Saturday, June 4, 2011

The 7 Most Flattering Makeup Colors For Spring

 Denim Eyes

Like your favorite pair of jeans, this gray-blue eye shade fits any occasion, day or night. Start by applying it over the lash line and in the crease. Use the powder left on the brush to fill in the lid (If you use a cream formula, blend the color from the lash lines into the lids). If you want to dress up the look, use a shimmery version. Try a slightly deeper indigo if you have a dark complexion—it won't look ashy.
Peacock Shadow

A peacock's vibrant feathers are designed to be mesmerizing—and so is the effect their bold colors have on your eyes. Start by blending an iridescent purple shadow around the lashes, using a brush to lightly dust the shade all the way up to the brows. Then apply a shimmery teal green along the inner corners. If you have fair skin, "just take the colors to the creases so it's not overwhelming," says makeup artist Romy Soleimani. Finish the look with a nude lipstick; you don't need any other strong shades on your face.

Mango Lips

Imagine biting into the ripe yellowish orange flesh of a mango. That juicy shade is exactly what you want on your lips this spring. Surprisingly soft, the color is pretty on all skin tones. It looks best paired with gold eye shadow and bronzed cheeks. 

Lime Green Eyes
Don't be intimidated by this shocking color: "Lime green is surprisingly pretty," says Soleimani. "It's not too neon or acid-y, and it brings out gold flecks in the eyes." Try sweeping a sheer eye shadow from the lashes to the brows, or use a more opaque version as an eyeliner for a subtler look. Ground the color with black mascara. 

This may be the most toned-down color of the bunch, but it's far from boring: "You can use this shade all over your face—it illuminates the skin," Soleimani says. But if glistening rose-gold eye shadow, blush, and lip gloss sounds like too much of a good thing, try wearing chocolate-brown shadow with rose-gold lips, or rose-gold eyes with wine-colored lipstick.

Watermelon Gloss
It's as good a staple for the warmer-weather months as the fruit itself. The shade is both sexy and a whole lot of fun. Bonus: It looks great on everyone. Just remember that the darker your skin, the darker the shade should be. 
 What Are Your Spring Favorites?