Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My Everyday Makeup Must Haves !

I've received a lot of questions about what cosmetics I usually use? Well truth is I don't stick to one type or one brand, I like to mix and match and rotate every now and then. But these are the products I use much often and others!! ♥

Face: My face is what I usually spend the most time on since I think a perfect canvas and beautiful flawless lash is key to makeup your self look your all time best . Ive been  using these same items for year on my face , Why ? well because they work the ultimate best for my oil skin , however im sure there are other thing that do the same as these items above , let me start with the first item and break it down for you !!

Foundation: Mac Pro Longwear foundation; I love this foundation , it give me a beautiful , clean flawless face and has super coverage ( med-full) , I love that it is very build able but still very light and doesnt look cakey at all , it also is great at covering imperfection, redness and blemishes , I honestly dont need a primer or a concealer when I use this foundation  .

Anti-Red Concealer:FACE Stockholm Neutralizer Red Concealer; I suffer from redness to my skin , which some concealers just don't work on my skin , since I have pink undertone plus redness it pretty tricky to cancel out all the redness , but since Ive been trying out this product I was blown away  , I have redness all over my cheeks , around my nose and some on my chin  but this product has pretty much erased it , once I apply this I dont even see redness anywhere , it like my skin was transformed , this product completely cancels out any red in your skin and it very blendable so you have red acne scarring or a real red blemish this is what you need to try , you will be surprised  .

Eye Concealers: Benefit Erase Paste & Bobbi Brown Corrector; Under eye concealer are a must have item for me everyday , whether I have dark circle or not ( which I dont ) but I like to think I do since I like the brightening effect I get for these product , Silly I know , However I dont just use any under eye concealer , it has to be the peach color one , the one that erase the dark purple/blue look most of get thru out life , however I find Benefit & Bobbi Brown concealer work the best , they dont crease , separate or fall into the fine lines many of use get with aging . 

Pressed Powder: Rachel K CC Pressed Powder;Powders can definitely be a tricky product I think , many of us apply to much and then of course we look way to powdery and cakey which is never a good look , since I can admit Ive had my days when Ive done that too !!! Rachel K CC Powder is the greatest powder Ive tried , this is like a powder foundation but also a color correcting powder , which means this is just gonna give you move coverage and a even better flawless look to your skin but also leaving your makeup set in place for hours and hours .

Setting Spray:Elf Mist & Set Setting Spray: Elf products & I have a love hate relationship , it just hit or miss for me , but this has been one item that I have loved for years from Elf Cosmetics . Setting spray is a must have item for me , but I dont think you need to spend 30 ,40 ,even 50 dollars on a setting spray that just cray cray , however I find that the Elf setting spray does the same as every other setting spray . so for me this is key for me to spray my face once I have applied all my makeup , I love that it give me a semi-glowy face but doesn't make me look oily and on the plus side if I;m every a little heavy handed applying my makeup I just spray this and bam the cakey/powdery look is gone !

Bronzer(Contouring):MiA BelleZZa Blush in Safari ;I love the chiseled cheeks and contouring look , but it can be tricky and it can be hard to find the right bronzer for you that doesnt make you look muddy , I have so many bronzer that I contour which but this one has been the one that I have been loving for the summer , I love it , it a warm brown type color with a orange feel and it is matte as well , of course this color might now work for some all depending on your skin tones and what you like but this give me the perfect color and perfect hollow/chiseled look to my face which I love .

Blush: Studio Gear Powder Blush in Angel Baby;Studio Gear is near and dear to my heart , I love there products , there blush is one of my all time favorites from them , this had is a very sheer wine shade which I no many people would most likely wear in the winter but since I have super pale skin it look best on me all year long , but the blush is stunning is it a semi matte product but it does have some shimmer but it really doesn't show on the skin , but I love this shade because it wake my skin up and make up look alive and not dead looking !

All Over Bronzer:Too Faced Chocolate Soleli Bronzer; This bronzer is like chocolate heaven , this has been the only bronzer that I use to bronze my entire face , I love it because it is a light matter bronzer that doesnt make you look muddy or anything , this bronzer leave my face looking sunkissed instead of looking like you just faked and baked with orange tanners , which im not a fan of sunless tanning so this bronzer is a must , I dont leave anywhere with out wearing this bronzer , it give the best bronzed look ever and it smell super tasty !

 Eyes: For my everyday eye look , Im very basic since Im always trying out item doing beauty blogging and eye looks , so my everyday eye look are nothing fancy just a smokey eye or the typical neutral eyes !

Eyeshadows:Urban Decay Naked Palette; This is the best palette every made in man kind, this is my go to palette that give me so many looks to create whether I want a smokey look or a soft neutral look and the pigmentation is awesome and they are super velvety and smooth , everyone need to own the UD palette , it worth every dime of money !

Eye Base: NYX Eyeshadow Base; I love this eyeshadow base , it super creamy and it gives a super great color to your lids , I have very veining lids so this base work great for correcting all that an making a great nude tone base for your eye lid and it give you a great canvas for your eyeshadow application .

Eye Primer: Wet N Wild Fergie Eye Primer; This primer is pretty new to me but I fell in love with it the first time I tried it , I normally go with a high end primer since I always think that high end works better but I was proved wrong once I tried this primer , this primer work just as well as a high-end primer. I notice that my eyeshadow stay in place all day , don't crease or anything , so to me this primer is super comparable to a regular high end primer for half the price.

Mascara: Jordana Best Lash Extreme Mascara; I love me a good drugstore mascara , and I wish i had tried this out soon bu this mascara is the real thing  , it give you the longest , full lashes, pretty much it give you the false eyelash look but without wearing fake lashes !

Tools: I am all about brushes , eyelash curlers , beauty blender and much more I love find new gadgets to apply my makeup but here are my 3 used face it

Face Sponge:Beauty Blender; This sponge does amazing things, if you dont own one of these gems yet you need too , this sponge give you the best airbrush and full coverage finish .

Concealer Brush:Soho Concealer Brush;I love this Soho concealer brush , no need for the high end brushes this one work just as well , it a small thin brush perfect for applying concealer to the eye area & blemish !! This brush give me the best application with I apply the product to whatever area I apply it to .

Eye Lashes: Elf Eye Lash Curlers; I have long lashes , so an eyelash curler is key , this is yet the best one I have found yet , it give me the best lifted lash look ! 

 **Some products were sent to me by PR Companies for review  & some items where bought with my own money! However, this is my own opinion and experiences with the products.**
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What Are Your Makeup Must Haves ?