Sunday, May 13, 2012

Captain America Inspired Look

 Step By Step On How To Get This Look !!
  1.  Take any red makeup pencil , eyeliner or shadow and fill your eyebrow in , I used Hot Topic's red eyeliner & Nyx cherry red eyeshadow.
  2.  Prime the eye white base, I used Nyx Jumbo Pencil in milk.
  3. Take a flat shader brush &  any highly pigmented red eyeshadow and pack it on the lid, I used Nyx cherry red.
  4. Next using a fluffy brush and a bold white eyeshadow & apply from the red color to the brow bone, I used Wet n Wild Blue Had Me At Hello(Matte White Shade) .
  5. Now using a steady hand . point brush and a deep sparkle navy blue and outline where the blue shade goes  in  the crease to where your brow bone begins & the inner part of the eye, I used Wet n Wild Blue Had Me At Hello( right side 3 shade).
  6. Taking the same brush you used before & a steady hand , wing out the blue shadow to your brow  & one below the the other wing connecting to two , I used Wet n Wild Blue Had Me At Hello
  7.  Now that same white you used before, apply too the brow bone making it super white.
  8. Next use a good flat shader brush , glitter glue & a makeup safe red glitter,and apply and over the red lid.
  9. Using the same blue shadow as above and pointed brush, and apply to the lower lash line , I used Wet n Wild Blue Had Me At Hello
  10. Apply Mascara, I used Rimmel Scandalash ( false lashes if you want )
  11.  Apply star sticker to the brow
  12. Clean up any fall out .


Enjoy <3 
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