Monday, May 9, 2011

Essie Braziliant Summer 2011 Nail Polish Collection

This summer, be prepared to paint your toes (and fingers) with bright, fiery colors. Essie's 2011 collection, Color Me Braziliant, is all about the bold, tropical shades that you think of when you picture Brazil – bright pinks, azure blues and hot reds. 

Absolutely Shore (Seafoam Green)Meet Me at Sunset (Flamingo Citrine)Smooth Sailing (Blue Topaz)Super Bossa Nova (Pulsating Pink)Too Too Hot (Fire Coral)Braziliant (Blazing Orange)

Thoughts- Despite a few streaks with a couple of the colors, I like what Essie’s done this time around. My strappy sandals and flip-flops can’t wait to meet them! Aside from colors and fun names, I think Essie lasts longer on my nails without chipping. I also don't get the thickening of older bottles as much as OPI. Some of my older OPI polishes have become so thick they're like syrup! I haven't seen that happen with Essie.Over all great polish and great formula.

 Rated- 4/5