Sunday, May 12, 2013

Diva Minerals Eye Tutorial !

About Diva Mineral's 

A new mineral makeup brand that is affordable to individuals while still having the quality of high-end cosmetics.
Diva Minerals Makeup's mission is to provide high quality makeup to women without the high price tag! Mineral Makeup without the irritants and fillers that a lot of brands have in them! Every woman has some "Diva" in them- some have a little, some have a lot....."Bring out the Diva in YOU!!"
Mineral Makeup contains no harsh ingredients or irritants (No fillers, dyes or perfumes)-Apply them on eyes, cheeks, body, lips, nails--wherever you chose! Naturals to bolds- try them all! Special effect colors, multi color sparkle, iridescent....Something for everyone!! Perfect for all skin types! Very low allergy risk, very high water resistance! Excellent for sensitive skin or acne prone skin! Long lasting without touch ups!! Amazing color choices and versatility--Use any color wherever you decide to wear it! Mix, match, layer colors to make your own "look".

Step By Step Tutorial How To Get This Look 
  1. Prep & shape your brows , pluck any stray hair and fill them in !
  2.  Apply a primer ( Any primer will work ),
  3. Apply a white or skintone color base.
  4. Take a piece of tape and apply to the outer part of the end to the brow ( This will give u a nice clean line).
  5. Take a flat shadow brush and spray it with water or setting spray , then dip it Diva Mineral's Appeal O Teal and apply to the inner corner of the eye and almost to the middle and dragging this along the lower lashline .
  6. With the same brush , spray it if it needs it and dip your brush into Diva Mineral's Pretty N Pink and apply to the middle on the lid , over lapping it with the blue shade.
  7. Using the same brush as above , dip you brush into Diva Mineral's Lilac Kisses and apply to the outer corner making a small wing and the end and blend the colors together .
  8. Now take a small angled brush and make sure it wet , and apply Diva Minerals Black Coal to the crease and blend upwards ( You may have to do this a few time).
  9. Next take a fluffy brush and blend the harsh line out were you applied the black shade, but be careful not to blend to hard .
  10. Now take a small fluffy brush and apply Diva Mineral's Wink to the brow bone blending with the black .
  11. Apply mascara & liner ( I put blue in the lower lash line & black on the track line ) 
  12. Clean Up Any Fall Out And BAM  Your Finish :)

**These products were sent to me by Diva Minerals  for review, I did not purchase these myself.  However, this is my own opinion and experiences with the products.**  

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