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Diva Mineral's Diva's In Training Collection/Review

About Diva Mineral's
Diva Minerals Makeup's mission is to provide high quality makeup to women without the high price tag! Mineral Makeup without the irritants and fillers that a lot of brands have in them! Every woman has some "Diva" in them- some have a little, some have a lot....."Bring out the Diva in YOU!!"

Our Mineral Makeup contains no harsh ingredients or irritants (No fillers, dyes or perfumes)-Apply them on eyes, cheeks, body, lips, nails--wherever you chose! Naturals to bolds- try them all! Special effect colors, multi color sparkle, iridescents....Something for everyone!! Perfect for all skin types! Very low allergy risk, very high water resistance! Excellent for sensitive skin or acne prone skin! Long lasting without touch ups!! Amazing color choices and versatility--Use any color wherever you decide to wear it! Mix, match, layer colors to make your own "look".
About Diva Mineral's Diva's In Training Collection
This collection is very near and dear to the Owner of Diva Mineral's. Diva's In Training Collection is  names after her daughter , 3 nieces and her best friends ( 2 ) daughters as well , These colors are all colors that remind her of each girl and their favorite color or their  unique personality and represents each girl .
Colors I Received
Brylea Lin-  Bright Salamon Pink W/Subtle Shimmer
Baylea Sue-Light Golden Brown W/Subtle Shimmer
Jordan Maelin- Burnt Burgandy Red W/Subtle Shimmer
Delaney Kay- Light Beige W/Subtle Shimmer
Carly Renee-Pearly White W/Subtle Shimmer
Cassidy Lyn -Dark Taupe Brown W/Subtle Shimmer

All swatches are swatched with a white base

Texture:You will be blown away , Diva Mineral's have some of the must beautiful textures for a mineral makeup line  , they are the best , the texture is very smooth but yet super soft and velvety , and they don't have a lot of full out that some mineral makeup does however I think using a primer is key since they are a loose eyeshadow they will need a good base to adhere to but  I do have to tell you trying these eyeshadow wet , is like a dream come true , wanna talk about awesome pigmentation and great color pay off , however they still go on super smooth even if your applying it wet or dry .

Pigmentation:Holy Moly , Diva Mineral's eye shadows are crazy pigmented , I swatched all colors with and without a base and I found that regardless , if you use a base or not they are still crazy pigmented , whatever color you try  will be the exact color when you swatch it , they are very true to color.

Staying Power: Diva Mineral's have incredible staying power , they do not fade or crease , however when using a primer or base the last the longest ( 9 + ) hours but if you just need a quick application for a few hours they would last just as long without a primer , but since I have oily lids a primer is a MUST for me !

Price: This collection retails for $24.00 USD for the entire collection .
My Thoughts: I absolutely love this collection , I love the formula , texture and  I love the unique colors from this collection and how pigmented these shadows are , Im a huge fan of Diva Mineral's and I hope you will become one too !
 **These products were sent to me by Diva Mineral's for review, I did not purchase these myself.  However, this is my own opinion and experiences with the products.**
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