Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I Love Nail Polish Review

Hey Ya'll    Today I have something fabulous to show you today! It all about nail polish you all know how much I love nail polish , but it not any ordinary nail polish  this is an Indie brand ( I Love Nail Polish ) I'm so  excited to show you what I received I got some great ones that will surely blow you away .

What Is It
 I Love Nail Polish is a new Indie nail polish line taking over the world of nail polish, There nail polishes are all free of formaldehyde , toluene &  phthalate , also all polish are glitter based 

What I Received
  Fully Turqued( combination of black and white small, hexagonal and bar glitter and square turquoise glitter)
Sliver Spoon( Sliver glitter in a clear base)
Angel Burp( Baby pink polish with iridescent glitters and shimmer)

L-R( Angle Burp , Sliver Spoon, Fully Turqued)

Pigment & Texture
 All the polishes are great , they all have awesome texture and are the true thing in the bottle when you apply them to your nail , none of the polishes were gloppy , thick or chunky to apply , they each went on smoothly with no problem , I applied one coat to each nail and that packed a mega punch of glitter on my nails , I dont think it necessary  to add more then one coat of glitter to the nail as you get the perfect amount when you apply it once.

I Love Nail Polish ( Angel Burp) Applied Over Sinful Colors ( White)

Staying Power
  I wore these polishes each for 5 days before I even review them, Im so impressed ...this was the first time I've ever tried a Indie nail polish brand before so I really didnt no what to expect from it. These polishes have great staying power ,of course I did my usually nail routine before applying any polish( Base Coat , Ridge Filler Etc...) , I applied mine all over a white base and I never had chipping or peel of the polish after 5 days , I did have a little wear on the corners but that was it .. I was super pleased with how these wear ,they are not like a lot of other glitter polishes I have tried where after a day they start peeling and everything.. Great Work I Love Nail Polish !!

I Love Nail Polish ( Fully Turqued ) Applied Over Sinful Colors ( White)
Packaging and Price
 I Love Nail Polish did such a great job with there packaging , this is probably one of the cutest nail packaging Ive ever since , The box is a cute matte black box with a New York City vibe font with there label ( I <3 NP) , each box states the name of the polish on the bottle of the package, inside the box is enclosed the cute little nail polish , I think the polish is so unique , each bottle has a cute label on the bottom of the bottle, each bottle has a rubberized hand which I think is so awesome of them, since sometime your hands can get clammy and sweating, so with this handle you always feel like you have a great hold on the polish and it make the application so much better ! I Love Nail Polish retails for $10.00 USD  which I think is affordable and Id be willing to pay that price since you are getting very good quality nail polish and is worth ever penny .

I Love Nail Polish ( Sliver Spoon) Applied Over Sinful Colors ( White)

My Thoughts ~I was so pleased with this line of polish , there isnt one negative I could even say about them .. I enjoyed there polishes and the thought that goes into there products I will be buying some more of these , I cant wait to add these plus some other to my collection , If you have no extra funds and are looking for some totally awesome , girly fun polish  .. I highly suggest you check out I Love Nail Polish !!

**These products were sent to me by I Love Nail Polish  for review, I did not purchase these myself.  However, this is my own opinion and experiences with the products.**  
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