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FM-Cosmetics UK Review

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FM Cosmetics is a family business that markets fragrance products through the direct selling channel. Our fragrance essences are created for us by DROM, one of the top 10 fragrance houses in the world.

We now offer more than 150 fragrances. 

Business was launched in 2004 in Poland, and has subsequently spread to more than 50 countries. 

Check Out What They Sent Me For Review- 

Cashmere Eyeshadow
What Is It 
Distinct colour from the high concentration of pigments that create long-lasting eyeshadow delicate as cashmere, creamy texture provides precise application of make up contains highly micronised powder ingredients that ensure long-lasting, non-crumbling make up wide range of fascinating, rich colours , pressed matte finish .

Colors I received
Deep Violet( Deep Purple)
Salmon Pink ( Soft Med Pink)

312828_439878646071642_668509551_nPigment and Texture
These are very high quality shadows with mega pigmentation a little product goes a long way  , they all have very smooth/ velvety  cashmere cream texture no crumby feeling at all , these are not gritty or anything they slide right on to the lid with no tugging or anything very long lasting formula .

Staying Power
The FM Cosmetic Cashmere Eyeshadows are unbelievable, the staying power is incredible, I have tried them both with and with out an eyeshadow primer , and I gotta say I was blown away , the eyeshadows without primer lasted about 8 hours with no creasing but they did fade slightly ,but when I used them with a primer they were beyond wonderful , the color was bold and beautiful just like it was inside the package , I had no creasing, fading or anything , they lasted about 12 hours with no budge at all , I do think primer is key  but also depends on your skin type.

Packaging and Price 
These shades retail for 4.99(GBP) for 2.5g ( $8.00 USD) which is a great price for a great for quailty eyeshadows . The packaging is adorable the product come in a black flip top package with the company name on the front , inside is of course the product that is imbossed with a heart and the company name , all tucked away into a little black box with gold designs with a sticker that shows the product name and company name.

My Thoughts- I couldnt be more pleased with these eye shadows, this was one of my first UK brand I have had the chance to review ant try and I was so pleased , the shadows were  beautiful , they were everything I look for in an eye shadows , they had great pigment , matte finish , budget friendly price , and finally they are equal to a high end product which is amazing, who doesnt love a product that is just as comparable to MAC for half the prices , I know I love a great deal !

Automatic Lipliners

What Is It 
Emphasises the contours of your lips with exceptional precision and brings
out the natural beauty of your lip contains intensively nourishing waxes, waterproof formula also colours match the FM lipstick shades, twist to open… twist to close and built-in sharpenerYou can use these lip pencils to define the shade of your lips, or you can fill in all of your lips with the color and apply a similar shade of lipstick on top for mega-long lasting lip color. If you find a shade you really like, you can even wear them on their own, with a little bit of lip balm or gloss.

Color I Recieved
Hot Red( Bright Red)
Sweet Latte(Nude Mauve)
  Pigment and Texture
 I am SO impressed with these lip pencils! I have always been so disappointed in other brands' pencils, even high-end brands such as MAC. They are typically too dry and hard to apply. FM Cosmetic automatic pencils are creamy and very pigmented, plus I never have any problems with feathering or bleeding when apply another product over the liners.This is one of the best lip liner formulas that I love, this is a very great formula it waterproof and very build able .

Hot Red
Staying Power
These pencils last a really long time on the lips. (8 Hours or so) Only after the 7th hour or so did it begin to fade a little with wear. It doesn't transfer easily and does generally keep my lipstick lasting a lot longer.

Sweet Latte
 Packaging and Price 
These lip liners retail for 4.99(GBP) for 0.31g ( $8.00 USD)  The packaging is like most of there products , a black box with gold designs, inside is the pretty product, black packaged liner with a color swatch on the bottom so the product is easy to find when digging for lip liner among the others, this product does have a sharper on the bottom also .

My Thoughts-I'm not a big lip liner wearer, in fact, this is my first lip liner and I cant wait to try more , I hope you get a chance to try out the Lip liner pencils… you will not be disappointed, these are amazing, so creamy and smooth. and they don't break easily while twisting the tube. and the color is amazing for the price, I think these lip liners beat all the other expensive ones.

Classic Collection For Women Fragrances-
Price-£11.99 ( USD- $19.27)

Sweet Scent-
FM-16,Fascinating and fabulously sweet mixture
of toffee, pear and orange. Based on sensual scent
of orchid and light notes of patchouli.

FM-20,Sensual rose, delicate freesia and seductive
orchid, immersed in black tea, patchouli and musk
aromas. Pure sweetness!

Extravagant Scent-
  FM-32, Intriguing and ambiguous aroma of mandarin,
blackberry and mango mixed with the sweetness of
honey and chocolate.

Provocative Scent-
FM-16, Radiant notes of orange, grapefruit and
bergamot mixed with the sweetness of jasmine and rose

Mysterious Scent-
 FM-101, Mysterious aroma of white musk, vanilla,
incense, orange blossom and pear.

Luxury Collection For Women 

FM-313,Compelling combination of lemon,sweet raspberry and
honey notes with intoxicating flavour of orange blossom,

jasmine and herbal aroma of patchouli

My Thoughts- This are very lovely , high quality fragrance each and everyone has the unique scent, there literally is a scent for everyone , I personally loved them all , they are long lasting and make a great statement when you wanna smell great , these will be my go to scents .

**These products were sent to me by FM- Cosmetics UK  for review, I did not purchase these myself.  However, this is my own opinion and experiences with the products.**
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