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Rachael K Mineral Color Control CC Cream Blemish Balm Review

CC Cream is part of the “next generation” BB Cream.  This product has all of the skincare benefits that a BB Cream has to offer with additional properties for color correcting to help you get an even-toned, natural and smooth complexion.

About Rachel K 
The Beauty Queens' Makeup Secrets -We believe that the power of cosmetics is a form of personal expression and that looking good should also be safe to your health and the environment. Rachel K Cosmetics contain only safe and gentle pure minerals, making it suitable for all skin types including highly sensitive ones.
What's CC Cream?  

Rachel K CC Cream is essentially a much-improved and refined BB (Beauty Balm or Blemish Balm) cream that will do everything that is expected of a BB cream and the most important and intriguing difference in a CC cream is the delivery of the cosmetic properties.

 While BB cream is toted primarily as a golden product of the skincare industry in Asia, CC cream has been developed to retain all the skincare benefits of a BB cream as well as more effective ingredients and skin coverage.
This is where the “color control” comes in. Unlike BB cream, CC cream rocks a heavier, more cosmetic-like coverage that actually has a lighter texture. This results in a formula that is extremely easy to blend, yet offers a smooth and even-toned base that looks like a second (flawless) skin.

The Rachel K CC cream has undergone a lot of testing and revealed some very impressive results:

When compared to BB cream, test subjects agreed that Rachel K’s CC cream had a less oily texture, a better whitening/brightening effect, 3 times better coverage, absolutely no breakouts, longer-lasting moisture and hold, and 5 times better stability.

There are 10 supposed benefits packaged into one tube - epidermal growth factor, SPF, moisturising, whitening, nourishing, anti-wrinkle, collagen-enriched, non comedogenic, smudge-proof, and waterproof. I'm surprised that they even have space to write all 10 of these claims. Rachel K CC Cream , is a thick color correcting skin tone color formula , that controls oils, whitens , brightens , moisturizes & has UV protection with SPF 35 PA++ it enhances your complexion by improving your skins texture , balancing your skin tone giving you a dewy , fresh ,elastic look with a glow ! The end result is a flawless non oily (matte) and radiant complexion . 

After Apply Rachel K CC Cream
 How To Apply Rachel K CC Cream ?
  1.  Apply the cream on your face in five dots to the forehead,nose,two cheek and chin.
  2. Blends the cream evenly throughout the whole face in gentle patting motion.
  3. Leave the cream for 2-3 min until it disappears.
  4. Cream will dry a powdery matte finish and skin will appear dewy with a radiant glow. 

Rachel K packaging is adorable I think , what you see is what you get in other words!! It is a super cute pink box with Korean/English writing, the box does indicate everything you need to know about it  ( Ingredients , Shelf Life (3years) How To Apply etc)Inside the pretty little pink box is the pretty pink tube of "Miracle Cream "  the tube also indicate the many key on the CC Cream that you need to learn about before using such as application! The Price of Rachel K Cosmetics CC Cream retails for $39.00 USD for 1.41 fl.oz and come in 2 shade ( Original & Neutral shades) Rachel K Cosmetics is made in Korea!!

My Thoughts- This CC cream is absolutely my top fave! I love the light kind of whipped like texture and when applied it does not dry out quick so there is no rubbing, tugging,pulling of skin.To me the most important is the glowy sheer moisturizing coverage that is not heavy or clay like feeling on the face.. I love that it is hydrating, leaves skin feeling primed and has a little tint to it. The anti aging benefits make it even more awesome, plus the SPF rocks too. This is one of my favorite CC creams to use!

**These products were sent to me by  Rachel K Cosmetics for review, I did not purchase these myself.  However, this is my own opinion and experiences with the products.** 

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