Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Nail Polish Stash!!!!

Over the last year or so , I have become very obbessed with nail polish, so I thought it would be neat to show you my nail polish stash .Let Begin !!!!!

What In My Nail Polish Box???

Sinful Colors Professional( Sold at Walgreens For 1.99)

850 Big Daddy ( Bright Bold Orange)
946 Happy Ending(Gold Undertone Green)
947 Mint Apple( Pastel Mint Green)
830 Pinky Glitter(Pink Chunky Glitter)
220 Green Ocean(Green Glitter W/hint Of Blue Glitter)
198 Irish Green( Bold Neon Green)
313 Pink Forever ( True Bubble Gum Pink)
Big Daddy

839 Sugar Sugar( Blood Red W/ Red Sparkle)
961 Fig( Berry Purple W/ Pastel Pink Mix)
387 Bali Mist( medium purple with opalescent flashes of teal and pink)
835 Dancing Nails ( Metallic Rose)
101 Snow Me White (Snow White)
842 Out Of This World  (Sliver Sparkle)
904 Quick Dry ( Clear Coat Quick Dry)
1615 Be My Valentine Nail Art( Ruby Red)

China Glaze Nail Lacquer With Hardeners( 7.99 at Beauty Supply Stores)

872 Pool Party(Neon Hot Pink) ** MY FAV
1007 Turned Up Turquoise ( Neon Shimmery  Turquoise)
 223 Sexy Silhouette ( Reddish  Fuschia Pink with sparkle)
Purple Panic ( Neon Pink Purple) **MATTE
72033 Sexy In The City( Gold Undertone Bright Blue)
1006 Pink  Voltage (Neon Pink)

O.P.I  Nail lacquer( 8.00 At Beauty Supply Store)
Do You Lilac It

Nl B36 That's Berry Daring(Berry Pink)
 Nl B29  Do You Lilac It ( Pastel Lilac Color) ** Fav
Nl N27 Marooned On The Subway ( Mauve Red)
NL C09 Pompelii Purple ( Berry Pink W/Purple Undertone)
Nl E53 Black Shatter ( Black Polish That Shatter Over Another Polish)

Nicole By O.P.I (6.99 At Most Dept Stores)

Virtuous Violet(Sparkle Purple )
 You're An Angel( Light Pink W/Gold Sparkle) 
Daisy's Lazy ( Red Pink)
Top Coat Plus ( Clear Coat)

Wet N Wild  * Wild Shine( 1.99 At Walgreens)

Blazed( Pastel Orange)  
Caribbean Frost
Black Creme( Black)
Red Red ( Blood Red)
Caribbean Frost ( Green Blue Gold Undertone)
Hallucinate(White Clear Sparkle)

Wet  N Wild Fast Dry ( .99 Cent at Walgreens)

222C Orange ( Bright Orange W/ Gold Sparkle)
237C Gray's Anatomay ( Grey W/ Green and Purple Reflect)

Wet N Wild  Craze ( .99 Cent at Dept Store)

235 Morbid( Metallic Black Green Shimmer

Essie Nail Lacquer ( 7.75-8.00 At Beauty Supply Store Or dept. Stores)

668 Chinchilly ( Matte Patel Gray)
850 french Affair (  Creamy Pastel Pink)
224 Mod Square( Creamy Berry Pink)
248 Secert Story ( True Pink)
 720 Turquoise & Caicos ( Pastel Light Turquoise)
725 Pretty Edgy (Deep Grass Green )
334  It's Genius ( Mauve  Brown Purple W/ Gold Sparkle)

Revlon Scent Polish ( 3.99-5.99  At Beauty Supply Store or Dept Stores)

 355 Mad  About Mango (Pastel Orange * When Dry  Smells Like Mango)
360 Bubble Gum (Pink * When Dry Smells Like Bubble Gum)
370 Not So Blueberry( Shimmery Blue* When Dry Smell Like Blueberries)

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear  2 For 4 dollars At Walgreens )

              38 Bubble Gum ( Bubble Gum Pink)
                100 Invisible ( Clear Coat )
                  07 Cherry Red ( Red)

 Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure ( 5.99 At Dept Stores)

630  Haute Chocolate( Deep Rick Brown)

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength No Chip Nail Color (5.99 at  Dept Stores)

Lavender Marquis
57 Lavender Marquis (Pearly Pink)

Pure Ice  Polish( .99- 1.99 At Walgreens)

913CP Iced Merlot ( Deep Wine W/ Sliver Glitter)
982 Dreamy ( Orange Pink W/Sliver Glitter)
964CP Free Fall( Metallic Pink)
800 Dream ( White Blue Metallic)
794 Outrageous (Baby Pink W/ Silver Metallic)
993CP Electrici ( Black W/Silver Shimmer)

 Hard Candy Just Nails Nail Polish ( 5.00-8.00 Only at Walmart)

049 Frenzy  ( Bold Blue)
321 Beetle(  I Dont No How To Discribe Look It up =] )
324 Matte-ly In Love ( Matte Top Coat)
Last Dance

Orly ( 7.99 At Beauty Supply Stores)

Last Dance ( Ruby Red Sparkle)

Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro( 3.99 At Dept Store)

270 Steel Grey(  Cement  Color)

Hope you enjoy what was in my nail polish stash ... but what in yours....  =]