Friday, March 15, 2013

Dalton Cosmetics Airless Brow Fix with Brush Review

I can't help but stare at other peoples brows with awe and pure envy. My brows are a hot mess, not only are they unruly, there are sparse  , no matter the amount  of plucking, trimming, shaping, or filling in seems to make them look even slightly normal. I think that I own far to many brow kits, but it never stops me from buying or trying new ones that can help my brows look like a million bucks I hope !

What Is It 
Dalton Brow Fix was created using natural micronized cellulose fibers that add dimension and color back into your brows. This groundbreaking formulation covers gray, tames stray hairs and adheres to skin in areas where hair is absent.

 How It Works
To apply Brow Fix, brush through your brows with the spoolie end of the brush to create your desired shape. Using the brush end, apply in upward strokes to the arch, then laterally to the temple. Brush back through with the spoolie end to create a natural look. 

What I Received
Dalton Brow Fix Natural Look Brow Gel ( Brunette) W/ Spoolie/Angled Brush 

 My brows are pretty dark and this enhances the color and holds them in place all day without looking stiff. A big plus considering how shellacked some brow gel formulas can make my eyebrows appear. This looks very natural and soft.   It’s creamy, pigmented, smooth, and it sets efficiently–not so quick that you have no time to fix mistakes, blend, but not so long that it has time to move around,  the color payoff in a single pass was opaque and didn’t skip or drag.

Staying Power  
This is a product I think you will wanna add to your collection, the staying power is awesome , this lasted all day on my brows , it lasted through work outs(sweat) , rubbing or itching the eyebrow area  ...etc.... this didn't budge at all , and never flaked or  had any fading or running never had to touch up any where on my brows at all  , im pretty sure if I slept with this on my brows over night it would still look the same when I woke up , now I call that a great product !!!

My Brows WITHOUT any brow products ( Naked Brows)
The packaging is brilliant, a black airless compacts with an awesome label in pink , when you open the compact you first see the mirror and a flip top compartment that has the product,  the sleek black compact has a label on the back the show your shade in bold letter when is great when you are digging around and is travel friendly , so it will be easy to find. Dalton's Airless Brow Fix W Brush retails for $30.95 USD , it also come in 5 shade "Blonde" "Auburn" "Brunette" "Black" "Gray"  ( pretty much a shade for everyone) !

My Brows WITH Brow Gel

My Thoughts-This product gets the job done. I normally do my eyebrows everyday...I apply powder to shape and darken my brows and then layer the gel over to help put the hairs stay put. I love how big the brush is, just one, clean sweep over my brow and it's all covered then spread the product all around with the spoolie , works like magic , gives me the most defined and clean cut looking brows ! 

**These products were sent to me by butter LONDON  for review, I did not purchase these myself.  However, this is my own opinion and experiences with the products.** 

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