Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lea Journo Illuminating Moisturizer For Hair & Body Review

What it is
A completely unique, ultra-light, moisturizer that imparts an all-over softness and subtle sheen to hair and skin. Ideal for all hair and skin types. What it does: Illuminates and hides imperfections while gently conditioning hair and skin for a soft, sexy, glow that's head-to-toe irresistible. Unique, anti-oxidant ingredient helps naturally protect from UV rays. 

Why is it different
This illuminating spray features Natural Mineral Glamour Dust and Tahitian vanilla extract to soften, perfect, and de-stress hair and skin.

How to use it
 Lightly spray over hair and skin to enhance beauty and softness. It's also great for use at the beach for a sexy sheen.

The packaging is a rounded clear bottle with spray-top applicator(8 fl oz) the bottle does have there label , ingredients & a brief bio about the product  on the bottle also , I think i bottle is very cute as it look like a golden glitter snow globe  !!! The price of the product retails for $32.00. Available on the Lea Journo website and everywhere else Lea Journo products are sold (like QVC and Macy's).

Beauty Benefits About Lea Journo Illuminating Moisturizer
  • A super-light moisturizer that adds sheen and radiance to skin and hair.
  • Antioxidant formula protects hair and skin from UV rays.
  • Smoothes and softens skin and hair.
  • A great de-stresser!
  • Sulfate and paraben free.
  • Natutal Mineral Glamour Dust To Prefect & Glow
  • Tahitian Vanilla Scent

My Thoughts-I loved this product! First, let's just point out how beautiful the golden shimmer is! I love shimmery and glittery things so I couldn't resist this product.Where can you find a moisturizer for the hair AND THE SKIN in one? Maybe I am behind, but I love this product and use it all over.. literally the hair and body! I recommend all my beauty friends trying it! also "This product will detangle and make hair really shine. I use only Lea Journo products now. They out perform any others I have tried. Does not weigh hair down. Will never stop using them!!!!

**These products were sent to me by Lea Journo for review, I did not purchase these myself.  However, this is my own opinion and experiences with the products.**    

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