Thursday, August 30, 2012

Aug Favorites

Its that time again , time for Aug favorites , Summer is almost over, it was like a complete blur  which I am not very happy about, but at the same time  , I am looking forward to Fall's and all the Fall collections that will be coming out ,  anyway let jump right into this.

Pureology Essential Repair Shampoo & Pureology Essential Repair Conditioner -Im so happy I have found a shampoo and conditioner I like , ive tried so many product and they either way my hair down, doesnt do what the packaging says  it gonna do and so on , so when I tried this for the first time I knew this was gonna be the one I would love , this is the best product for repairing and strengthening the hair , so  beauties if you use hot tools and stuff on your hair and it dry ,  damage and etc I highly suggest this , and the best thing about this is that it is a 100 % vegan product .

Mario Badescu Botanical Facial Gel-Love this product for my oily skin , it is so gentle and smooth to the skin , it removes oils,  dirt, makeup , unclogs pores that cause breakouts. You should use this product twice a day for best results and to keep the oils in your skin at bay , you will see smoother healthier skin in just 2 day , the first time I used it and felt my face , it was like magic no oily at all.

Mario Badescu Kiwi Face Scrub- This is an awesome exfoliate  to keep your skin clear and smooth , it made with real kiwi seed and vitamin rich seaweed with help get all the dead skin off you face , the only bad thing about this product I didnt like is that the smell is awful , it generally isnt something you would want to smell like.

Mario Badescu Control Moisturizer For Oily Skin-This is a lovely moisturizer if you have oily skin ,the botanicail and seaweed extract in this product make it oil-free, this is an ideal moisturizer for oily and sensitive skin, this product soak into the skin so face absorbing all the oils giving you still so smooth you wouldn't believe it !

Mac Demi -Wipes- These are my new favorite cleansing towelettes, they get off all my makeup , waterproof mascara everything , and I just love the scent of them , they have a mild floral scent that is so refreshing .

Mac Fix +-Most of you probably already know about this product , but this was my first time trying it since I normally dont by Mac product because I feel there highly over rated and you can find better I think , but I did decide to try the highly requested product Mac Fix + and im glad I did , this is a really great setting spray & skin refresher , it great for though day your in a rush and need a little wake me up and also for though day you can be a little heavy handed and taking away the cakey or powder affect .. I will be repurchasing this again .

Mac Pro Longwear Foundation -Recently I decide to try a mac foundation , like I said above I not the biggest Mac fan , but i wanted to give it a try , I gotta say i'm really enjoying this foundation , it gives great coverage , a flawless finish and it so smoothing an easy to blend , it was so worth the 30 dollars .

NYX Eyeshadow Base- Loving this product , it is a skin tone base for any eyeshadow , it doesnt crease , flake or anything , it give that prefect smooth base for the perfect eye shadow application , it is a really smooth creamy texture and blend beautiful into the skin .

Essence Lash & Brow Gel Mascara-This is a great  transparent  gel mascara for your brow or lashes, this it the only product I use on my brows daily , just to give them the sleek smooth look , it is also a great lash product , I do use this before I apply my mascara just give my lashes a perfect base before my mascara and it give awesome separation , for 2 dollars this was an awesome product.

Vaseline Lip Therapy-Truth is I only got this cute little product because it was the smallest and cutest thing I found , This is like any other Vaseline lip care product , it work so well for soothing the lip .. I love it 

Lancome Hypnose Drama Waterproof Mascara- Amazing mascara , it is a little on the pricey side for a mascara, but it worth , the formula is amazing , it so buildable , have great staying power, give awesome curl and mega hold . 

Wet N Wild Juicy Lip Balm- To be honest , I really only love this for the scent and the quick shine they will give the lips , the scent and the shine is pretty good , they dont last long at all , but just for a throw in the bag item I love it for a quick shine to the lips .

OPI Original Nail Envy Nail Strengthener -What a good nail strengthener this is , it does so well on my nail , I apply before I paint my nail which I do alot , like every other day im changing up my nail polish , this has help my nail from chipping , breaking and everything , really glad I tried this out .

OPI Top Coat -Another great product from OPI , I really love this product because I love the shine it give your nail and the staying power it has .

Loreal Colour Riche Nail Varnish ( 103 Check Me Out)& (104 Penthouse Pink)- These are 2 beautiful pink shade, I love them , they have great formula , nice color pay off, no chipping , and just an over all great polish .

What Are your Aug Favorites !

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