Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pop Beauty Cabaret Bouquet

A luxurious velvet kit, POP Beauty’s Cabaret Bouquet ($29.50) has all the makeup one needs for the perfect holiday look including eyeshadows, blushes and lip gloss (?). Inspired by Cabaret’s leading lady, Sally Bowles, it houses the perfect shades and textures for luxurious, old Hollywood glamour.  This gorgeous must have little beauty box hits the full score! You can't miss the mark with these shades for full on glam, show stopping evenings. Comes with beginners luck instructions on how to for can't go wrong application!

Let this kit take center stage for some boiling hot old school glamour! Whole face in a case and all in one velvet mystique box! Lid, line, light your eyes, velvet skin powder and sleek glosses. The Berlin Cabaret in a box - Say Wilkommen! Bienvenue! Welcome!

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 Cabaret Bouquet

The palette is $32 and includes:
  • 5 Shades of Shadow
  • 1 Matte Face Powder
  • 5 Face Highlighters
  • 1 Bronzer
  • 4 Lip Duos
Pretties right?

 Thoughts- You wont be disappointed-The color pay of is amazing, the lip glosses are fab, they are not sticky or anything, and the bronzer give you the best sunkiss glow that I love..