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Studio Gear Prime Objective Lash Primer

Today I bring you a review on Studio Gear Prime Objective Lash Primer  , A new line of makeup I haven't tried. I never really thought about trying Studio Gear cosmetics out since I never heard much about it I always walked right past it at Ulta all the time even though I find there products so pretty and calling my name, but I can clearly say this is a underdog company and they need way more love then what they get, there products are awesome !

What Is It
Prime, protect, condition and that's not all, Prime Objective Lash Primer by Studio Gear multi-tasks under your mascara to deliver the thickest, lushest, fullest, healthiest lashes possible.  

What Is A Lash Primer ?
Eyelash primer is a beauty product that is applied to the eyelashes before mascara. It is designed to create more surface area for the mascara to cover, making the eyelashes look thicker and longer. Most kinds of primer are sold along with an accompanying mascara, sometimes as two matching tubes or one long tube with mascara wands on either end. In the second instance, the cosmetic tube has a barrier in the center to keep the mascara from mixing with the primer. 

Some eyelash primer is sold without accompanying mascara, and it is formulated to work well with most mascaras. In some cases, these kinds of primer include small fibers that clump around the eyelash in order to maximize the additional surface area on which the mascara will be applied. In so doing, the product makes each lash thicker while also making it look as though the number of eyelashes have increased. 

The benefit of using a primer that is not packaged with mascara is that it can be used with almost any other eyelash product. This is useful for people who like to use multiple shades of mascara on a regular basis. People who like to use mascaras with different kinds of finishes — such as matte or glossy — on a regular basis may also prefer it.

The formula is awesome , is not to thick but it not a wet and runny formula either , it the prefect consistency. The texture is a very smooth silky white glue type texture, but not sticky or tacky at all,  as far as the brush it is your typical mascara type wand , a fatter brush that hold a lot of product in the bristle , but this brush does do an amazing job at separating the lashes and really building the  lash with primer before adding mascara.

No Primer /Mascara

Staying Power 
Well I gotta say that I'm super pleased with this primer , I have tried many lash primer and none of them really do what they claim to do , most of them Ive tried are either runny & wet , thick & clumpy or they just make you have  awful spider lashes which isn't cute at all .The staying power for this Studio Gear Primer is the bomb , It literally stay on all day , doesn't move around , flake , leave your lash hard , this also give you some va vav voom lashes, you will instantly see a curly and tons of length, body and fullness  to your lashes after you apply this primer . 

With Primer & Mascara

  Packaging and Price
I love the packaging, it a sleek fat black tube like many mascara products , the tube has the Studio Gear label on the tube and the lid,the tube does have a sticker indicating what the product is .The primer is packaged in to a pretty sleek white box also.Studio Gear Lash Primer retails for $16.00 USD.
My Thoughts- I am very impressed with this lash primer. This makes my mascara go on so much smoother, easier, and quicker, and look so much better.The most amazing part about this primer for myself is that no matter what mascara I end up putting over it, it looks good.  I could take the worst mascara on the planet and put it over this primer, and I guarantee you I'd like it!  And I think that speaks volumes!

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