Sunday, May 8, 2011

YES to Blueberries Age Refresh Brightening Facial Towelettes

What is it-  Brightening facial towelette with apple and lemon peels to cleanse and moisturize all-in-one. This product help improve skin firmness, protects skin, removes makeup and dirt, diminish fine line and wrinkles and nourish age damaged skin.

  • Made with biodegradable, natural cloth
  •  99% natural. enriched with organic blueberries, lemon peel, and apple
  • Oil-free, non-comedoenic, hypoallergenic 

Blueberries Rich in Anti-oxidants such as Vitamin C and Anthocyanins to help fight the formation of free radicals that can damage the skin's microstructure.

Apple Rich in powerful Polyphenol Anti-Oxidants and natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids, which help to refresh and brighten skin's surface.

Lemon Peel Naturally derived cleanser to help sweep away dirt and grime while smoothing and brightening skin's surface.

 Tips-Remove towelette and gently wipe across face to remove makeup, dirt, and oil. No need to rinse. Skin is left feeling clean, moisturized and bright-as-the-sunshine.

Thoughts- Im loving them, I'm not sure if these actually brighten your skin very much, but I'm addicted to the scent of these, Say YES! To Blueberries Brightening Facial Cleansing Towelettes don't completely take off all of your makeup, but they are pretty good at getting most of it off. I always cleanse my skin again after using any kind of makeup remover or wipe-I like making sure my skin is really clean before bed.  If you're in the market for some new wipes, then give Say YES! To Blueberries Brightening Facial Cleansing Towelettes a try. super affordable and worth it. they run between 6-9dollar depend on the store or online.

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