Saturday, May 18, 2013

Diva Minerals Leopard Eye Tutorial

Leopard Print Eye

Step BY Step Tutorial How To Get This Look
  1. Apply a base all over the lid up to the brow bone .
  2. Using a flat eyeshadow brush apply Diva Minerals in Drama Momma all over the lid and a little in the crease.
  3. Next take a fluffy brush and take Diva Minerals in Diva and apply to the crease blending the to shades together .
  4. Take a small shadow brush and apply Diva Minerals Moon Walk to the brow bone blend the color together to get a smooth finish .
  5. Take a small detailing brush and Diva Minerals in Black Coal ( Wet) and start making small broken circle to create spots.
  6.  Using a different detailing brush , dip your brush into Diva Minerals Copper Illusion and apply to the insides of the leopard spots.
  7. Tight Line & Apply Liner to the lash line , Make it winged .
  8. Apply Mascara , or false lashes , your pick !
  9. Apply a white pencil to the lower water line.
  10. Groom and fill in the brows .
  11. Clean up and fall out , and Bam you got a Lushes Leopard Look :)

**These products were sent to me by Diva Minerals for review, I did not purchase these myself.  However, this is my own opinion and experiences with the products.**  

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