Thursday, October 4, 2012

September Favorites

Good morning,Glam's
I almost let September end without remembering to do my monthly favorites!
So despite being a little late, here they are:
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  1. Wet n Wild Mega Last Nail Polish( LE Fall Collection)
  • Root Of All Evil
  • Poison Ivy 
I have been loving Wet N Wild product lately they are just amazing and so budget friendly , anyway on with the polishes , I got the colors Root of A Evil is a royal vampy blue with blue shimmer  & Poison Ivy , well a dark vampy green with green shimmer , the perfect fall color still , beside the colors that I love some much I love the brush and formula they are just awesome and Wet n Wild surely is stepping up there game .

2. Hello Kitty Parisienne Eyeshadow & Blush Palette

I was lucky enough to find this lovely palette in the clearance section at Sephora for only 13 dollars, I wasnt expecting much to be honest since it was clearance I thought it probably  dint sell well  and it was chalky as ever , but i was wrong this palette is awesome, the color pay off is amazing and it is the perfect little palette to transition into fall since the color have a warm vibe to them  and also the blush as well, and of course who cant refuse to get this for the cutest packaging ever .

3. Elf Elements Palette
  • Dusk(Charcoal Grey with Shimmer)
  • Moon Dust( Taupe Brown with Shimmer)
  • Pink Ice ( Skin Tone with Shimmer)
  • Ivory( Ivory Brow Bone Shade)

I have been lovely my custom palette I made from the ELF website , the single shadows are so pigment and smokey looking , i didnt have any fall out of nothing, there super soft so a little color goes a long way , for 1 buck these shadow are the BOOM !! if you can get elf in your area highly suggest your make a custom palette but cause it so worth it .

4. Wet N Wild Ultimate Brow Kit

Another Wet n Wild product make my list of favorites :) I never use to be a fan of brow products and I never use to fill in my brows till about a couple months again , I always thought i have full brows , but  one day when I tried to fill them in I noticed what a huge different it make , they look so much more polished and fresh im so glad I took this step and tried it , anyways one with the product , this is the perfect match to my brows , I have naturally dark dark hair almost black but my brows are a lighter brown so the Wet N Wild brow powder was a perfect match since it come with a light shade an a dark shade , i actually use both the lighter color for the beginning of the brow and the dark for the arch to the end and wow it amazing for 3 dollars this was a great hit , dont think I plan on change for any other brow product for a long time .

 5. NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder
  • Suuny
My oh My , I have rediscovered this product since fall is here ive found it work nicely for my skin tone now , in the summer it came off orange and fake on me but now it is my go too contouring and bronzing powder ,  it very pigmented and awesome for that perfect hit of color to your skin when your looking wash out or anything .

6.Palladio Rice Powder 
  • Natural 
If this product ever got discontinued id be so sad, this is my go to setting and face powder, this is a finely milled rice powder that will make your skin look flawless and so smooth , this product does kinda have a not so pleasant smell but I look beyond that since it truly is a 5 star product!

7.Benefit POREfessional Primer

I have a love hate relationship with primers , I have oily skin year round, most primer I have tried whether is silicone base or ETC ,  they never seem to work , they do start of working will but they seem to break down and make me look worst, most primer make my pore look bigger , and more oilier then ever , not pretty right??   but with this primer , it is a skin tone color and it is so smoothing to the skin and I love how your foundation just glide right on and look flawless , this doesnt make me oil or anything it hold up to heat . rain and my makeup :)

8.NYX  Pin Up Tease Mascara
I love this mascara, I normally dont wear it much because of the brush , but when I do I layer it with another mascara and this give me the best curl and the darkest lashes , the formula can be a little wet but I like it overall it does what it should :) 
9.NYX Eye Pencil 
  • White Pearl
 This is the most creamiest and soft kohl pencil ever , I love NYX product in general, I use this for my water line for a most bright appearance and it awesome it stay and day and it is the brightest pearl white pencil Ive used :)  

10. Anastasia Clear Brow Gel

Love this , this make my brow look amazing , they keep my brow down and perfect :) it not like alot of other brow gels that make for brows feel hard , this works in between all the little hair keeping them smooth and perfect .

11. Anastasia Tweezer

WOW ! This have to be my favorite tweezers for doing my brows,  they grab every little hair possible for a smooth clean brow. I love them , they are so worth the extra money then any plain old 2 dollar pair .

12. Elf $1 Eye Lash Curler 

Best Elf product yet , this eyelash curler is the BOOM , it get all my lashes and curls them to the max , the eye curler  is so nicely made and work the best  for my lashes , I normally have curled lashes but this just give them more amp to them.
13.Equate Makeup Remover Wipes
This little babies are great , for only 2 dollars your getting more then the normal 24 ct you get in order brands , and I actually like these better , these take off all my makeup and even waterproof makeup and plus they dont burn my eye and the allergies free :) now I know why everyone was raving about these , they really are a great makeup remover wipes and they smell nice also !

What Are Your September Favorites ?

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