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ENJOY Hydrating System Review

 Hey Glam's I was quite excited to receive a set of Enjoy Hair Care to review because this is the brand that many salon carries. Trying new products to fix my damaged, color treated hair is a godsend. My hair can use all the love it can get. First let me tell you about my lovely hair , my hair is long,  very curly/frizzy and  has some damage from dye, styling & heat tools such as my straightener.

What Is It
 Enjoy - Amazing new technology to create a highly versatile hair care system for all hair types, textures, styles and chemical care needs. Simple as 1-2-3 to cleanse, repair, moisturize and equalize your hair for that every day salon look. Enjoy Haircare is a unique line of hair products that was developed for your simple everyday needs. Containing no sulfate in the shampoos, Enjoy products give your hair strength without harming or stripping your color treated hair. Enjoy uses their Cleanse Sensor Technology to ensure proper treatment of your hair type. 

ENJOY was the first on the market to opt out of using sulfates, which is the informal name for a group of cleansing ingredients called alkyl sulfates. They are typically used as an inexpensive detergent or degreaser in other personal care products and have been found to dry out the skin and hair and even cause irritation.

In addition to being sulfate-free, ENJOY knows that pH balanced and stable products are key for optimum hair color retention. Human hair resides in the pH 4.5-5.5 range, but most products on the market are pH 7 or greater. Besides leaving the hair feeling dry and brittle, the higher pH in these other products raises the cuticle and causes hair color to fade shampoo after shampoo.

To provide long-lasting color and complement hair’s natural pH balance, ENJOY works hard to make certain that their products stay within the pH 4.5-6.0 range. Extensive bake tests are also conducted on the line to guarantee pH stability, which ensure consistency in quality and product performance.

Available only in salons, and with a full color line and rapidly expanding hair care system, ENJOY is sure to have something for everyone.

Indulge dry, thirsty hair with the moisture it craves with the ENJOY
Professional Hair Care Hydrating System. Start with ENJOY Sulfate-Free
Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner – A color safe, pH balanced and stable
formula to eliminate frizz, detangle and create unbelievably smooth, shiny,
silky hair. Reactivate styles, eliminate frizz and lock in color with
weightless, leave-in ENJOY Conditioning Spray. ENJOY Hair & Skin Treatment Oil will instantly penetrate and absorb into hair to smooth, condition andseal hair with amazing shine!


What I Receive & About The Products

 ENJOY Hydrating System :
  • ENJOY Sulfate-Free Hydrating Shampoo-it lathers just enough but not so much that you feel like you have to rinse forever. It glided across my scalp and felt really good when I massaged it in. I really love that this shampoo and conditioner are both Sulfate Free too! Create unbelievable smooth and silky hair. Eliminate frizz, moisturize and detangle without build-up. Gentle cleansers combined with a ph of 4.5-5.5 guarantees long-lasting hair color.
  • ENJOY Hydrating Conditioner is super rich and creamy! I absolutely loved it. It feels so nourishing on my hair and really seemed to help detangle my hair while I applied it from the top part of my neck down to the very tips. This conditioner is one of the thickest and creamiest conditioners I have ever used! I found that it was incredibly moisturizing and my hair seemed to drink it all in, creates smoothness, softness and shine while eliminating frizz and de-tangling your hair. Color Safe for all hair types.
  • ENJOY Conditioning Spray- used as a de-tangler, and to give that extra little bit of added moisture to the hair! It was absolutely my favorite of all the Enjoy products! Its added to the hair while its wet before blow drying but I used it both on wet and dry hair for extra conditioning and de-tangling power and absolutely loved it! This is hands down the best de-tangler I have ever used!Recommended for all hair types. Detangles the hair, adds moisture and protection without weighing it down. Leave it in or rinse it out. Excellent for frizz control. Low pH of 3.5 – 4.5 closes cuticle and locks in hair color.
  • ENJOY Hair & Skin Treatment Oil-I think this product needs the word "Miracle" somewhere in the title. I don't know exactly how this stuff works, but it is AMAZING. I put some of this in my hair to help it dry faster and de-frizz my dry hair. The results: super straight, smooth hair that doesn't feel greasy or have any sign of build up so far. A little of this goes a long way, so I imagine it will last  a long time. On top of that, it turns out that this product is fantastic for your skin, too! This incredible non-greasy, dry lightweight formula instantly penetrates and absorbs into hair and skin reducing drying time dramatically without buildup. Smooth, condition, and seal with amazing shine. Eliminates frizz. Locks in moisture, blocks out humidity. Alcohol-Free. For All Hair Types. Excellent for use on dry skin areas, cuticles, nails, feet, hands and elbows. Great after shower.
All the enjoy bottles are cute white cylinders adorned by stars (each product has a different color star, so that you may tell which product to grab in the shower, faster).The shampoo and conditioner have super wide holes so you can get the perfect amount of product in a snap! This was especially helpful for the conditioner, as it is super thick, rich and creamy!
If you would like to know more about the other wonderful Enjoy products, go visit their website or check them out on twitter! Their products are incredibly affordable and there’s something for all hair types!
My Thoughts- I really enjoyed using these products and will certainly continue to use them in the future! If you have dry, frizzy, tangled hair, then this is the Hair Care Line for you! I loved using all of these products.If you try anything from this line, you absolutely must try the conditioning spray . I’m always struggling with the balance between adding hydration without weighing my hair down. ENJOY’s Conditioning Spray totally fits the bill! And it makes my hair so silky too.! It is also safe for color treated hair! If you don't have dry hair, Enjoy Hair Care has other lines formulated to treat every 

**These products were sent to me by  ENJOY Hair Care , I did not purchase these myself.  However, this is my own opinion and experiences with the products.** 
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