Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Incoco Nail Polish Strips Review

Hi Glamie's , Today im back to talk about one of my biggest obsessions , NAIL POLISH  but were not talking about any ordinary nail polish were talking about 100% nail polish strips , and these AREN'T like though Sally Hansen one either ,these are way better, well check it out !!

About The Company 
Incoco’s research and development for non-liquid nail polish began in 1988. With more than 20 years of advancements in innovation, Incoco is revolutionizing nail polish by taking it out of the bottle. A formula of 100% real nail polish is transformed into a self-stick strip form that results in brilliant, salon-quality manicures in just a few minutes. Incoco headquarters are located in New Jersey, USA, where everything from development to formulation, production and packaging takes place, in conjunction with nail polish chemistry from France. Incoco’s unparalleled technology is patented worldwide – we provide the world’s only flexible nail polish, which can be contoured to fit any nail size and shape. 

What Is It
 Say goodbye to liquid nail polish – no more drying time, smudges, or streaks! Incoco nail polish strips provide a perfect manicure in minutes. The strips are made of real nail polish, and each strip includes base, color, and top coats. Apply Incoco anywhere, any time!Incoco comes in various colours and textures: creme, frost, sheer, glitter, neon and shimmer! Not to mention their vast range of nail art designs, if that's your vibe.

 What I Received
 Molten Gold ( Gold )
Cheers( Black Base W/ Gold Glitter)
Sliver Lining( Sliver Diamond Pattern)

How It Works

Clean and buff Nails
For the best results, clean and buff nails lightly. Push back cuticles

Apply Thumbs Last.
Start with pinky and work toward index. You’ll use thumbs often during application.

The Strips Are Flexible.
Gently stretch vertically to make a strip longer or narrower. Gently stretch horizontally to make a strip wider.

Use Immediately After Opening.
Air will cause the nail polish to become dry. To save unused strips, place them back in original silver package and tightly seal with enclosed silver tape.

To Remove, Use Regular Nail Polish Remover.

 Staying Power
Incoco does state on the website that these nail do last up to 2 weeks , well im happy to say they do, I didnt have peel , chipping or anything and I wasnt easy on my nails either , regardless of what you do with your nails , INCOCO nails strips seem to say in place like a magnet on your fingers, and last up to the packaging recommend time !

Packaging and Price 
One thing I found out about nail strips is that once you open the package, they dry out, making reusing them impossible. But the genius packaging of the Incoco strips takes into account that you may want to use the leftovers for another mani, this packaging is brilliant These strips come with a piece of adhesive foil to seal up any unused strips.  The application process is so simple: just choose the strip that best fits your nail, peel off the backing, apply to your nail, and file off any excess strip!  In comparison to other nail polish strips, I find the Incoco strips more flexible and easier to mold to your nails. They are also a little bit cheaper, ranging from $8-10 per set.

My Thoughts- I’d highly recommend giving the Incoco nails a try. They’re easy to apply and make you look like a nail expert,Definitely a must have in my travel and makeup kit! I love how one kit comes with everything you need for an instant manicure and if you are looking for something that's quick and lasts, you should definitely try these! They have a lot of colors to choose from, it's usually located on those stands by the aisles.
**These products were sent to me by INCOCO  for review, I did not purchase these myself.  However, this is my own opinion and experiences with the products.**  
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