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Studio Gear Complete Color Intensely Professional Lipstick

Today I bring you a review on Studio Gear Complete Color Lipsticks , A new line of makeup I haven't tried. I never really thought about trying Studio Gear cosmetics out since I never heard much about it I always walked right past it at Ulta all the time even though I find there products so pretty and calling my name, but I can clearly say this is a underdog company and they need way more love then what they get, there products are awesome !

About The Company 
Studio Gear was founded in 1996 by longtime industry professionals, John Avolio and Steve Rohr, with the goal of providing high-quality cosmetics with a reasonable price tag. We have since stayed on the cutting edge of ingredients, formulations, and pigments, and work with the best chemists, laboratories, and manufacturers in the business. Our main focus is to listen to our consumers, gain information, address concerns, and provide solutions that can fit any woman's daily routine.

 What Is It
Pump up the color and plump up your lips with this luxurious lipstick that wears like a dream in several sensual shades. Revolutionary spheres contain mega-moisturizer hyaluronic acid and folic acid, a vitamin B derivative that actually plumps your lips.

Colors I Received

True Red( Matte Red)
Sugar Pie  (Frosty Mauve Berry)

True Red
Sugar Pie

Pigment & Texture
The lipsticks formula is super smooth and it glides right on, they are super hydrating and even have a plumping affect when you apply the lipstick to your lips,  makes my lips feel like a million dollars, these aren't drying or gritty feeling either . I find these lipsticks to be like a balm with a bold pigmentation ,  these are very light weight and they do not have any perfume scent to them like many other lipsticks have, they actually have a great taste to them  .

Staying Power 
I've found that it wears off fairly quickly ( 2-3hours) but then my lips look stained and I love the look, however I did not apply a lip liner underneath, but once I did try the lipsticks with a liner I had a better result , last a full 8 hours, no feathering, bleeding or settling into the line of my lips. I think if your are looking for a more of a stain skip the liner and just add a gloss over your lips for a more settle sultry look , but if you get a great punch of color on your lips , I do recommend a liner for all day wear. 

  Packaging and Price
I love the packaging, It is a black matte rubberized lipstick tube with a sliver band around the base of the lipstick, the top has the SG symbol on it and the bottom has of course the name of the lipstick, each lipstick come in a matte black Studio Gear Cosmetics paper box which indicates the ingredients, website & shade color. The price of Studio Gear Lipsticks retail for $16.00 USD.

My Thoughts- These lipsticks are great alternatives to high end /dept store products , they have a wide selection of colors from mauve's, reds, nudes and pink also anything from matte, gloss, semi matte, frost  or semi gloss they really do have a unique quality to their colors, no one really has colors like they do. The line is moisturizing! It does have a bit of your grandma's lipstick smell but less chemicals are worth it! I'm encouraging friends family and other beauty friends  to try Studio Gear!!!:)

Learn How To Banish Feathering /Bleeding When Apply Lipstick
  • If you have problems with the lip color bleeding or feathering, lay down a matching lip liner first, or an invisible lip liner along the edges, to help maintain a crisp line of color.
  • Apply with a lip brush for precision, as this will allow you to layer on the color and apply it evenly, and it will also let you control and ensure it stays within your natural lip line
  • If you’re wearing a really matte formula, apply a hydrating lip balm about a half hour prior to applying your lip color.  If there is excess that hasn’t yet absorbed, blot it off (I usually just kiss the back of my hand) before applying.  (Lip balm can often shorten the wear of a lip color!)

**These products were sent to me by Studio Gear Cosmetics for review, I did not purchase these myself.  However, this is my own opinion and experiences with the products.**   

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