got a New Com-Pewter -A Dark Lime Foiled Metallic/Metallic Finish /3 Coats/Med Brush

Grew Up In Colbalt-Imore- Light Blue Foiled Gold Speck/Metallic Finish /3 Coats/Med Brush

 Steel The Spotlight- Foiled Light Gold/Metallic Finish /3 Coats/Med Brush

My Thoughts- Your gonna need this collection , even if you dont love foiled polish , you will love this , there so neat they reflect the sun light and really give you a cool affect on your hands or feet,the formula is like every other Wet n Wild polish ... this is probably one of my favorite Wet n Wild nail collection.

What are your favorite nail polish collection ? Have you tried any of these polishes ?