Friday, June 15, 2012

Walking Dead/Zombie Inspired

Want to achieve this look , then keep on reading.

  1. Apply Primer, I used Sephora brand primer
  2. Apply the Lightest foundation or tinted moisturizer you own ,I used Estee Lauder In Bone
  3. Apply A white powder over your entire face , I used plain baby powder
  4. Take any brown shade and apply all around your eye to the brow, this doesn't need to look perfect, I used the bronze powder from the Elf Blush & Contour Palette
  5. Now take big fluffy brush & gray or purple shadow and apply to the lower lash line all the way to the crease and blend with the brown , I used the UD naked palette 
  6. With the same brush take a dark matte black shadow and apply everywhere around the eye, making it look messy , I used the UD naked palette
  7. Apply a thick line of winged liner, I used Loreal Liquid Liner
  8. Apply Mascara, I used Rimmel Glam Eyes
  9. Apply black lipstick or eyeliner to the lip , layer it with a red lipstick over it, I used Lime crime black lipstick & NYC Lipstick In Ruby 
  10. Contour the cheeks, I used Elf Contour palette.
  11. Add anything else if u like.