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Top 5 Minerals Makeup Must Haves

Mineral makeup has been around for decades quietly gaining recognition for its healing and beautifying properties, but only in the last few years has mineral makeup become a mainstream cosmetic solution for those seeking to leave synthetic and chemically laden make up items behind in pursuit of a cleaner and more natural alternative.

Mineral makeup does not contain any synthetic ingredients. It is made only of minerals found naturally occurring on the earth. Many consider mineral makeup to be pure enough to sleep in at night as there is nothing irritating in the makeup to cause skin problems such as redness or breakouts after a good night’s sleep.

Find out which mineral's makeup brand I choose for my top 5 mineral's makeup brand must haves !!

 Madison Street Beauty

About The Company: Madison Street Beauty was founded on the principles of the need to protect our environment and ourselves with all natural and vegan cosmetics. Founded in 2011 in a small apartment on Madison Street in Eugene, Oregon the company has quickly grown to become one of the top selling shops of all time on offering all natural and vegan cosmetics.

Madison Street Beauty natural mineral makeup Madison Street Beauty offers 100% natural mineral makeup including eye shadow, foundation, concealer, eye liner, brow powder, eyeshadow primer, blush, bronzer, highlighter, setting powder, lip balm and a wide selection of vegan cosmetics:

Why I Love This Brand :I have thoroughly enjoyed using my Madison Street Beauty mineral eye colors; I can't say enough about how pretty they are, how smoothly they apply, and what amazing staying-power they have. (And the value is insane!) I am now a customer for life! I'm so hoping that you have been inspired to check them out as well!

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Diva Mineral's

  About The Company:Diva Minerals Makeup's mission is to provide high quality makeup to women without the high price tag! Mineral Makeup without the irritants and fillers that a lot of brands have in them! Every woman has some "Diva" in them- some have a little, some have a lot....."Bring out the Diva in YOU!!"

Our Mineral Makeup contains no harsh ingredients or irritants (No fillers, dyes or perfumes)-Apply them on eyes, cheeks, body, lips, nails--wherever you chose! Naturals to bolds- try them all! Special effect colors, multi color sparkle, iridescent....Something for everyone!! Perfect for all skin types! Very low allergy risk, very high water resistance! Excellent for sensitive skin or acne prone skin! Long lasting without touch ups!! Amazing color choices and versatility--Use any color wherever you decide to wear it! Mix, match, layer colors to make your own "look".
 Why I Love This Brand : I think these are great for the price,, I love the formula , texture and  I love the unique colors from all there collection and how pigmented these shadows are , Im a huge fan of Diva Mineral's and I hope you will become one too

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Sway Cosmetics ( Known as Just Fab Cosmetics)

 About The Company:Sway Cosmetics offers all natural mineral makeup. You will NOT find any Bismuth, Talc, Chemicals, Oils, Fragrances, Preservatives, Parabens, or Additive in my mineral makeup. Everything Just FAB offer is Eco-Friendly and Hypoallergenic.Everything is handmade by Just Fab. There are NO unnecessary and skin irritating fillers in this makeup. Titanium Dioxide, Zinc, and so on are considered fillers. Basically if it's not Mica or Iron Oxide it's a filler. Fillers are added to all mineral makeup, but not at Just Fab !!
The "Just FAB Cosmetics" product line currently offers foundation, eye shadow/liner, blush, bronzer, mineral veil, highlighter/illuminizer, concealer/color corrector, eye primer, setting spray, and more to come!

   Why I Love This Brand :I was so pleased to be able to try this makeup.  I'm always looking for more ways to remove the chemicals from products I use and replace them with more natural versions.This is a beyond amazing cosmetic line , there product give so much to a look, there pigmented , budget friendly and vegan ! I will be ordering some more from Sway Cosmetics , I cant wait to try more of there products out !

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Pretty Addictions Cosmetics 

 About The Company:Pretty Addictions Cosmetic LLC is a mineral cosmetic company founded in March 2011. Theyoffer a ever growing collection of eye shadow, blush, bronzer and luminizer. Soon we will be adding pressed shadows along with additional cosmetic products.

 Why I Love This Brand :I have thoroughly enjoyed using my Pretty Addictions mineral eye colors; I can't say enough about how pretty they are, how smoothly they apply, and what amazing staying-power they have. (And the value is insane!) I am now a customer for life! I'm so hoping that you have been inspired to check them out as well! I highly recommend Pretty Addictions. The products are gorgeous, the quality is top notch, the owner is a sweetheart, the pricing is fair and the shipping is lightening quick!

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Surreal Makeup

About The Company :The Owner of Surreal Makeup LLC. started to acquire allergies to the lakes, dyes and chemicals found in other major brand cosmetics on the market and could no longer wear them.  With the help of a friend who worked as a chemist for a major cosmetic brand she was able to create her own mineral cosmetics without lakes, dyes or harsh chemicals.  She was able to wear these cosmetics without allergic reaction and the color stayed vibrant all day.

The color and vibrancy of this makeup attracted a lot of attention and people started taking notice and were asking where they could buy some as well.  Thus, Surreal Makeup LLC. was created.

Surreal Makeup LLC. originally had 20 colors of eye shadow available for purchase and has grown in the past year to 240 eye shadow colors as well as Body Glitz, U/V Black-light Glitter, Foundation and much more.

Surreal Makeup is 100% pure minerals with no lake, dyes or harsh chemicals.  It is hypo-allergenic, naturally water resistant and makes a great sports or performance makeup as it will not run when you perspire.  The color lasts all day without folding in the creases of your eye lids as there is no organic fillers that bind when wet.
 Why I Love This Brand : I have thoroughly enjoyed using my Surreal Makeup mineral eye colors; I can't say enough about how pretty they are, how smoothly they apply, and what amazing staying-power they have. (And the value is insane!)

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**These products were sent to me  for review, I did not purchase these myself.  However, this is my own!

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What Are Your Favorite Mineral Makeup Line ?