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Epic Nail Polish Haul

Time to share another EPIC haul post! This one is all NAIL POLISH , I no it crazy to buy this much nail polish in just a few short days but being a beauty blogger and a huge nail polish junkie you gotta do what you gotta do, I just wanna mention that this is going to be a big haul because my mom & sister went on vacation and hit up one store that I don't have in my area (Rite Aid) and I don't have access to certain brands that Rite Aid carries ( Jesse Girl , Julie G , CQ & Petites) so of course I went crazy. Check Out what I'm hauling .

Heaven Nail Lacquer-[$2.49]- This is a new brand of nail polish I found while checking out the cosmetics dept at my local grocery store ( Jewel- Osco) , however I only think it is sold there , I tried to look up some info on it a couldn't find any but I did come across that it is made by Blue Cross beauty with is the maker of them holiday snowman bottle and scented polish you see around during the holiday's . Heaven Nail Lacquer does have many collection but they aren't labeled as a certain collection , these polish below are one whole collection with a beach/Hawaii names . I do really enjoy these polish and I cant wait to find more on this brand, and hope they come out with more awesome collection .

Island Babe- Satin Violet
Oahu Paradise-Metallic Shimmery Sliver
Yo Red Sun- Matte Deep Fuchsia Pink

Aloha Girl-Chrome Penny Copper
Molokai Dream-Chrome Teal
Island Color-Creme Indigo

Island Lei-Clear Base Multi Colored Circle Glitter
Waikiki Sunset-Berry Red Micro-Glitter
Tropical Breeze -Creme White

Sinful Shine With Gel Tech- [$2.99]-5x More glossy,Opulent rich color ,Brilliant shine finish, they weren't kidding I was blowing away when I swatched these beautiful polish and the color are dynamite , I cant wait to get more of these gel polishes !!! Sinful Shine With Gel Tech are sold exclusively at Walgreens only.

Bananappeal- Banana Yellow
Alfresco- Baby Sky Blue
In The Limelight- Pale Grassy Green

Most Sinful- Royal Blue
Mardi Gras-Coral Peachy Orange

Covergirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Glosstinis- [$1.99]- Im a huge fan of Covergirl Outlast Stay Brilliant nail polish , the formula , texture and color selection is awesome , seriously a color for everyone and then some , the Glosstini's are just a mini version of the normal covergirl nail polishes just in a portable size , this polish in the picture are part of the limited edition collection.

Orange Oasis-Creme Orange
Appletini- Creme Olive Gren
Blue Hawaiian-Creme Sky Blue

Sangria-Creme Pale Red
Purple Freeze-Creme Lilac Purple
Pink Lady-Creme Baby Pink

Funky Fingers Jawbreaker Collection -[ 3 for $5]- If you have a Five Below in your area or state , I recommend you to check out there nail polishes, they have awesome colors( neon , glitter , matte , creme) , if that doesn't get you in there to buy some then this will , they are always 3 for $5 dollars . These nail polish are part of the Jawbreaker collection ( there is 5 in the whole collection) , but they are a creme colored base with glitter running thru them , perfect for dressing up there nails and giving them a fun change.

Jawbreaker- Creme White Base w/ Teal, Purple, Yellow , Red Glitters
Mint Choco-Chip- Creme Mint Green w/Black & White Glitters
Berried Treasure -Creme Pink w/ Black & White Glitters

Petites Nail Lacquer-[ $1.99]-Petites is a brand I have never been able to try since I dont have Rite Aids around me , What A BUMMER , so I am super excited to try this brand out and see how it works , so far just by swatching I'm 50/50 on them , I like the color but so far it seem to be a very streaky formula , but that doesn't mean it a FAIL product yet just might need a little more love then other nail brands.

Ocean Breeze-Iridescence Ocean Blue
Raspberry Rush- Pinky Red
Sapphire-Deep Royal Blue

Fresh Paint Professional Nail Lacquer-[ 3 for $5]-This brand of polish is also a new brand for me that Ive never tried , but walked passed all the time at Five Below ,these nail polish are surprisingly creaming and long wearing , and they have a lot of colors to choose from , you know what that means I will be going back to get more!!

Guava-Neon Peachy Orange
Dragon Lady- Green Mermaid Shade ( Color Shifting)
Honeydew-Creme Muted Pastel Celery Green

Ruby Wings Color Changing Polish-[$3.00]-I have been trying to find this brand on nail polish forever , and thought I wouldn't have any luck finding it since they aren't even in my area or maybe even state , but I was bummer around Five Below , and there they are stand right in front of me these too little gems , it was like it was meant to be , however I was told that there are the only one left and they weren't getting anymore ever again... what a let down , but that ok I will be happy with the 2 I was able to get , these little gems are awesome they actually change to a different shade when your inside or outside , how awesome and funky is that , I'm so glad to add these to my collection.
Made with SolarActive® Technology, each shade dramatically changes in direct sunlight and then back again once inside. - See more at:
Made with SolarActive® Technology, each shade dramatically changes in direct sunlight and then back again once inside. - See more at:
Made with SolarActive® Technology, each shade dramatically changes in direct sunlight and then back again once inside. - See more at:
Made with SolarActive® Technology, each shade dramatically changes in direct sunlight and then back again once inside. - See more at:

Summer Love-Bright Neon Orange
Green Peace-Bright Neon Green

Chrome Girl Nail Polish-[$10.00] -These Product Were Sent To Me For Review Purposes , However This Is My Own Opinion.

Chrome Girl is not just about nail polish. It’s about creation, expression, and designing the ultimate fashion accessory on your fingertips. It is about art, about playfulness, about having a passion for the bold. These polish go on like butter ,they are smooth , creamy and just fantastic , and I was blown away by how opaque they are , these are such beautiful polishes.

Beadhead Blue-Creme Bright Med Blue
Love Note-Rich Cranberry
Barley Legal-Creme Pastel Baby Blue
 Party Star- Clear Base W/ Small Glitter Shimmer

Endless Summer-Creme Bright Banana Yellow
Shmexy-Creme Minty Green
Pucker Up-Bright Rich Red Pink
Bedroom Eyes-Chrome Silvery Blue

Julie G Nail Colors-[$3.99]- I am so excited to own Julie G nail polish , I finally don't have to stack peoples picture and wish they were mine now !! WOOT WOOT . Im so in love with every color I have from the Julie G line they are so creamy,pigmented , and such lovely nail colors to choose from  , unfortunately these will be the only Julie G nail polishes I will  be getting for a while , since Rite Aid arent in the midwest ....

Holla-Peno-Creme Pastel Olive Green
Oh Em GEE- Matte Hot Pink
Kickin It- Iridescence Royal Blue
Sunset Kiss- Red Base W Orange Shimmer

Royal Rebel-Satin Royal Purple
Beach Bonfire-Orange Glitter
Damsel- Creme Mauve Pink

Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coats-[$7.99]-These Product Were Sent To Me For Review Purposes , However This Is My Own Opinion.

 I"m a huge nail junkie , so when I first heard these were being released I need these to add to my huge collection !I have to say that I really enjoy the new look. When you use these types of polishes, you have to use some good judgment. Just like with a polish that contains a lot of glitter, this polish will be rough when applied and hard to remove. It's just a given, I love these polish I love how they are so much fun and can dress up any new looks to a whole another level.

Check Out My Review Here

Speedy-Clear Base W/Black & White Bar Glitter
Fuzz-Sea-Clear Base W/Teal & Blue Bar Glitter
Wool Lite- Clear Base W/Peach & White Bar Glitter

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Textured Nail Polish-[$7.99]-These Product Were Sent To Me For Review Purposes , However This Is My Own Opinion.

 Candy for your nails! This special effect nail polish includes rich, sweet colors that dry to a surprising matte finish with a sugary 3D effect. How awesome is that .


OPI Couture De Minnie ( Runway Minnies)-[$11.49]- She's flirty. She's stylish. She's totally fa-"mouse." And now her irresistible charm is yours to enjoy with OPI's Couture De Minnie Runway Mini Nail Laquer Set. The number one choice of professionals, OPI nail care and color formulas are DBP-, toluene-, and formaldehyde-free and provide long-lasting, chip-resistant results.

A Definite Mouset-Have- Fuchsia Pink
Magazine Cover Mouse(Liquid Sand)- Strawberry Pink Textured
Chic From Ears to Tail-Bubblegum Pink
Innie Minnie Mightie Bow- Shimmery Red

Bootie Babe Fashion Nail Polish -[$ 8.00]- These Product Were Sent To Me For Review Purposes , However This Is My Own Opinion.

OH EM GEE , these have to be the cutest nail polish Ive ever owned , they are BOOTIES , how adorable ... the fonder of Bootie Babes totally know how to get a person to buy nail polish , who could refuse to buy something this cute , not only is the bottle adorable but the formula , brush and colors are amazing , plus they are super inexpensive.

Fine Behind-Pastel Lime
Junk In Da Trunk- Shimmery Glitter Cranberry
Top Shelf- Matte Hot Pink

 Salon Perfect Nail Polishes-[$3.98]-I am so impressed with these polishes so far! They are not only very pigmented and opaque but also longer wearing than some of my other drugstore brands. There is  a rainbow of colors here…something to suit anyone’s taste.

He's With Me-Red Cranberry Glitter
Kiwi Kiss-Shimmery Kiwi Green
Pure Azure-Creme Periwinkle Blue
Sweet Melon-Pinky Orange Coral

Blue Ribbon-Royal Blue
Fired Up Fuchsia-Matte Pink
Flamingo Flair-Neon Matte Peach Orange
Loopy Lime-Neon Matte Lime Green

Limited Edition LA Colors Color Craze 18 Piece Mini Nail Polish Collection-[ $12.99]-This limited mini nail polish collection will add a splash of color to your fingertips. These travel friendly colors make changing your style a breeze while on the go! I love LA Colors polishes so I was so excited to find a whole huge set , that let me try out a bunch of neat neon , glitter and creme colors .

 Hope You Enjoyed My Haul As Much As I Did :)

**Certain products were sent to me by PR Companies  for review, I did not purchase these myself.  However, this is my own! 

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