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Sun Laboratories ( Tan Overnight Lotion Set) Review

While lounging at the beach or by the pool, give your skin a flawless, sexy bronze glow, but skip the exposure to the sun’s harmful rays,  Sun Laboratories products gives the skin a deep, rich, color that appears within a few hours. Along with a gorgeous, sunkissed look, this luxurious formula delivers an incredibly smooth finish. The result is a sexy, silky glow . Check out Sun Laboratories for yourself and see what everyone is talking about .

 About The Company..
Established and family owned since 1983 and with over a quarter of century experience in sunless tanning products, Sun Laboratories, Inc. is the first professional self-tanning product manufacturer and distributor. 

It all started 27 years ago under the name of Giesee.  Gisela Hunter had the vision to create a way of tanning instantly without the harmful rays of the sun.  She knew there are people who desire the healthy and radiance of sun-kissed skin year around.  The formulas were created and the results were phenomenal.

Gisela's idea grew into a thriving business and today Sun Laboratories owns their own laboratories in Chatsworth, CA, where the products are formulated, produced, bottled and shipped all over the world.

Sun Laboratories continues to lead the industry with innovative methods of applying sunless self-tanning products.  These unique and groundbreaking ideas offer choice for both the professional and the consumer.

Info Provided By Sun Laboratories Website 

What I Received ...
Sun Laboratories Gift Bag : Includes -
  • 8 oz Tan Overnight Self- Tanner
  • 8oz Exfoliant
  • 8oz Tan Maintainer Moisturizer
  • 2.7 oz Strictly Face Med Lotion 

How Does It Work...
  Step 1 - Clean skin well with Exfoliant Body Gel.

Step 2 - Put Tan Maintainer Lotion on dryer areas of skin. Some areas might be knees, elbows and ankles. 

Step 3 - Put Sunless Tanning Lotion all over face and body. Any where you would like to be tanned.

 Step 4 - Wait at least 3 hours before showering. 
Step 5 - Enjoy your beautiful tan. 
Benefit Of Sun Goddess Sunless Tanner 
  • Can be used on all skin types, works best on light skin tones
  • Organic sugar based formula
  • Works Fast
  • Instant color prevents streaks on all skin Types
  • Hydrating, protecting formula 
  • Nice dark colors sets in about three hours 
The pigmentation is amazing , you will get awesome color for using this sunless tanner just one time , but of course if you wanna wanna look dark to add another layer after it dry , or if you wanna just a soft sunkiss glow add  less , but however this will give you a awesome tan regardless of how much you use , the color payoff is beyond any other sunless tanner I have used !The texture is pretty much like most sunless tanner , this one is a semi thick texture but goes on so even and smooth ,the product is a dark rich chocolate color , but don't let that fool you when applying it ! Before applying the self tanner , make sure you exfoliate your skin with Sun Laboratories Purifying Skin Softener Exfoliant first and for most , your skin will feel amazing after you use it ! 

Staying Power...
I apply the lotion every 3-6 days depending if I wanna be a little more sunkissed on somedays or a deep dark tan on other days. Sun Laboratories Very Dark products don’t wear off quickly. And following up with a skin polisher and a moisturizer is not only good practice, it’s recommended. Re-applying helps create a darker tone but it is not a required part of the process. 

I love the scent of any kind of tanning/self tanning product , it reminds me of the beach and just a tropical paradise , Sun Laboratories products smell like Almond Extract or a nutty fruit which I love and make using the product so much easier to use when something smell amazing and you can enjoy it , on the other hand the Sun Laboratories Exfoliant could wake a whole town up with the minty/spearmint aroma it give off  , it so awakening and incredible to smell , one of the best exfoliant on the market .

Sun Laboratories ( Tan Overnight Lotion Set) retails for $39.95 and the Sun Laboratories Strictly Face Medium Self Tanning Lotion retails for $26.25. You can find all Sun Laboratories product online by Clicking Here

My Thoughts..  
I loved this product! I don't tan in the sun ever , since I naturally just burn and look like a walking lobster . I searched everywhere for a good fake tan all the time drugstore and highend and pretty much they all make me look orange , streaky and overall worst then what my normally skin would look like . This product gave me a great tan in just 3 hours, and it lasted , didn't transfer to my clothes or wash off in the shower. It smells great and leaves your skin looking like you just walked outta a tan bed but without all the UV lights .I highly recommend it. 
 *These products were sent to me by Sun Laboratories  for review, I did not purchase these myself.  However, this is my own!

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