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2nd Love Cosmetics Cream Gel Eyeshadow Review/Swatches

 Many big brands have been adding a twist to the regular old powder eyeshadows by creating newer creamy formulas.  Creamy shadows generally tend to crease, which is why I like to stay away. But some of these formulas surprised me, as they are long wearing, don’t crease and give an intense color to the eye . 

Here Is What I Thought About 2nd Love Cosmetics Cream Gel Eyeshadow

 What I Received 
2nd Love Cosmetics Cream Gel Eyeshadow In Topaz Gem & Snow Bunny

What Are They:  2nd Love Cream Gel Eye Shadow is a crease less, creamy eye shadow that provides intense and long-lasting color all day and night. It can be worn alone or used several ways. With such vibrant variety of color, the looks you can create are endless.

How To Apply:
1. Use ring finger or brush to blend the creamy color onto the eyelid.
2. Wear alone or you can apply eye shadow powder directly on top for more intense color. 

Color Selection
Snow Bunny- Sheen White
Punkrock- Black
Angelic -Light Sliver
Marine- Light Ocean Blue
Goldie- Golden Yellow
Roasted -Red Brown
Prismaplum-Plum Purple

Gunmetal- Shimmery Grey
Glow-Sunkissed Orange/Tan

Topezgem-Baby Blue

Island Sun- Lavender Pink

Royalty- Deep Royal Purple

Texture/Pigmentation: The texture in the jar feel hard , but once you dip your brush or finger in it and start to play with the cream shadow it loosen up, with that being said you wont have to dig into it or anything . The pigmentation is hit or miss I think , The white shade (snow bunny) is very sheer , even when I tried to build it up it still didnt give me deep white base I was looking for , however this  does have a very rich sheen to it , so this would make an awesome high light color to the brow bone & inner corner , as far as the blue shade ( Topez Gem ) is has pretty decent pigmentation , it goes on sheer  , but I can say that this color is very build able and is very bold and intense once built up .

With Flash
No Flash

Staying Power: I was very impressed with the staying power , Ill start by saying I have oily eyelid so using a cream shadow for me mean it gonna crease and not last long , but with these I tried them with a primer and without and I was floored by the staying power , when I tried them with a primer , these lasted a near 10 hours without  creasing , I think that is amazing considering these are a cream base , however when I used it without a primer they lasted about 7-8 hours before I had some fading and some flaking from the product , now you are not required to where a primer with these , these are made to wear on there own but I do think is you have oily skin to use a primer just because oil ofcourse will break down the product on your eye throughout the day

Price/Packaging: The packaging is a small round jar (3g) with a black lid , on the lid is the label with the company name , what it is and also the products name in white text , flip the small jar over and you have a clear label with the type of product it is in sliver text , however once you screw off the lid you have the the lovely product . 2nd Love Cosmetics Cream Gel Eyeshadow retail for $6.99 USD for 0.105 oz (3g).

My Thoughts:This eyeshadow works great. I like the cream base. It stays on all day for me with minimal touch ups if any at all. The colors are subtle and pretty, only thing Id like to see is more colors added to the colors they already have , maybe some brights , neon or metallic shades !

**These products were sent to me by 2nd Love Cosmetics for review, I did not purchase these myself.  However, this is my own opinion and experiences with the products.** 

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