Monday, May 30, 2011

Tweezerman Starlight Foundation Zip File

Tweezerman Starlight Foundation Zip File

What it is:

A colorful nail file held in a fun-to-use retractable case. What it does:For quick nail fixes wherever you go, a flick of the thumb is all it takes for a nail file to slide out from one of these lightweight cases. The unique zip tab case extends and retracts a quality Tweezerman nail file with an adorable design. Practical, unique, and fun, the zip tab keeps the file clean while protecting belongs in your bag from being scratched. Each file features an 80/120 grit: one side for shaping, and the other for smoothing. Files can be removed from the case for replacement or for use as a standard file. 
What else you need to know: Here's your chance to be a little twinkle among the stars. The Starlight Foundation helps brighten the lives of children with chronic and life-threatening illnesses through family education, entertainment, and activities. Tweezerman has been a partner to this organization for more than 25 years and with the sale of each of these Zip Files, they will donate 50 cents.
Pricing $5 Dollars @Sephora

Rated 5/5