Monday, July 16, 2012

Tiger Inspired FOTD

How To Get This Look :)

  1. Primer the face with a good primer that works well with your skin , I used Smashbox Photo Ready
  2. Take a point brush /craft brush and out line the triangle to your forehead using a white pencil and fill it in with orange stage makeup , I used Mehron cream paint in orange 
  3. Taking the same orange paint as above and a sponge or brush , and apply to the outta part of the cheek from the nose to the ear, repeat on both side of the face
  4. Take a flat shader brush and the orange paint apply to the nose from wear your eye begin to the tip of you nose, feather the orange color out to the cheek 
  5. Take a flat brush and apply a yellow cream paint to the remaining area you have colored in yet, I used Mehron cream paint in yellow 
  6. Take a sponge with a light layer on yellow and orange mixed, and blot wear the yellow and orange meet around the hairline 
  7. Now using a white base, and make a hair like goatee on the chin , I used Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Milk
  8. Take a black base paint and apply to the chin and jawline in a thick line , I used Mehron black cream paint 
  9. Take a Black pencil or liquad liner pen , color in the tip of the nose, apply line for stripe & nose, apply spots on the cheek and fill in the lips
  10. Finally make your eye look as black as you can , I used a make liner pen , and covered it with black Sugarpill pigment( Apply any black to your eye will intense the look . Liner, Mascara, Pigments, Eyeshadows, Cream Bases)
  11. Apply mascara and smudge , also apply lashes if you like
  12. Clean up anything that need alittle TLC