Thursday, May 30, 2013

May Beauty Favorites

Wow, can you even believe May is over already , seem like it just began , Anyways next jump right into my May beauty favorites !

Freeman Facial Clay Mask ( Mint & Lemon)-I am a mask junkie , I love all different kinda of mask , but this seem to be the one I have been grabbing for lately , I love that it is so cooling to the face and how it very refreshing to the skin since it contain mint & lemon , this mask  leave your skin so smooth it feel like you have new skin , and since I have oily skin I love doing mask to help keep the oils away and this one does a great job doing that !

Diva Mineral's Mineral Makeup- If you follow my beauty page already , you probably already no that I love Diva Mineral's , there products are so amazing , there pigmented , inexpressive, rainbow full of colors and  last all day long , plus they don't have any filler or chemicals in them that would be harmful to your skin or eye , now who wouldn't want to try out something that sounds like awesome , serious check them out ! Click Here

 Essie's Neon Collection- This is my favorite Essie collection ever , I love the colors , this neon collection is way better the previously neon collection they have , the colors are so bright a vibrant this is a must have collection for everyone , if you can get the whole collection , get it cause if you dont your gonna regret not having all these awesome shades !

 Miracle Skin Transformer Treat & Conceal Concealer- I love concealer , it something I have to wear daily since I have redness /pinktone to my skin ,but I recently was using Hard Candy Glamofluge which I thought was the best thing out there , until I was sent this little gem , the stuff is so light weight but yet it still get the job down and give you a full coverage concealer look  , it is a whipped texture which I think really help to blend so well into your skin making it look like your actually real skin , and plus it is super long wear and work well with oily skin , but I'm pretty sure it would work well with all skin types , did I also mention that this work great at covering dark circles and blemishes  !

Miracle Skin Transformer SPF 20 Hydrating Tinted Skin Enhancer- This is my new lightweight foundation , it is super hydrating and  very luminous to the skin it give you a great glow, it reduces pigmentation and even out your skin tone so well , you also can build is up or use it as a base and layer /mix it with other foundation to give a more full coverage appearance , I sometime mix mine with Mac Pro Longwear and give me awesome long lasting coverage !
  **Some products were sent to me by PR Companies for review  & some items where bought with my own money! However, this is my own opinion and experiences with the products.**
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What are your May beauty favorites ?