Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Zipper Face

Step By Step How To Get This Look !!

What you need for this look
  • Liquid Latex
  • 9' Zipper( Metal)
  • Paper Towel or Toilet Paper
  • Face Paint( Red , Black , Skintone Shade )
  • Old White Tee
  • Fake Blood ( Or make your own )
  • Black Eye Shadow

How To Achieve This Look-

  1. Apply the zipper down the center of the face with latex , once you  get to the center of the nose apply latex out toward you cheek where the zipper will be open .
  2. Next apply latex all around the zipper seem , giving it a smooth and sealed down look.
  3. Take your paper of choice and apply all over the face with latex, after you have applied it go over the lifted end with latex and let dry.
  4. After everything is dry apply a skin tone color all over the paper with a stippling brush 
  5. Now with a flat dense eyeshadow brush and black face paint apply all around your eyes and slightly onto the paper making a smokey smudged black eye affect, once the black paint is dry go over with a black matte shadow and blend .
  6. Take black paint and apply alone the zipper seam giving it a deep affect , apply fake blood after alone the seam, adding more black along the way . 
  7. Apply blood down the chin and neck area on to the white tee for a bloody mess, also adding black to give the blood a deeper look .
How To Make Your Own Fake Blood 
Corn Syrup
Red Food Coloring
Blue or Green Food Coloring
Add about 3 Tbls to 1 Tbls water , mix well , next add about 6-7 drop of red food coloring , want more of a dark more natural look blood apply  1 drop of green or blue food coloring and mix well .
Enjoy !
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