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SkinJoy Skincare Review/Giveaway

I am always on the hunt for the perfect skincare, and although Im deeply Clinique Skin Care Products , the beauty blogger in me is always up for trying new things, in order to find those essential, holy grail products, but also to aid you, the reader, in making vital choices.

About The Company 
Skinjoy is a complete array of carefully formulated skin care products designed to nourish, hydrate and enhance every skin type. Carefully formulated, each Skinjoy product is sulfate and methylparaben free, pH stable and guaranteed for complete satisfaction.

The Skinjoy collection provides a total array of facial scrubs and cleansers, whole body moisturizers, a one-of-a-kind face finisher and a hand and body lotion for day hydration.Skinjoy is a complete array of carefully formulated skin care products designed to nourish, hydrate and enhance every skin type.

Skin Joy is also made by the same maker that make one of my favorite hair care line "ENJOY HAIR CARE"! 

What I Received
Foaming Scrub 
Rejuvenating Cream
Moisturizing Spray
Face Finisher 

What Is It?
Foaming Scrub($17.94) -A unique sulfate-free exfoliator that gently cleanses and removes dead skin cells without irritation or drying.Using a Foaming Scrub once a week to help give skin a smoother appearance.
  • pH 5.0-6.0
  • For All Skin Types
Rejuvenating Cream($49.94)-Allow your skin to regenerate and rejuvenate itself! Let powerful antioxidant help reduce fine lines, wrinkles and inflammation.Use daily for maximum benefits.
  •  pH 4.5-5.5
  • For normal to dry skin.
Moisturizing Spray($29.94)-A refreshing, calming and smoothing Moisturizing Spray to be used after cleansing or exfoliating.May be used as an all over body spray. Excellent after shaving, waxing, showering or bathing.
  • pH 4.5-5.5
  • Excellent for all skin types
  Face Finisher($29.94)-Give your skin a gorgeous, youthful glow while assisting in minimizing fine lines and wrinkles.Use daily for maximum benefits
  • pH 5.5-6.5
  • For normal to dry skin
Texture Of Each Product 
  • Foaming Scrub-This product has the perfect texture for exfoliating without being too coarse against delicate skin.  I wasn't red in the least when using it and found it a comfortable experience that left my face soft.  Another plus is that you only need a little of the scrub to do the job.  also when using this product , you dont need to use a huge amount of it , all you need is a pea size amount , a little really does go along way!   
  • Rejuvenating Cream-This is my favorite items in this line of goodies. The texture is a very lovely lightweight silky cream , will not feel heavy on the skin and can be used on it own or under makeup , soak right in within a min or so, This has evened out my skin tone and got rid of all the the lilltle bumps just under the skin. I actually used it morning and night as my skin is very dry around my nose, eyes and lip and it has worked perfectly
  • Moisturizing Spray- I have very oily skin so I was pretty scared to use a new moisturizer since almost every item I do use leave me more oilier then I already am , but not with this moisturizer , this actually mattified my skin and didn't have and oil on my face at all .This is so handy for locking in moisture and toning after cleansing your beautiful skin.   This was so soothing as it smoothed and moisturized at the same time ans even left my skin with a glow. The texture is a silky smooth milky kinda lightweight cream , soaks evenly into the neck and face area
  • Face Finisher-This is a new item that I have never even heard of , in all the skin care line I have tried ive never seen or heard on a face finisher , but since Ive tried it I will always use it , I think it a key to use this as the last step for any skin care routine. This product does wonder for you skin , this lock in all the creams , againg products whatever you might have put on your skin , this is the  the  holy grail product to lock it all in a keep your skin fresh and glowing all day . The texture is a silky very air and light cream that glides right onto the skin leave you a flawless glowing canvas to start the day !
Step 1 , Put of your hair up and get it outta of your face !!!
Step 2,Use a pea size amount of scrub , Scrub the face , Rinse off , Pat dry with a towel !!!
Step 3 Apply Rejuvenating Cream to your clean face, Rub into skin , Let soak in , Apply next step !!!
Step 4  Apply Moisturizer , Rub into the skin , Let Soak In , Apply the Last Step!!!
Step 5 Apply Face Finisher , Rub into the skin , Let soak In !!!
Finished Results , Clean , Well Moisturizer Face !!!

Price /Packaging
Here is my thought about skincare and when it come to price , I think skincare is one of the most important thing and everyone need awesome skin care whether they wanna skin it one the most priciest products or just get the drugstore goodies, but im sure no one want to get wrinkle or have a aging face , because like many people they skip this part of the daily duty because they dont think it will affect time , but longterm it really is , So  I say when is come to skin care to SPLURGE, it will be worth it for you in the longrun and you will thank yourself for it !!! The price for skincare is HIGH , but your are getting a lot for your money and high quailty items with great ingredients ,the Skin Joy line retail for ($17.94- $49.94) dollars , not higher then any other good dept store brand .

The packaging I loved , each item I received is packaged in a white box with the Skin Joy label , name of the product and ofcourse all the ingredients and anything else that you might want to know about it , the product inside are a big tall bottle , with a frosty finish , each item is a squirt or spray bottle which  I think is so nice since so you dont have to touch the product and get all the germs in the actually product and it give the perfect amount of each skin care item so your not wasting any each product that you dint need .

My Thoughts- Absolutely love this line, I never thought Id love a line of skincare product more then any other skincare line , whether your skin type might be oily, dry , combo or normal , I think highly think anyone could benefit from this awesome line of skincare items.I really don't think you can go wrong with any of these SKINJOY products.


**These products were sent to me by Enjoy Haircare/SkinJoy for review, I did not purchase these myself.  However, this is my own opinion and experiences with the products.**   

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