Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Diva Minerals Review

About The Company
 Diva Minerals Makeup's mission is to provide high quality makeup to women without the high price tag! Mineral Makeup without the irritants and fillers that a lot of brands have in them! Every woman has some "Diva" in them- some have a little, some have a lot....."Bring out the Diva in YOU!!"

What I Received
15 Sample Eyeshadow Bags
Diva-Gold W/Shimmer
Tis The Season-Mauve Dusty Rose W/Shimmer
Green Coal-Deep Forest Green W/Shimmer
Chic Flic-Copper Bronze W/Shimmer
Zen-Pastel Purple W/Shimmer
Autumn Daze- Golden Yellow W/Shimmer
Moon Walk-Dusty Beige W/Shimmer
Hot Shot- Pink Coral W/Shimmer
Winter Sky -  Dark Brown/Black W/Shimmer
Shameless Flirt-Dusty Tan W/Shimmer
Cassidy Lyn-Med Gold W/Shimmer
Fall Fusion-Metallic Brown W/Shimmer
Copper Illusion- White W/Colored Reflects
Sandy Beach-Deep Bronze W/Shimmer
Envious-Deep Olive Green W/Yellow Reflects

 Pigment & Texture
I was so excited when I swatch these. They swatched beautifully. Quite pigmented, and really soft and easy to work with, with minimal fall out, thee texture is smooth , they are not gritty or chalky at all .

Staying Power 
The staying power is great ,these mineral eye shadows have great staying power with or without primer , although I think it is best to use a primer for the best pigmentation and best staying power,but I do think if you have oil or combo eyelid you must use a primer , but if you have non oily eyelids I think the staying power is great without a primer.
Diva Mineral retail for :3 gram jar= $4.00, 5 gram refill zip baggie= $4.50 5 gram jar= $5.50! Now this is a great budget makeup company !
My Thoughts-First of all the pigmentation is good but when applied wet, like most loose shadows, it is much, much better. I love the texture of these shadows, they're super silky and blend like a dream. When applied dry they can be a bit of a pain after all, they are loose shadows and I always find them very messy to use. I would always advise wearing a base/primer as these shadows needs something to stick to or you'll run the risk of having shadow halfway down your face. Overall I think these are great for the price, they come in some fantastic shades and have good pigmentation

**These products were sent to me by Diva Mineral's  for review, I did not purchase these myself.  However, this is my own opinion and experiences with the products.**   

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