Saturday, July 27, 2013

Diva Minerals Nude Beach Collection/Swatches

There is no better time than summer to try out a nude makeup look. After all, it’s been a runway trend for years, great nude makeup looks start with fabulous, glowing skin ,but like all things simple, creating the right nude look to spotlight your assets can be tricky. Nude makeup goes far beyond pale foundation and beige eyeshadow; there is a whole array of neutrals to choose from. The goal is to create a youthful, fresh-faced appearance and you can’t do that with just one color. 

Diva Mineral's Nude Beach Collection is inspired by everything in and around the  beach whether it from them awful tan line you get from layin out, too fizzy beach cocktail or just sandy between your toes , Diva Mineral's has it cover with this awesome nude collection .

Diva Mineral's Nude Beach collection includes 5 awesome nude shade! 

Skinny Dip ( Nude Baby Pink W/Shimmer)
No Tan Lines (Nude Golden Bronze W/Shimmer)
Peach Coloda (Nude Champagne Peach W/Shimmer)
Beach Bunny (Nude Pale Tan W/Shimmer)
Sandy Shore ( Nude Beige W/Shimmer)

If you are interested in this collection and would like to purchase it , please check out Diva Mineral's Ebay Site & Facebook Fan page were she has auction on all her makeup products ! Diva Minerals Nude Beach collection is being auctioned off now for a price as low as $13.75 .

**These products were sent to me by Diva Mineral's for review, I did not purchase these myself.  However, this is my own!

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