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New Wet N Wild 8 Pan Palette Where's The Party At ? Review & Swatches

Wet n Wild has launched a new ColorIcon Eight Pan Eyeshadow Palette Collection for Holiday 2012 entitled Where’s the Party? The collection features three limited edition eight pan ColorIcon Eyeshadow Palettes for $4.99 Each.

Take a look!



 Wet N Wild 8 Pan Palette 

The left side of the palette is a complete stunner. Every single shade is soft and pigmented…super rich in color, shimmery and gorgeous. These are the perfect reflection of the holiday season. This is what Wet n Wild quality is all about right here, and if I need to create a smokey eye, I will definitely reach for these four shades, there no need to run out and buy though over price Urban Decay Naked Palette, or the Urban Decay Smoked Palette , you have it all right here for half the price with the same if not better quality .

The right side of the palette is brighter, and still beautiful, but decidedly less pigmented. The blue is extremely pigmented, but the duo-chrome bright pink and the bright purple were pigmented, but a bit hard to swatch and work with, you must use a base with these, these are very buildable in color , but they are more of a hard texture rather then a smooth velvet texture, but still prefect for the holiday season , which is slowly creeping up on us !

Shimmery white with fine silver sparkle. Sheer without primer. Smooth consistency; not too soft or crumbly.

Metallic silver. Very good pigmentation without primer. Smooth consistency; not too soft or crumbly.

Matte charcoal with fine silver sparkle.  Drier consistency; decent pigmentation without primer but a bit patchy.

Matte black with fine silver sparkle. Drier consistency and a bit crumbly. Very good pigmentation without primer.
No Primer

Satin mauve with (barely perceptible) gold shimmer. Smooth consistency with fair pigmentation without primer.

Shimmery fuchsia with violet flash. Soft and crumbly texture; very good pigmentation without primer.

Satin purple with fine silver sparkle. Smooth consistency with good pigmentation without primer.

Matte peacock blue with fine silver sparkle. Soft and crumbly texture; very good pigmentation without primer.
No Primer
Wet N Wild 8 Pan Palette
Sparkle 'Til Morning



 On the left side of the palette , you have 3 nuetral shadoes with one teal shadow , which is beautiful , all these shadow are good , this side I think is a little less pigmented then the other side but it still works well with a white base and a primer , the shadows are all very soft , smooth and velvety , no of them are gritty or chalky, although the first shadow can be a little harder in texture then the rest and can be a little crumbly  when dipping your brush into that shade, but over all they are a show stopper.

On the right side on the palette, you have all neutral eyecolors, a wide range of brown for that prefect sexy smokey brown bronzed eye , this is an complete masterpiece of very well put together neutrals. All these shadows are very very pigmented , so silky smooth and blend amazing , just one dip into the shadow and that all I need for the swatches, there that pigmented , talk about getting a great eye look , well with this palette your getting not only a great eye look but an awesome palette , and not only that but you dont need to was extra dollars on getting thoughts highend palettes when you get this which I think is better.

Light Beige -Pale yellow shimmer sheer without primer, kinda crumbly , harder texture.

Darker Bronze Beige- Pale golden brown, very soft , velvet texture , very pigmented with and without primer .

Copper Bronze-Copper very soft velvet texture , extremely pigmented .

 Teal Blue-Teal blue Very soft, velvet texture , High pigmentation without primer .


Cream Brown-  Light Pink ,very soft velvet texture, very pigmented on it own , no primer 

Dark Gold- Super soft, very pigmented, not chalky or gritty .

Rich Brown-Cream Soft, Pigmented , swatches nicely , velvet texture

Chocolate Brown W/Gold Glitter- Highly pigmented without prime, soft , velvet finish , no gritty felling 

No Primer

 Wet N Wild 8 Pan Palette

 Drink A Glass Of Shine
*This is a repromote of the I Heart Matte palette, part of last year's holiday collection.*




 On the left side of the palette, you have four matte colored shades, white, green , blue & purple ,these are not the most pigmented shades, these do indeed need alittle TLC when using theses, the white is the most pigmented shade on the right side of the palette , the other 3 are little harder in texture and less pigmented , now on another note , most people are probably wondering why they came out with another "I <3 Matte" palette , when there is a different between the two in this palette about these are not all matte, the purple does have shimmer in it and the black on the right side does also have a very sheen shimmer also , so therefore that maybe this palette got its name .

On the right side of this palette  you have 4 dark earth tone shade , these shadows on this side are over the top pigmented ,there are beyond soft ,and velvety , since they are very soft your gonna have so fall out, so remember to tap the brush , BUT wow these are in my opinion more pigmented then the "I <3 Matte" palette , these are so rich in color you will be shocked. 
White-Matte white

  Green-Pastel matte green; medium pigmentation

Blue-Matte baby blue, stains a little

  Purple- not pigmented at all; poor quality. 

No Primer

Beige-Fantastic pale matte beige shade - similar to WnW Brulee.

Darker matte beige / peach - there is a similar shade in the discontinued Greed 6-pan.

Dark Brown: Very smooth and pigmented matte medium brown.

 Black - medium pigmentation, not matte - has a sheen both in the pan and applied.

No Primer
 Overall Thoughts- Im rarely never disappointed in Wet nWild products , they amaze my everytime , all of these eyeshadows were really pigmented. The swatches you see are without primer and applied with one swipe. They also last very well on my eyes without smearing or fading. I really enjoy the combination of sheen and shimmers. I personally don't like large glitters and this palette does not contain it. For $4.99 a palette, this is a big steal! Though none of the colors are outstandingly unique, I feel this palette will be greatly used for many occasions. Overall these are so worth it for 8 shades for 5 dollars that a bang for your buck .

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