Friday, July 20, 2012

Sugar Skull

How To Get This Look , Just Keep On Reading !
  1. Primer and moisturize the face , I used Olay moisturizer & NYC primer.
  2. Apply a white cream base all over the face, I used Mehron Fantasy FX makeup  .
  3. Take a flat brush ,black face paint and apply to the eyes making a circle , I used Mehron black cream .
  4. With the same brush and black paint, apply to the nose.
  5.  Take a orange liner or paint and apply to the chin making a point, I used Mehron orange paint.
  6. Next using the same orange as step 5, apply the design on your fore head , also your the other liner or colored paint making the lines.
  7. With a thing black liner pen, make stiches.
  8. Finally take a yellow and red face paint and apply dots in and around the black part of the eye.
  9. Clean up and sharpen/intensify anything.