Thursday, July 21, 2011

Forever 21 (24k Eye Palette)

This Eye palette features four eyeshadow colors, two sparkling eye dust colors, liquid glitter liner and two eye liners. Two eyebrow applicators. Instructions included for perfect application, all for $6.80 who cant bet that price. 

Review- Each eye shadow is very pigmented , but the white can be kinda chalky, they all have very silky texture and apply best with a base or a primer, Also the 4 square eye shadow palette, it a mini box palette that you can carry in your purse or ect..... Up next the two eye sparkle dust , I love them, if you just wanna a little sparkle over your shadow this would be the perfect shadow dust if your on a budget,  just apply with a fluffy eye brush , and boom you have the perfect sparkle on your lids. Next thing is the liquid liner and the brow pencil, the liquid gold liner, I really like, it have the perfect amount of glitter in it , the only thing I dont like about it is , that it take forever to dry , id say it very much like the NYX glitter liners, now on to the brow pencil, im not one for filling in my brows, so I dont use brow pencil, but I did use them as eye liners, and there So So , not crazy about them, But over all for 7 dollar it pretty good...

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