Sunday, February 5, 2012

Fun Beauty Tag :)

Did you ever______________?

1.Shave off your eyebrows completely and drew them in? God know

2.Accidentally yank out your eyelashes with your eyelash curler? Yes that when I started wearing false ones

3.Wear the chola lip liner?
No freaking way. ew.

4.Wear the “jersey poof”?
Ya. A few times.

5.Bleach your hair with hydrogen peroxide? No way

6.Cut your own bangs and absolutely regretted it? Nope

7.Burn yourself using an at home waxing kit?Nope

8.Get break out from your home recipe face mask?Nope

9.Wear foundation makeup way to light or way to dark for your skin?
Yup. Yes.

10.Get a tan that made you look like an oompa loompa (aka Snooki)?
I dont tan

11.Get a tattoo that you completely regret?Nope

12.Get a tattoo of your ex boyfriends name?LOL no

13.Walk around with lipstick on your teeth? Nope dnt wear lipstick to often.

14.Pulled a Britney Spears when getting out of a vehicle?.I wear underwear. lolll

15.Wore chicken cutlets (aka fake boobies) to enhance your breast cup size? No

16.Use toilet paper to enhance your breast cup size?People do that? No way

17.Fry your hair using an at home hair relaxer kit?Nope

18.Burn your forehead with your curling iron or flat iron? Yes

19.Use concealer as a “nude” lipstick?
Lol ya, but i put a real nude gloss over it so it doesnt look horrible lmao

20.Use baby oil as a hair product?
Absolutely not. Like my hair needs more oil.