Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Revlon Scented Polishes

Mad about mango

 The other day while shopping , I came across some new Revlon nail polish and the where scented well i decided not to  get them cause I really didnt  believe you could have a nail polish that smelled like fruity flavors, well I was wrong after I heard good review on them  I gave them a shot and Im  glad I did , I pick up Bubble gum( Pink ) Not so Blueberry(  light-medium periwinkle foil metallic.) and Mad about Mango( pale light orange) and they really do smell like the bottle states, i would not apply a top coat , I think it hid the scent of the polish and they already are very shiny. They normally range anywhere for $3.99- 5.99 depends on the store and they have 16 different scented polishes. ♥

How long does the scent last? Suprisingly a long time! For the first 8-12 hours the fruity scent is strong and even after a day or two, you'll notice a faint smell. 

Bubble Gum

~ Dry Fast
~ Smell Amazing
~Easy To Apply

~  Take Long To Dry

Over all Review
This nail polish does what it claims in terms of scent. It leaves a scent on your nails after it dries

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Mad about Mango
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