Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hard Candy Fox In A Box Blush

 These things are so darn cute, I couldnt wait to find these!! As you know Hard Candy has several new blushes for Spring 2011 entitled Fox in a Box. These are broken up into blushing quads and bronzing duos and housed in tiny boxes kinda like our  Benefit packaging but with a budget price tag. The blush quad come in 4 shade and range from $6- 8 dollar. Theses seem to be dupe/knock offs of Benefit powder blushes. The packaging is super cute and is a card board box like the Benefit but the top flips back and locks into place when down.. I pick up Spicy & sweet which is a light pink, medium pink, peachy pink and a bronze color and Smooth Talk is a very natural looking blush to give you a great no makeup look.

What is it- A box blush with 4 quads to mix and match

Smoother Talker(Dupe For Benefit Sugarbomb)
Super pigmented
Soft and blendable
Very affordable
Cute packaging
Magnetic box allows it to full close

Brush is not useful... 
Brush is scratchy 

 ~Name of all 5 Hard Candy Fox In a Box~
Spicy & Sweet
  • Truth Or Dare (duo)
  • Skinny Dipping (duo)
  • Hot Flash (quad)
  • Spicy & Sweet (quad)
  • Smooth Talker (quad)

Tap the brush against this once and sweep against your cheeks... do not swirl them together or you'll get too much product.