Thursday, August 15, 2013

Furless Cosmetics Makeup Must Have Pro Brushes Review

   As a huge beauty blogger ,I can never have or collect enough brushes. I am always researching new lines of makeup brushes to expand my brush enterprise. It's very hard to find great brushes for a reasonable price these days. Everyone is on a budget and cant always afford the super highend brands that they would like to have , but I discovered a brand that is just as good as all those other makeup brush brand out there , So all you makeup lovers I hope you enjoy and will check out this awesome Assie brand.

About Furless Makeup Brushes....

Furless is a world first! They are an Australian company that sells high quality synthetic professional makeup brushes and accessories that are stylish, functional, and most importantly, they are all fur-free.

Our wide range of cruelty free single brushes, brush sets, brush rolls, makeup bags and cases are all vegan and Halal friendly, and vary in price to suit the student, the makeup junkie or the professional makeup artist.
We are keeping it classy here at Furless - we promise to never sell you a cheap, ugly, scratchy brush, EVER!

Here at Furless they believe that there is absolutely no need to use animal hair in makeup brushes. Check out our Why Choose Furless? Page and find out why Furless brushes are superior to fur. They believe that cruelty for the sake of art or vanity just ain't cool. Theyare always adding to our product range at Furless - sign up for there newsletter to get the latest news, promotions and discounts, or check back to see what we are up to. And to make you feel even better about your Furless experience we are donating a portion of our sales to Wildlife ARC, a charity organisation that rescues and cares for injured or orphaned native animals, so they can be happily released back into the wild. 

What I Received... 
Pro Pointed Contour Brush[$12.95] ( Perfect for contouring your cheeks , nose and jawline.)

Pro Pencil Brush[ $11.95] (This professional must have blunt pencil brush blends like a dream. Use in the crease of your eye, or to blend harsh lines. )

Pro Pointed Blending Brush[$11.95] (Great for concealing around the nose, or for blending in the contours of your face , or even packing on your pigments, and blending in the crease of your eye.)

Pro Blending Brush [$11.95] (Blend, blend, blend)

PETA Approved
Vegan and Cruelty Free company
  All synthetic brushes
  No animal testing 

The Brushes....
They are very soft , durable, very high quality and not scratchy or cheap at all. , I have used them for months now and love them. They are easy to clean, and so far I see no bristles falling out. I was blown away by the silkiness of all the brushes ,also my makeup went on so flawlessly and perfect .You can get brushes in sets & singles and also in elegant color ( blue & gold ) or even in the fun and funky set ( pink & black) and also in environmentally friendly bamboo brushes .

All brushes have the own price , However they are very budget friendly on all there brushes ( there worth every penny) also Furless Cosmetics ship nationwide and has super fast shipping , you can find all prices and info on there website

My Thoughts....
What more can I say?? I'm absolutely in love. Not just with the brand but with their products too.   The brushes certainly exceeded my expectations, especially for a vegan company. Each brush is extremely soft, and does it's intended job perfectly! I cant wait to order more .

**These products were sent to me by  Furless Cosmetics for review, I did not purchase these myself.  However, this is my own! 

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