Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Vidal Sassoon Heat Protect & Shine Spray Review

Take a shine to your hair, As someone who color treats their hair every often and has dry , curly , frizzy hair already , I no  how hard it can be to achieve shine.  I rely on conditioners that don’t weigh down my already dry hair and a shine spray or serum that does the same. 

What Is A Hair Shine Spray ?
 A hair shine spray is a hair product that is intended to make the hair shine when applied. Used much like a hair spray, shine sprays can also serve other purposes, such as protecting hair against the elements, taming it or repairing hair damage. Natural alternatives to store-bought hair shine sprays can be purchased inexpensively, and these products may be able to be used in other ways on the body.
A hair shine spray can have several functions in addition to making the hair glow. The benefits of using a spray can include the protection of hair against sun damage, split-end repair and frizz control. The latter can help users maintain their hair styling and aid their finishing techniques. Some formulations might soften the hair, making it almost weightless, and others are designed to help the hair stay in place. 

  What Is It 
A super high shine & heat protector to your hair , Its dual phase formula helps protect against heat and styling damage, maximize shine and seal in style with a light hold.Protect against heat and styling damage, maximize shine, seal in style with a light hold.Helps provide thermal protection & glossy shine.just with a few sprays !!

It is a weightless, greaseless spray that delivers incredible shine.I have fought my curls most of my life. This product, when used with a flat iron, gives my hair sleekness and glossiness I've never been able to achieve. And it holds!  The scent it a very settle fruit /floral scent , nothing over powering.One this I do suggest before using is to gently shake the bottle so the products get mixed together.


 Packaging /Price
The packaging is like many hair product you see around in the drugstore , what I like about the packaging the most , is that it not an aerosol can, this is an actually spray bottle , packaged like most VS products in the color red bottle with all the VS labels on the bottle itself, and all the other info you might wanna know . Like all VS product they are so budget friendly and wont break the bank at all for awesome hair care , this item retails for $3.99 USD for 5.2 oz .

Benefits Of A Heat Protector & Shine Spray 
  • Prevents Dryness & Breakage When Using  Heat Tools
  •  Prevents Split Ends
  • Adds Shine
  • Prevents Flyaways 
  • Reduces Frizzs 
 My Thoughts-  I use this product almost every time i get out of the shower. Its amazing! I use to have huge frizzy fried hair, but using this i saw with just one use that it de-frizzes and smooths out my hair. It makes it super soft and even a little more bouncy then usual. I love it!!

**These products were sent to me by Vidal Sassoon Pro Series  for review, I did not purchase these myself.  However, this is my own opinion and experiences with the products.**     

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