Sunday, February 10, 2013

Lea Journo Mirror Glossing Cream

Wanna  make your hair look full of beauty , vibrant ,strong , healthy and of course free of frizz? Then check out this product i'm about ti review !

What Is It
A weightless glossing cream that smoothes and controls hair while adding shine and moisture.  Ideal for all hair types.

What It Does
Tames the tresses for vibrant, strong, and healthy hair that is free of frizz and full of beauty.  Unique, natural active ingredient propels dirt and pollution while filtering UV rays to protect hair from environmental stresses.
What I Received
Mirror Glossing Cream (2)


Texture /Scent 
Like many of there products from Lea Journo , they are very light and have a great smells to there products . The mirror glossing cream is a very light but glossy formula which packs a ton of shine to your hair , as far as the scent , it smells like a fruit roll up , it come off as a very fruit scent , but it a good scent , it isnt over powering either !
 Packaging /Price
  The packaging is a small ( 2.2 fl oz)   neon blue little juice pouch, which has a twist off top that you squeeze the product from , the reason there packaging is different from other is they believe in "More Product Less Packaging". The price is pretty reasonable you get 2 glossing cream ( travel size) for $24.00 USD or full size (5 oz ) for $28.00 USD !

Some Tidbit You Need To Know About These Items 
  • Lea Journo features exclusive 100% Pure French Plum Oil, a luxurious botanical oil harvested in the south-west of France via cold-pressure of the plum kernel (Prunus domestica).

  • High in fatty acids, this indispensable oil imparts a silky-softness, essential moisture, and indulgent feel to hair for improved styling performance and overall beauty.

  • For a beauty boost, add 5-10 drops of 100% Pure French Plum Oil to your favorite Lea Journo product for younger-looking, healthier hair.   
  •   Contains French plum oil to soften & moisturize .
  • Contains Moringa Extract  to repel environmental stress & condition.
  • Contains Vitamin A & E Nanoseal to seal & revitalize.

My Thoughts-.I'm impressed! This product is hands down a keeper The Mirror Glossing Cream adds just the right about of shine and shimmer (yes, there is a light, shimmery effect to the cream), but doesn't go overboard. My hair looks fresh, shiny and vibrant. Lea Journo's glossing cream is so light weight, my hair doesn't feel weighed down. Beyond the beautiful shine, the glossing cream really adds moisture to my hair. During these winter months, it is a great product to use to keep the moisture locked in and prevent frizz and fly-aways!
**These products were sent to me by Lea Journo  for review, I did not purchase these myself.  However, this is my own opinion and experiences with the products.** 

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