Friday, April 15, 2011

Who Doesnt Love Bath And Body Works

         Bath And Body Work Fiji Passion Fruit Mist and Body Wash

If you love tropical fruity scents your def gonna love the new scent form Bath and BodyWorks.  It come in three def scent - Fiji Passion fruit (my fav) , Hawaii Coconut, and Bali Mango and three of them come have a matching set (shower gel, mist, lotion and scrub) I highly recommend for a spring/ summer scent for the beachy fun kick of fruity favor :o) Smells like a smoothie , who couldnt like that smell.

  • Scrub- $12.00
  • Lotion- $10.50
  • Shower Gel- $10.50
  • Mist- $12.00
These Products Are Buy 3 Get 3 Free .....